“XIME Chennai will soon be one in the top 50 B-Schools in the country” Prof J Philip, President XIME


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May 9, 2017
In a fiercely competitive Indian B-school marketplace, XIME has marched on expansion path and has launched a campus at Chennai, in addition to Bangalore and Kochi campuses
“With our ample experience in running excellent B-Schools, XIME Chennai will soon be one in the top 50 B-Schools in the country” Prof J Philip, President XIME

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) is one of the top rated B-schools in India. XIME has completed a legacy of 25 years on May 28, 2016 with many milestones achieved during its glorious journey towards excellence. XIME pioneered the Association of BRICS Business Schools (ABBS) which is a platform for management education in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


XIME has been awarded International Accreditation for its PGDM programme in May 2014 by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP), a reputed global accreditation agency based in USA. XIME arranges international events in collaboration with seventeen partner institutions around the globe, including campus exchange programmes, faculty exchange programmes and an international study tour for its students.


In a fiercely competitive Indian B-school marketplace, where IIMs, ISB, XLRI and a few other elite institutions are competing for attracting the best student talent, XIME is on expansion path and is determined to achieve greater heights in the area of MBA education at par with global standards by producing more management graduates worthy of corporate and industry demand.


Apart from its campus at Bangalore, XIME has fully residential campus at Kochi and in order to spread and improve further quality of MBA education in India, has launched a campus at Chennai with all the infrastructural facilities and amenities required for management programme.


XIME Bangalore, Kochi and Chennai are led by their President Prof J Philip, who has taken  many  initiatives aimed at improving curriculum, industry connect and student experience. Prof J Philip is the founder and builder of Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME) Bangalore.


A law graduate, an alumnus and faculty of XLRI Jamshedpur, Prof. J. Philip was one of the founders of PGDM programme at XLRI Jamsehdpur. Prof J Philip was at the International Teachers’ Programme in Business Administration of Harvard Business School. He served as Director IIM Bangalore from 1985 to 1991. Prior to it, he had gained vide industry and Corporate experience as Vice President Oberoi and Principal, Management Training Institute, SAIL.


MBAUniverse.com spoke to Prof J Philip to find out more about the thought , vision and future plan of launching XIME Chennai with an intake of 120 students in its flagship PGDM programme. Edited excerpts from the Interview follow-


At present MBA education in India is facing many challenges but XIME is expanding. What made XIME decide to expand further by launching another campus at Chennai

The business schools in India are in something of a paradox.  There is a feast and a famine at the same time – feast for the good B-Schools and famine for the poor ones.  As to XIME itself, it has been fortunate in getting a good number of applications year after year.  For us, the catchment area of XIME is the whole country, and not just a region.  And in terms of geographical diversity, XIME is one of the best in the country.  The fact that XIME is 25 in ‘Business India’ ranking  and  30  in  MHRD’s   last  year’s ranking speaks of the institution’s quality and professional standing.


XIME has campuses at Bangalore, Kochi and now it is Chennai. How the campuses in 3 different cities are distinct from one another regarding thought process, curriculum and programmes among other key USPs?

The curriculum is the same for all the three XIME Units – Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi.  However, local flavours are added depending on the situation of the particular campus.  For example, Chennai will have special emphasis on manufacturing, being located in the midst of the automobile hub of Tamil Nadu. Bangalore gives special attention to knowledge industry and Kochi to marketing, including for services. Entrepreneurship Development is a common theme at all the three Centres.


What challenges MBA education in Chennai is facing? What is the vision of launching the new campus at Chennai?

As we see it, Tamil Nadu hasn’t too many good B-Schools.  Of course, there are some glorious exceptions.  With our rich experience in Bangalore and Kochi we thought of providing a high quality B-School in Chennai.  We have brought into that endeavour an excellent campus, strong faculty and an industry-focussed curriculum. 


What are the key learnings from the existing XIME campuses at Bangalore and Kochi? How they are contributing in spreading quality management education in India?

‘Quality’ is the watchword at all the 3 XIME centres – it is an act of faith with XIME.  As an institution, XIME is driven by an ardent commitment to innovation.  It may be noted that XIME Bangalore is the only Private Sector B-School from Karnataka to appear in the latest MHRD Survey.  I expect that XIME Chennai will follow the footsteps of XIME Bangalore.


XIME Bangalore has already been accredited by ACBSP and is one of the top ranked B-schools in India. Where do you see XIME Chennai in next few years.

With our ample experience in running excellent B-Schools, XIME Chennai will soon be one in the top 50 B-Schools in the country.


Will the students of initial batches at XIME Chennai get the opportunity to go for International Exchange programmes as XIME Bangalore offers? Which are the proposed international linkages?

XIME as a leading B-School has a strong orientation to globalization.  It may be mentioned that XIME Bangalore is the principal founder of the BRICS-wide Business Schools Association, and as it happens, I am its current President.  XIME has memoranda of understanding with 16 International B-Schools spread across the world from Mexico to Moscow and from Shanghai to Los Angeles.  International exchange of students is part of the teaching-learning process of all XIME units.  That includes XIME Chennai too.


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