No change in test content of NMAT by GMAC; many new features added for candidate convenience: GMAC’s Vikram Shah

NMAT by GMAC 2017
Tuesday, July 04 2017, 01:34 PM
Registrations for NMAT by GMAC 2017-19 exam are open from today. To understand more about the Exam Pattern and Registration Process, we interviewed Vikram Shah, Director, Product Management, GMAC.
We have taken many steps for candidate convenience like test center expansion, introduction of multiple login and payment methods, NMAT official guide coupon and Diagnostic for the NMAT Online Prep, says Vikram Shah of GMAC

As reported by earlier today, registrations for NMAT by GMAC 2017-19 exam are now open from today. To understand more about the Exam Pattern and Registration Process, we interviewed Mr Vikram Shah, Director, Product Management of Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the body that conducts NMAT by GMAC exam in the country. In this exclusive interview, Mr Shah shared that there will not be any change in exam pattern, and that many candidate friendly steps have been taken for the benefit of student. Edited excerpts from the Q&A follows:

Q: What are the key aspirant friendly changes in exam structure and contents brought about in this year’s exam over 2016?
A: There is no change in the content of the test from last year. NMAT by GMAC is the standardized test and GMAC believes in complete transparency with candidates and schools. If there are any changes brought in by GMAC in the content of the test then GMAC will notify the candidates and schools well in advance and not at the last minute.

As far as changes related to candidate convenience is concerned starting this year the following changes have been made:

Test Center Expansion: Candidates will be able to take the test in 23 more test centers in India and 4 international locations (Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka). In total NMAT by GMAC will be delivered in 58 test centers in 44 cities in India and 4 international cities.

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Login Methods: Candidates can login to the registration form through Facebook, Google, email ID and through OTP. Many candidates in India write multiple exams and they apply to multiple schools. It becomes cumbersome for candidates to remember passwords for every exam login as well as schools applications. To simplify the same we have provided multiple login facilities to the candidates so that they don’t have to remember any additional passwords for the NMAT registration form. Once their mobile number is verified they can simple use the OTP method or login through their Facebook or Google accounts.

Additional Payment Methods: With Govt.’s focus on the digital space, we have added the UPI (Unified payment Interface) as an additional method to pay for the registration fees along with the credit cards, debit cards, net banking, 12 mobile wallets etc.

We are also offering NMAT Official Guide Coupon and Diagnostic for the NMAT Online Prep. All these steps are taken keeping in mind convenience of students and test takers.

Q: How would be the expected difficulty level of various sections in NMAT by GMAC 2017, are there any significant changes also?
A: NMAT by GMAC is a standardized test and every candidates receives the similar difficulty level items across sections and there is no change to that in 2017.

Q: Will the candidates be allowed to move to and fro between the test sections during the overall time limit of the exam?
A: The unique feature of the NMAT by GMAC test is it allows candidate to choose the section order before they start their test. This helps candidates to choose the section orders in a way that it will build their confidence to put the best foot forward. The time limit for each of the 3 sections in NMAT by GMAC test is fixed and candidates should complete each section within the time limit provided. Candidates will not be allowed to move between the sections during the test.

Q: How should a candidate prepare for the exam?
A: GMAC believes in providing the confidence to the test takers for NMAT by GMAC preparation. There are 2 official sources through which a candidate can prepare for the NMAT by GMAC test.

NMAT by GMAC Official Guide 2017: This is a paper pack book comprising of 1030 questions and answer with 720 NMAT retired items for learning & practice.

NMAT Online Prep Suite: This is an online prep tool available to candidates. A complete 120 questions free NMAT test comprising of 120 past NMAT retired questions for candidates to understand more about the test.

Q: Why should an MBA aspirant appear in NMAT by GMAC? What are key USPs?
A: NMAT by GMAC is the standardized GME test in India and offers a lot of benefits to the candidates to give them convenience and build their confidence in their journey for the management education in India.

Key benefits are:

  • 75 day long test window allows candidates to take the test when they are ready.
  • Retake option to help them give the test more than once up to a maximum 3 times in the same year helps candidates save a year of their time towards management education.
  • Self scheduling option helps candidates schedule their exam for the test center, test slot of their choice.
  • Rescheduling option helps candidate to reschedule their test in case of any unforeseen emergency or family & other commitments.
  • No negative marking helps candidates to take an informed guess when the choice of the answer is really narrowed down to 2 out of 4 or 5 options.
  • Section order choice helps candidates to start with the section which they feel falls in their strength area which in turn increase the confidence level of the candidates.
  • Official prep from GMAC helps candidates to understand about the structure and the content areas on which they will be tested. Prep helps candidates boost their confidence to give the test.
  • Convenience of taking the test in one of the 58 test centers in India and 4 international locations helps candidates to take the test near their home or work place and they don’t have to travel much to take the test.
  • NMAT by GMAC score helps candidates open doors of the 16 universities in India for various management programs offered by them.
  • Candidate dashboard helps candidates complete their Registration & scheduling in a way that candidates can do everything at once place and they don’t have to go to their email box again to check for anything about the test.

Q: What’s your message to the candidates?
A: I wish all the best to candidates who are about to start their journey for the Management education in India. With the growth rates of the GDP and the corporate earnings etc. in India there will be demand for more managers in the years to come and NMAT by GMAC will help you achieve your dreams and put you in the path for a successful career in the future.

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