IIM Ahmedabad Admission 2018: Cut off, Fee, Latest Placement, trends; check your chances

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December 9, 2017
If you think that your CAT 2017 percentile of 90 or around, may not get you admission offer from IIM Ahmedabad, you may be wrong. On the other hand if you think that your 100 percentile in CAT 2017 will definitely get you admission in IIM Ahmedabad, you may be wrong again.
IIM Ahmedabad Admission 2018
With the CAT cut offs being reduced in shortlisting for final admission round by IIM Ahmedabad, candidates with less than 90 percentile has got admission this year at IIMA

What is the expected cut off for IIM Ahmedabad admission 2018, is the common query from all the CAT 2017 test takers who had seriously prepared for and appeared in the exam and now expect a good percentile score. However, if you think that your CAT 2017 percentile of 90 or around, may not get you admission offer from IIM Ahmedabad, you may be wrong. On the other hand if you think that your 100 percentile in CAT 2017 will definitely get you admission in IIM Ahmedabad, you may be wrong again.

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Over the past few years IIM Ahmedabad has further liberalised its admission policy and has consistently reduced the minimum CAT score requirement section wise as well as overall. This has led to the admission of the MBA aspirants from diverse academic back grounds, even at low CAT score. 

Cut off may remain below 90
Yes, this has happened in last year admission process. In last year admission at IIM Ahmedabad, Vidit Garg who scored 89.67 percentile in CAT made it to IIM Ahmedabad. Vidit was a student of B.A. at Delhi University. So it is also not necessary that you should be coming from an IIT or any other top technical institute to get into IIM Ahmedabad.

Another example is of Avidipto Chakraborty who had scored 100 percentile in CAT but could not get admission offer from IIM Ahmedabad.

Another fact is that many 99+ percentilers in CAT were not shortlisted by IIM Ahmedabad because they could not cross the minimum qualifying percentile in one or other section in CAT.

CAT score requirement reduced
IIM Ahmedabad has slashed the minimum qualifying CAT 2017 percentile for all categories of candidates. As per the IIM Ahmedabad Admission Policy for PGP 2018-20 batch, ‘the candidates above the minimum cut-offs in the sectional percentile ranks, the overall percentile rank and obtaining a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of CAT-2017 will be considered for all the subsequent stages.’

Key trends in CAT cut offs
With the CAT cut offs being reduced in shortlisting for final admission round by IIM Ahmedabad, candidates with less than 90 percentile has got admission this year at IIMA. The first stage shortlisting based on CAT 2017 scores for admission to PGP 2018-20 batch at IIM Ahmedabad will now require only a minimum 80 percentile overall as against 90 in other IIMs and only 70  in each of the 3 sections as against 80-85 required by other IIMs.

Academic session
Sectional CAT percentile requirement
Overall CAT percentile requirement
Actual cut off
90 (Expected)

CAT Weightage reduced
During the last 3 years, IIM Ahmedabad has reduced the weightage to CAT exam scores and is awarding more weight to academic profile, academic diversity, Writing Ability Tests and personal interview sessions. This has helped the non-engineers to get an edge over their peers in 1st stage shortlisting and in Personal Interview round also.

Weightage for CAT score
In shortlisting
In final admission round
PGP 2018-20
PGP 2017-19
PGP 2016-18

Apart from this IIM Ahmedabad has a unique shortlisting criteria for selection of exceptional performers across different disciplines.

Key points to note

  • IIM A awards 30% weightage to academics in shortlisting and 12% weightage in final selection
  • IIMA to award 70% weightage to CAT 2017 score in 1st stage shortlisting and 28% in final selection
  • PI and WAT  to get 60% weightage in final selection at IIMA

Non-Engineers preferred by IIM Ahmedabad
Professor Apratim Guha, Chairperson, Admissions, IIM Ahmedabad, says “Our admissions policy is to invite for interviews candidates from different academic disciplines based on their academic performances, subject to their clearing certain CAT cut-offs. This approach increases the discipline diversity of our incoming class. This is part of a conscious effort to improve the in-class learning experience of students, who we believe would benefit from being in class with people from diverse background.”

Probably this was the reason that in the academic session 2017-18 IIM Ahmedabad offered admission to many such candidates who did not score very high in CAT but belonged to diverse academic background like fashion designing, cinematography, designer of watering system, beauty pageant winners, entrepreneurs among others.

Changes in admission criteria at IIM Ahmedabad
Following are the favourable changes and important points in the IIM Ahmedabad admission criteria for PGP 2018-20:

  • Minimum qualifying CAT 2017 overall percentile is 80
  • Minimum qualifying CAT 2017 sectional percentile in each of the 3 sections is 70
  • Above 90% marks in Class 10 will get you to top rating of 10 (Rating score A) irrespective of your stream
  • Top rating of 10 (Rating score B) for Class 12 will vary. To get highest weightage for your class 12 marks, you need above 90% marks in Science and Commerce stream. If you are a student of Arts stream, your 85% plus marks will get you highest rating score of 10.
  • For Bachelor’s degree weightage, the top rating of 10 (Rating score C) varies for different streams. The academic streams are categorised from AC-1 to AC-7. The medicine branch is defined as AC-1 and needs more than 70% marks to get highest rating of 10.
  • AC-2 at bachelor’s degree means CA, ICWA, CS degrees and needs 63% plus marks to get a rating of 10.
  • AC-3 and AC-5 denote degree in Economics, Finance, Commerce, Science, BBA, BCA, paramedical and need above 80% marks to get highest rating score of 10.
  • AC-4 & AC-7 – denoting Engineering, technology,  and other bachelor degrees need highest percentage of marks of 85% plus to get highest weightage of rating score 10 in IIM Ahmedabad shortlisting after CAT 2017 percentile.
  • AC-6 denotes Arts, Humanities, Law, Journalism and needs more than 75% marks to get the highest rating score 10 in shortlisting criteria at IIM Ahmedabad.
  • The Application Rating Score will be: AR= {A(class 10) +B(Class 12) +C(Bachelors degree). Accordingly, the normalised AR score of an applicant is equal to their AR score divided by average of the top 50 AR scores from the applicants’ pool.  The applicants’ pool means the candidates who appear for CAT-2017 and apply to IIM Ahmedabad.

IIM Ahmedabad: Fee structure
No doubt, at present IIM Ahmedabad will charge a high fee for PGP 2018-20 batch and may revise it further by the time your session commences. But this is not the deterrent for admission as you get a very high RoI for your investment in MBA at IIM Ahmedabad.

IIM Ahmedabad has revised upwards its fee during the last 3 years and at present the 2 years programme fee at IIM Ahmedabad is Rs. 21 lakhs.

Latest Placement at IIM Ahmedabad
The IPRS standard in publishing the Audited Placement Data is followed by IIM Ahmedabad. Accordingly, despite completing its placement in the month of February every year, IIM Ahmedabad releases its placement statistics in the month of September.

The Audited data for Placement 2017 released by IIM Ahmedabad has shared following placement statistics:

Average Salary Batch 2015-17 (Domestic): Rs.22.58 lakhs
Highest Salary Batch 2015-17 (Domestic):  Rs.53 lakhs
Average Salary Batch 2015-17 (International): Rs.82 lakhs ($127,275; 1US$=INR65)
Highest Salary Batch 2015-17 (International): Rs.44.27 lakhs ($68,104; 1US$=INR65)

Top Recruiters: Accenture Strategy, Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Yes Bank, Goldman Sachs, P&G, Star TV, Bharti Airtel, Aditya Birla Group, Amazon        

IIM Ahmedabad presently awards Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM) after completion of two-year Post-graduate Programme in Management (PGP). The IIM Bill 2017 seeks to empower all the IIMs to award MBA degree instead of diploma. The bill has already been passed by Lok Sabha and is waiting for the nod of Rajya Sabha and is expected to be made an Act after it is passed by Rajya Sabha also.

The two years PGP of IIM Ahmedabad is a full-time residential course for graduates from all disciplines wishing to choose a career in management. The selection of the candidates for admission to the 2018-20 batch of the PGP at IIMA is a two-step process. In the first step, candidates are short-listed for Academic Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview (PI) from among the candidates who have a valid CAT-2017 score and have applied to the programme while filling up their CAT 2017 registration and application form. The applicants should also satisfy the eligibility criteria for the programme. The next part of admission process is the PI round after which final admission offer is made.

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