CAT 2011: IMS learning expert answers Qs on first 3 days of CAT on Live Chat News Desk |
March 20, 2014
CAT 2011, which started on 22 October, is on a smooth drive till now, with no major glitches reported from any of the test centers.

CAT 2011, which started on 22 October, is on a smooth drive till now, with no major glitches reported from any of the test centers. The fourth test day is today, 28 October 2011. There are still 16 more test days to go as per the CAT test schedule. During these days thousands of MBA aspirants across the country would strive to bell the CAT.

To give a comprehensive analysis of the exam conducted so far and to give the answers to specific queries of all soon-to-take-test candidates on preparation and exam strategy, hosted Live Expert Chat with Vinayak Kudva, Product Head, IMS Learning recently.

Read the excerpts of the Live Expert Chat:
Q: Rahul: I would like to ask based on first few days of CAT 2011. Is it good to draw conclusion that in QA questions from certain areas are more? What were the topics from which questions were asked? What is the pattern so far?
A: The CAT tests vary in difficulty level as well as the question categories. So in quant different types of questions have appeared in different tests on different days. The quant topics include Numbers, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Progressions, Logarithms. There is no fixed pattern - you can expect a question from any of the above areas of Quant along with D.I. which can be calculation intensive or otherwise. So no fixed pattern. In the remaining time left for CAT, stay focused, motivated and think positive. Utilize the time left to revise concepts. All the best!

Q: Rahul: People say if you take CAT in the first week, the paper is easy than the latter part of the test Window. How much truth is there in this?
A: Hi Rahul, There is no truth in this statement. The test papers are of varying difficulty level and there is no pattern in terms of difficulty level on a weekly basis. Prometric will apply a standard keeping in mind the difficulty level of the tests. The raw scores are equated and scaled. So even though the difficulty levels are different for each of the multiple examination forms used on different days and time, there is a post-equating process to ensure validity and fairness.

Q: Chaitan K Yadav: I'm taking CAT on 3rd November. I'm revising Quant again. Present analysis says that Quant is quite tough and standard result based. Is that true? What should be my next step?
A: Hi Chaitan, You can revise all areas again and not necessarily quant. In Quant, be aware of your strong and weak areas. The areas are Numbers, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math. Please ensure that you revise concepts (formulae etc) and resolve questions. Also kindly practice logarithms, sequences and series, arithmetic progressions. In the next eight days, do not get demotivated, just revise concepts and take the test with the frame of mind that every question can be solved. Manage your time well and do not waste time on difficult questions. Aim for 24 attempts in a section with at least 85 per cent accuracy. Lastly, do not make silly mistakes.

Q: Vandana: What is the analysis of the first two days of CAT 2011 according to you? My mock performances are quite good. What shall I do in next 6 days to my test?
A: Hi Vandana, students have got different question sets within a slot. And the level of difficulty reported by students from the slot has varied from easy to tough. So, I would suggest that you rather focus on your prep and not get influenced by the varying opinions about the paper difficulty that has been floating around. Remember that whether the test is easy or tough, raw scores will get scaled accordingly to ensure that no aspirant is at a disadvantage. As you are performing well in the mocks, I would advise you to stay relaxed, not take more than two tests from here on and reserve your best for the D-day. All the Best!!