4 days to IIFT 2011: Students & toppers share success mantras

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March 21, 2014
This article of MBAUniverse.com brings to you the IIFT topper mantras for the last week to IIFT 2011.

The IIFT 2011 exam is just four days away. At this stage, you cannot start with anything new but if you wisely utilize these four days, you can definitely improve your current preparation level. To help you in this regard, this article of MBAUniverse.com brings to you the IIFT topper mantras for the last week to IIFT 2011.

Yogesh Kumar, who scored 42.89 in IIFT 2010 mentions that if you have already taken CAT, then you won’t have to worry much about IIFT exam. Half of your preparation will already be done. “In the IIFT paper, all the sections are similar to that of CAT, apart from the GK section. You have to prepare well for this section,” says Yogesh.

Mahima Jain, another student of IIFT who had scored 39.60 in IIFT 2010 says that the IIFT paper pattern is very dynamic. “The paper pattern keeps changing every year so you cannot really predict the paper pattern beforehand. You can talk to your seniors in IIFT to know more about the question types.”

The Quantitative Ability questions will be similar to that of CAT. “If you practice from Arun Sharma’s Quant books, you will be pretty much in a good position to solve the questions in this section,” says Yogesh. According to Mahima, The Verbal Ability section is divided into two parts, Reading Comprehension and English Usage. Both the components ask questions on the usual areas as that of CAT and other MBA entrance exams.

The preparation which you need to take for the IIFT exam should be for GK and the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section. As Yogesh says, “A good preparation in GK will help you in the DI section as well.”

Regarding the weightae of the General Awareness section, Mahima states, “The weightage given to the General Awareness section is lesser than the other sections. Hence make sure that you just clear the cut offs.”

Suggesting on the GK section, Sriram R, another student of IIFT says, “In GK, either you know or you don’t know. You don’t have to spend much time in it. Attempt questions in GK which you are considerably confident of and that would suffice.” He also adds, “Difficulty level varies from easy to moderate. Just being aware and reading about general stuff, business, politics etc would suffice.”

According to Yogesh, while preparing for the GK section, you should have a good knowledge on the sobriquets of famous personalities, recent awards ranging from Nobel Prize to Dara Shikoh Awards etc. “Also be well versed on the business and corporate news such as mergers and acquisitions,” he says.

Apart from the General Awareness section, many IIFT aspirants find the Data Interpretation section long and tricky. To address this problem, Saurav Tibrewal, an IIFT student says, “If you are not good at calculations, then attempt this section last. There is a way to crack these lengthy calculations. Learn that. But do attempt the doable questions in DI, as last year IIFT had sectional cut offs.”

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