IIM-B Vista 07: ISB grads dominate paper competition Manifestations

Thursday, July 28 2016, 06:12 AM
Finals of research paper presentation contest Manifestations were held on Day 2 at IIM-B Vista on October 13.

The paper presentations across verticals six verticals: Finance, Marketing, Telecommunications, Strategy, Operations, Economics and Social Sciences. At the time of publishing this news, results across all verticals accept telecom was announced. Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad dominated the list of winners with top prizes in Economics and Operations verticals and runners up in Strategy.
Winners & Runners up were:

Rahul Goel and Shubham Singhal -- IIM-C
Rahul Mishra and Neha Kalra -- ISB

Economics & Social Sciences:
Shikha Khandelwal and Vijay Madham -- ISB
Subrat Dwibedy -- XLRI

Smita Singh & Paurush Singh -- IIT-K VGSOM
Manjar Bhargav & Nagachethan SM -- IRMA

Anbuselvan S & Avinash Kaushik MV -- IIM B
Girdhar Gopal & Ritu Kejriwal -- IRMA

Pankaj Gupta & Vaibhav Goel -- ISB
Ashish Rathi & Gayatri Soi -- SCMHRD Pune

Winners in each vertical was awarded cash prize of Rs. 20,000 while the team placed second won a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.

Some of themes in the competition were: ‘Stealth Marketing or Blatant Marketing: What does the future hold?’; ‘Directions for marketing in changing times – Are customers these days more clever or more cynical?’; ‘Rediscovering Distribution: Going the e-tailing way’; ‘Inclusive Growth: Is high labor productivity a hindrance in expansion of the Indian job market?’and ‘Private Equity and its contribution to Infrastructure in India’