IIM Kashipur conducts leadership conclave on Industry Academia collaboration

Wednesday, October 23 2013, 12:25 PM
A leadership conclave was organized at Jim Corbett National Park by IIM Kashipur on October 18-20, 2013. The motive of the event was to provide a platform for interaction of ideas and knowledge between the industry and academia.
The conclave aimed to bring about an effective partnership between the industry and the academia that can be sustained for the years to come.

The Leadership Conclave is the flagship event of IIM Kashipur. It was held in the Jim Corbett National Park. The Conclave was organized to provide a direct opportunity for the academia to interact with industry experts and discuss key issues that affect both the parties. The event primarily focused on a common theme and there were sub-themes that were discussed in detail.

The event organized by IIM Kashipur included various agendas like, track Progression: From Academia to Industry and Society and on the larger stakeholder in collaboration, the Thought Process: Promotion of free thinking in society and Bridging the communication gap: Need of the Hour and Research and Innovation: Emerging solutions to evolving business problems and Industry-driven academic Institution: Approach, strategy and financial sustainability.

The captains of the industry and leaders from all walks of life participated in the conclave held for over three days in which they deliberated on issues that demand attention. This flagship event of IIM Kashipur provided a platform for interaction and a mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge between the industry and the academia.

Various speakers, distinguished experts and panelists took part in the three day discussion at IIM Kashipur which included Mr. Ashok Bharat, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Forbes & Company Limited, Mr. Barttanu Kumar Das, Head–Human Resources, Blue Dart Express; Dr Anita Bandyopadhyay, Director - Center for Excellence, Corporate HR, Raymod Group; Dr D. Prasanth Nair, Head of Global HR Division, Cipla and others.

IIM Kashipur is the youngest member of the IIM family. It was established by Government of India in 2011 under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow. It is located in the industrial hub of Uttarakhand, it provides a unique opportunity to students to work close to the reality of India and IIM Kashipur’s students are also involved into multifaceted activities, including development work in local villages. The institute is set up with the objective of providing quality management education while sensitizing students towards the needs of the society.

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