IIFT 2013 Preparation: Learn 5 most important areas and tips

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Updated on November 16, 2013
IIFT 2013 is going to be held on November 24, 2013. This expert article from MBAUniverse.com will focus on five key areas for IIFT 2013 preparation and will provide you tips to improve your IIFT 2013 score.
Figures of speech like simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, apostrophe etc. may figure in IIFT 2013 exam

IIFT 2013 entrance exam for IIFT flagship MBA programme in International business, to be held on Sunday, November 24, 2013 is approaching fast. Aspirants are all set and have fastened their belts to crack this coveted examination. In your endeavour to finalise the preparation before the examination, learn the key areas from expert and seasoned trainer Prof. S.K. Agarwal, where your preparation will need more attention before the examination.

Getting into MBA (IB) 2014 at to Indian Institute of Foreign trade (IIFT) Delhi and Kolkata Campus is definitely more difficult than getting into any of more than 150 B schools accepting CAT 2013 scores and offering numerous management programmes.

What is expected in IIFT 2013?
IIFT 2013 entrance exam for IIFT 2014 MBA programme will be a (MCQ) multiple choice question type examination. The test is supposed to have 4 parts - English comprehension in two sections; Quantitative Ability; Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation and General Awareness.

Any section can be clubbed with other section but the aspirants are required to get through each one of them. Unlike CAT, number of questions in IIFT are not fixed and may vary anywhere between 120 to 130. IIFT 2013 has a unique feature of varying marking system in the range of 0.5 to 1. Penalty of one fourth negative marking is also very important to remember before going to finalise your answer option in IIFT 2013 exam.

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IIFT 2013 Paper Pattern
Section-1 – English comprehension- Part-1 – 20 questions; part-2-RC passages-16 questions


Section-2- Quantitative Ability- 28 questions

Section-3- Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation – 20 questions on LR; 15 questions on DI

Section-4-General Awareness- 25 -30 questions

Although LR and DI were clubbed in 2012, DI could be separated from LR and might be clubbed to Quantitative Ability, in the forthcoming examination.

Prepare General Awareness section for IIFT 2013 exam

To score high marks in IIFT 2013 General Awareness section, click below to practice GK questions


IIFT 2013 Preparation: Key areas for English Comprehension
1. Reading Comprehension in IIFT 2013 had 16 questions based on 4 passages of 800 words each. When you practice the RC do read the passage/article fairly quickly to get the general idea. Read again, if possible, a little slowly so as to understand the details.

Write a summary in your own words neatly and precisely. Make a chart on time consumed in reading and writing the summary of the passage. Check whether the time is getting reduced day by day. Go for versatile reading on different topics since you may or may not get the passages of your interest in the examination.

2. Jumbled paragraphs also form the part of English comprehension and not less than two questions may be found in the examination. The aspirants should practice more on random type of sentences. When you proceed to practice them, please remember to find out the connectors among the sentences like ‘It’ ‘those’, ‘these’, ‘this’, ‘who’, ‘as’ – giving the clue to connect them with other sentences. Such words as connectors to the earlier sentences make the task of forming a coherent paragraph easy as they are used in place of certain nouns which form the beginning of paragraph and sentences.

3. Aspirants should remember that IIFT 2013 entrance test is a mix of CAT and XAT. There can be more than 10 questions on  core vocabulary usage like similar relationship of words (analogy); one word substitution; fill in the blanks in 4-5 sentences with correct words/phrasal verbs/vocabulary words;  synonyms / antonyms. While CAT places questions on contextual usage, IIFT 2013 may ask you the questions in basic language form. The need therefore is to learn, recall the words and practice them, read more and write correctly spelt words. Fill in the blanks are based on rich vocabulary words, more practice on such type of questions will definitely help.

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IIFT 2013 exam tips: Improve your score in IIFT 2013

IIFT 2013 Exam pattern and IIFT Paper pattern

4. Figures of speech like simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, apostrophe etc. may figure in IIFT 2013 exam. It is advisable to practice around 20-25 figures of speech, understand their key words that help to identify them. Besides, the aspirants are expected to have fair knowledge of phrasal verbs, idioms, similar sounding and confusing words. Aspirants must pronounce them and write them to have the practice beforehand. Ten minutes a day from now on will empower you with good amount of learning on them.

5. Knowing fundamentals of grammar and tenses in IIFT 2013 entrance exam is also very important. There may be questions on error corrections like rewriting of sentences and/or paragraphs in grammatically correct order, identifying the grammatically correct sentences with right sequence of words.  You should practice more such questions to get a high score in IIFT 2013 exam.

Important tips for IIFT 2013 preparation

- You may have less than one minute per question as against in CAT where you have approximately 3 minutes per question so do not start preparation on some new and confusing topic. It will be better to work more on your strong areas.

- IIFT 2013 English Comprehension section usually has a lot of questions to test your vocabulary, so you would need to work on that.

- Speed, accuracy & choice of questions will matter a lot in order to score high marks in 2 hour long paper that would consist of around 125-135 questions.

- One of the main differences between IIFT 2013 and exams like CAT and XAT is the General Knowledge & Awareness section. One can expect at least 15-20 questions in IIFT 2013 General Knowledge section.

Prepare General Awareness section for IIFT 2013 exam

To score high marks in IIFT 2013 General Awareness section, click below to practice GK questions


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IIFT 2014 Admission Process

IIFT 2014 admission procedure is a 3-stage process: First is the written test i.e. IIFT 2013 exam covering areas of Quantitative Ability, Logic and Reasoning, English etc. The short-listed people will then have to appear for the Group Discussions and Essay Writing. The final round consists of Personal Interviews. IIFT 2013 exam will be held in following 20 cities all over India.

IIFT 2013 Results
The IIFT 2013 entrance exam for the academic year 2014-16 is scheduled on Sunday, November 24, 2013. The IIFT 2013 result date is expected that the IIFT 2013 Result will be declared by mid December 2013. The first list of IIFT 2013 result will contain the shortlist candidates name for GD PI WAT round. The final IIFT 2013 result will be out after GD PI WAT round. Visit MBAUniverse.com for latest updates on IIFT 2013 result.

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