GD PI: Importance and Role of Group Discussion in MBA Admission 2014

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Updated on November 21, 2013
Numbers of top B schools have made the GD round an important part of final admission round. This article tells you the importance and role of Group Discussion in MBA admission 2014.
What is the need of GD round - that too when Personal Interview round is there? What do they wish to judge in this round?



With the CAT 2013 being over it is time to prepare and win the GD round. Numbers of top B schools have made the GD round an important part of final admission round. Once the candidate has cleared the written examination whether on-line or paper pencil based –is a different issue, what is the need of GD round –that too when Personal Interview round is there? What do they wish to judge in this round? Such queries are but natural to hover the mind.



GD can be classified as round of intricate debate which takes place among a few candidates (say 7 to 12) without any outside interference. This flow of exchange of opinions and thoughts is the tool for judgment of your various skills. A topic is given by an evaluator to the group and the entire group is supposed to sum up its ideas within the given time frame say 15-20 minutes  

If we pay a little attention and try to think about the objective of GD round, great revelations could come to us –

1. Group Discussion in fact is a selection as well as elimination round before the final admission to the B-school. If two candidates out of the group are selected – remaining six are eliminated. It implies that this is the winner in this round who gets the desired institute.

2. Future managers will require communicating with number of people in all walks of life- like their colleagues, customers, higher ups, in making policy decision etc. This will require effective expression power and utilizing the knowledge in a systematic manner. The small group comprises speakers as well as listeners. The crux of the idea is – who and how one makes the mark in the group with his ability to express himself.

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3. The topic given in the group could be a current national, international problem, financial crisis, some social, political, religious or other abstract issue. How do you present yourself will amount to your approach in solving the issue? Whether you are biased, take positive stand or have a negative view, are neutral and solve the same in an objective way – will be judged on the basis of your presentation in the group discussion.

4. The level of your confidence is well judged in group discussion. If you are confident enough, you can take the lead, speak a minute or two and then taking more clues from others put forward your analysis of problem/situation. This will give you an edge in GD round. More confident you are, more chances of selection await you.

5. It tests you as a good listener. A future manager must not only be a convincing speaker, good analyst of situation but also a patient listener otherwise his decisions will be one sided which may be harmful. Hence it is judged whether you can listen to others attentively and put forward your views when the person in front you has spoken or you don’t even allow him to speak in GD round.

6. Your behavior and vision are tested in this round. If you shout on others – you may not be a good option to be offered a managerial position in future. If you are open minded you will welcome others’ ideas OR after listening to them may politely but firmly place you view point why they are not so beneficial. It is therefore a test of your attitude also.

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7. Interpersonal skills of interaction with the leadership qualities like decision making etc. are judged in the group discussion round. For example a hot topic like “FDI in retail” is given to you - you may be having your views for or against the topic – when you start the discussion you must introduce the topic in a line or two; if you do not favor it your delivery must have the points to convince the group that you are right in your decision.

8. Your knowledge on the topic is tested in this round. When you begin speaking, your quotes, facts, figures coherent delivery of ideas - become the measuring points of subject knowledge and outstanding personality.

It is in the interest of the aspirant to understand the topic and then decide whether it will be fine to speak for or against it-of course, putting forward the points to make the delivery quite effective. It is suggested to go through the newspapers, watch TV news & discussions apart from reading important periodicals regularly to broaden the vision and form your view point on important issues.


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