MAHCET 2014 Toppers Mantra: Know success strategy of 99.99%iler Piyush Tulsyan

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Updated on December 20, 2013 brings MAH MBA CET toppers to share their success mantras with MBA Aspirant. Mr. Piyush Tulsyan, a student of JBIMS Mumbai, who scored 99.99% ile in MAH MBA CET 2012, shares his success mantras on cracking MAH CET 2014.
I believe that in such a kind of paper setup, developing speed is very important along with knowing how to solve the questions.

Piyush Tulsyan scored 99.99 percentile in written exam in MAH MBA CET 2012. He secured 2nd Rank in Mumbai University and 3rd Rank in Maharashtra state in MAH-MBA CET 2012.


Presently a student of MMS course at JBIMS Mumbai, Piyush shares his success mantra on cracking MAH MBA CET 2012. He has done Computer Engineering (B.Tech) from VJTI, Mumbai prior to joining JBIMS for an MBA in finance.


In this exclusive session with, Mr. Piyush talks on the challenges he faced while preparing for MAH MBA CET and which part of his preparation helped him to score high percentile in MAH CET and secure admission to the top B school like JBIMS, Mumbai.


He also talks on his GD/PI strategy, weekly study plans and advice for MAH CET 2014 Aspirants


Q. What was the toughest & easiest section for you in MAH CET? Why?


Generally the toughest section for me would be verbal ability and easiest section would be quantitative ability and logical ability. However in the 2012 paper especially the toughest section was logical reasoning sets which took a lot of time. It was toughest considering the limited availability of time in the paper and also the paper being a lengthy one compared to past year papers.


Q. How were your strategies to handle the difficult part?


I used to do the difficult part at the end of the paper so in case the paper is very lengthy and I am unable to complete I would have to leave the difficult part and not the easier parts in which I was relatively more confident and could easily score marks.


Q. What was your question solving strategy on the testing day?


I never followed any particular pattern given my speed to solve the paper. I solved the entire paper in the same order in which the questions were without wasting any time in understanding the paper and deciding on any particular order. The paper was quite lengthy and on an average many students solved around 150 questions. However, I could solve about 180-185 questions. This made the difference in the marks I believe.


Q. How did you manage your weekly study schedule? Ideal duration for study in a week?


I used to solve a lot of papers for speed practice. Due to this, from a month before the exams, I could solve the 200 questions well before time with about 10 mins remaining. Inspite of this, in the final paper I could not complete the paper, and could solve around 180- 185 questions, but given the length of the paper it was a good attempt. I had my computer engineering in VJTI along with my preparations and would give around 5-6 hours of studying time each day which included solving one paper a day atleast and many a times two as well.


I solved more than 100 papers before the exam. These papers were from various institutes, past papers, model papers etc. Ideal duration of study in a week would be about 50 hours.


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Q. One preparation area which influenced your selection to this Top B-school heavily. How?


My marks in the written exam were very high which made my marks, so I did not have to bother much about my GD PI marks. So the key preparation area was preparing for the written exam. I put maximum efforts in solving papers which improved by speed considerably.


Q. Your long-term preparation strategy for GD/PI


As I said before, I did not have to bother much about my GD-PI marks given my score in the written exam. However, still I practised a lot of GDs by joining the programmes. Also I had to read a lot of materials to speak well in the GD.


For PI, I had to prepare the standard questions well, and also to be clear about why I wanted to do an MBA and an MBA from JBIMS if asked specifically about the dream college. My PI was in JBIMS itself, which went really well, giving me a score of 16/17.


Q. Your advice for MAH CET 2014 Aspirants


I believe that in such a kind of paper setup, developing speed is very important along with knowing how to solve the questions. You should solve as many papers as possible (ideally more than 100), before the exams to develop the speed.

That’s it…Best of Luck!

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The dates of MAH CET 2014 results are not announced yet but MAH CET 2014 result is expected to be out in April 2014 as per last exam trends. will keep you updated about MAH CET 2014 result dates.


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