MAHCET 2014 Toppers Mantra: JBIMS Mumbai Topper Dhwani Shah shares her success mantras

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Updated on December 23, 2013 brings MAH MBA CET toppers to share their success mantras with MBA Aspirant. Ms. Dhwani Shah, a student of JBIMS Mumbai, who scored CET State Rank: 4 and Rank 4 at JBIMS, Mumbai in MAH MBA CET 2012.
I tried many different question solving strategies during my preparation and finally chose one that suited me most.

Dhwani Shah scored CET State Rank: 4, University Rank: 3 and rank 4 at JBIMS in MAH MBA CET 2012. Presently a student of MMS course at JBIMS Mumbai, Dhwani shares her success mantra on cracking MAH MBA CET 2012. She has done B.Tech Computers from VJTI, Mumbai with a CGPA of 8.2. Prior to joining JBIMS Mumbai, she had one year experience at Deloitte Consulting


In this exclusive session with, Dhwani Shah talks on the challenges she faced while preparing for MAH MBA CET and which part of her preparation helped her score high percentile in MAH CET and secure admission to the top B school like JBIMS Mumbai.


She also talks on her GD/PI strategy, weekly study plans and advice for MAH CET 2014 Aspirants


Q. What was the toughest & easiest section for you in MAH CET? Why?
The toughest section for me was visual reasoning. It is challenging, you need a knack to crack it and even after spending considerable time on it, getting an answer is not guaranteed. You have to choose the visual reasoning questions tactfully so that you do not waste time on the tougher and time-consuming ones. The easiest section is grammar since it takes the least time, there isn’t anything to solve. You either know it or you don’t!


Q. How were your strategies to handle the difficult part?
CET is an exam about managing time. I tackled the sections I found difficult, or rather time consuming, like visual reasoning and DI by practicing a lot, giving mock examinations, keeping time and analyzing each mock paper to understand how it could be solved better and faster.


Q. What was your question solving strategy on the testing day?
I tried many different question solving strategies during my preparation and finally chose one that suited me most. I knew that solving at-least 150 questions out of 200 was a must to get a good rank. So in the first 1-1.5 hours, I would try going sequentially and solve as many as possible (around 100). Post 1.5 hours, I would try to solve the remaining 100 by attempting the least time consuming and my stronger sections first and the remaining later if time permits.


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Q. How did you manage your weekly study schedule? Ideal duration for study in a week?
I was working and managing my preparation for CET simultaneously. I started CET preparation 2 months before the exam. I gave 1 mock paper daily. After work, I would analyze the paper, understand different methods and solutions, check my mistakes. On weekends, I solved at-least 2 papers. So, on an average, every day I studied for a minimum of 5 hours.


Q. One preparation area which influenced your selection to this Top B-school heavily? How?
The one and only thing that works in an exam like CET is practice. You do not need any heavy conceptual knowledge. Just lots and lots of practice!


Q. Your long-term preparation strategy for GD/PI
Read newspapers every day, make a note of articles you feel are important or you are unaware of. Research them online. Keep tabs of the latest ongoing in the Indian economy, politics and global dynamics. Be thorough what you write in your profile. It is important to know every word you write on your CV. Practise talking with confidence and fluently, in front of a mirror and correct your own mistakes. Take mock GDs and PIs and get external feedback as well.


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Q. Your advice for MAH CET 2014 Aspirants
You should know your fundamentals. CET questions are easy and do not require brilliance. You just have to be smart, choose the right questions to attempt, attempt them quickly and accurately, and you can easily sail through. Keep solving papers and analyzing mocks diligently. That is the only strategy!


MAH CET 2014 Result
The dates of MAH CET 2014 results are not announced yet but MAH CET 2014 result is expected to be out in April 2014 as per last exam trends. will keep you updated about MAH CET 2014 result dates.


The next article in this series will be an in depth Expert article on different sections of MAHCET 2014 preparations.


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