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Updated on December 28, 2013
India, which had an active workforce of less than one million people at the time of independence, has developed the human resource to 448 millions
India, by the year 2020 is expected to add about 250 million to its labour pool at a rate of about 18 million a year

The set of individuals who make up the workforce and begin contributing to the national income directly or indirectly become the country’s human resource. India, after independence made it known to the world by including this important factor in the constitution as one of the directive principles of state policy. With a vast land mass, population and natural resources India is blessed with a huge population and efforts have been on to convert this mass as an invaluable asset in the form of human resource.


The saga of Human Resource Development in India


The development of human resource is key to the development of a nation. Education is the first step towards Human Resources Development (HRD). With the development in science and technology, the tasks connected with various types of productive activities became to require certain skills which were not possible without getting a specific level of education.


Skilled manpower combined with education can do magic for any economy and may eliminate the poverty. The successive governments of the post independence India have been emphasizing on increasing the literacy rate and decreasing poverty hand in hand.


Realizing the need for skilled man power India marched on the path of all round progress after independence. Infrastructural development in the form of establishing world class engineering and technical institutes like IITs, Regional Engineering colleges, medical colleges, banking and financial institutions, Management colleges, Training institutes in mineral rich areas, gems and jewellery, textiles, science and space, nautical and aeronautical engineering to name a few has been consistent process. These temples of education and training have brought out the finest quality human resource, the demand for which is constantly rising around the world.


As a result India, which had an active workforce of less than one million people at the time of independence, has developed the human resource to 448 millions. The need however, is for more employment generation to meet the requirement of this huge human resource.

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Global presence of Indian HR


Human resource, educated and trained in India is considered better and more skilled that can create miracles at a low cost. From making a super computer the access to which was denied by USA to launching of ‘Mangalyaan’ at a meager cost of Rs.450 bn ($73 million) as against the NASA’s cost of $671 million for Maven satellite are a few  examples of feats achieved by Indian Human Resource.


Growth is the best antidote to poverty and with a vast population of near about 1.2 billion India has a rich human resource involved in many sectors thus empowering and steering the country’s economy forward. The biggest challenge before India is to leverage the huge skilled natural and human resources to ensure rapid economic growth. Skilled personnel contribute to efficiency, growth, increased production, improved quality and market reputation of the organization for which they work and also the country.


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The role of India’s human resource in country’s development


Since last two decades India’s human resource has made its presence felt not only in the country but across the world. The world recognizes India as one of the most exciting emerging economies of the world. In the last few decades it has become a global hub of outsourcing. The Indian firms like Airtel, Tata, Reliance etc are spreading their wings globally through mergers and acquisitions. The country’s vast human resource has played a great role in establishing country’s global presence in the last few years. Growth in inputs and factor productivity has also played a decisive role.


Human resource is the backbone of any country’s development. Properly trained and highly skilled human resources are perceived as the greatest asset of an organization or a country.  Riding on its Human Resource powerhouse, India, by the year 2020 is expected to add about 250 million to its labour pool at a rate of about 18 million a year. This ‘demographic dividend’ has been drawing a new interest in the Human Resource concepts and practices in India.


Integrated development is always the cornerstone of the growth process based on development. With technological advancement India has gone places. The cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad have emerged as technological hubs and the country’s human resource has played a big role in the technological advancement of both the cities.


In the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon etc the real estate boom has also seen the massive involvement of the laborers from the country’s hinterland in building high rise buildings and big state of art shopping malls. The labour force from the interior rural areas is playing a big role in the development of the big cities and their infrastructure while getting better pay packages that enable them to develop their offspring as future human resource.  The cities being developed on the pattern of America’s Silicon City are the places where more skilled IT professionals sharpen their skill. 


Conclusion- the journey needs to continue


A country like India needs to exploit the massive HR to its best. The awareness is to be increased that the people of the country should become valuable resource. The growth process should be based on the integrated development of the citizens. All relevant instruments and agencies contributing to or responsible for growth should be integrated in order to ensure rapid development. There are still many things to be done in the areas of removing illiteracy and poverty which will directly help in creating more and more skilled professionals thus creating more and more skilled human resource for different sectors.



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