IIM A, IIM K, IIM I, IMT Ghaziabad use Case study in GDPI round; How to solve Case study

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February 27, 2014
IIMs and other top B schools are using Case Study for their final admission round. Institutes test the decision making powers of the candidates based on their communication and effective leadership skills.
Top rated B schools like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore and IMT Ghaziabad conduct case study in final admission round

Top rated B schools like IIM Ahmedabad – IIM A , IIM Kozhikode – IIM K, IIM Indore- IIM I and IMT Ghaziabad conduct case study in final admission round either in the form of WAT or in the form of Group discussion based on the caselet. A caselet offers an opportunity to the MBA admission aspirant to logically approach the problem, diagnose its causes and outline the course of action to arrive at the desired results. Institutes test the decision making powers of the candidates based on their communication and effective leadership skills.


Example of a Case study held in February 2014 in a top B school


Session- Morning


Reporting time- 8.30 Candidates started coming from 8.00 A.M. onwards. Those who reported late by 15-20 minutes were also accommodated.


Required documents for verification- This process takes around 40 to 45 minutes.


1. CAT/XAT/GMAT (as applicable) score card


2. One filled up registration form with one photocopy of the same filled up form


3. Original degree and marks sheet of graduation, 10th and 12th. No photocopies are required.


4. Original work experience documents. . This process takes around 45 minutes  


Number of groups formed for different case studies- 8 groups. Every group had 12 to 14 aspirants


Case Study: Suppose you are an employee of XYZ info system and joined 6 months back. There is an important assignment which is to be submitted by a colleague today. But that colleague is on emergency leave and he has done the same thing twice in last 3 months. You also have to attend an important family function. What will you do?


GD on case study - 4-5 minutes were given to think and present the views and ideas to find out the right course of action. Number of candidates had wayward thoughts and presented negative as well as positive course of action after reading the caselet. A few of them were –


1. Five candidates had the following thought process in GD on case study: Not recommended


Report the matter to the manager to find out some alternative resource to submit the assignment


2. Four Candidates presented the following in GD round: Not recommended


Since the employee is new and has no knowledge of the assignment, he should ask for leave as it is quite possible that the colleague went on leave due to incomplete assignment. The employee should call for action against the erring colleague.


3. Four candidates opined as under in GD: Not recommended


Report the entire matter to the manager, ask him to call the colleague who is on leave and allow the employee to go early and attend the family function about which the manager had already been informed. The submission of assignment may also be extended by a day or two as the colleague will come on duty by then. Besides he has no knowledge of the work so it was not possible for him to submit the assignment


4. One candidate had following in mind while presenting the GD after studying the case let: Highly Recommended


Approach to solve the caselet or casestudy




1. Emergency leave by the employee who had knowledge of the assignment;


2. Employee in question is new and knows nothing about the assignment;


3. Deadline for submission has arrived


Constraints of the issue


1. How to get the assignment submitted on deadline


2. Ways to have knowledge of the same


3. How to contact the colleague who knows more as he has done such work twice




i) Contact and get the colleague presented to submit the assignment


ii) Contact the Manager and explain the situation since you have to attend a function also


iii) Try to study, understand and contact the colleague by other digital means to know about the assignment as similar situation could emerge in future also


Analysis of alternatives


1. Had it been possible, the person could have come. He might be severely sick; out of station or there could be any other issue with him.


2. It will create a bad impression of yours and your team leadership. You will be treated as a person not sincere towards safeguarding the company’s interests nor a supporter to your team


3. A little effort will make you shine. You may be late for the family function but you can explain all this because you are discharging your duty with sincerity and that’s the purpose of your joining the organisation.


Case study: Final Course of action suggested


i. Study and understand the assignment; contact the colleague over phone, e-mail to know the intricacies of the assignment.


ii. Prepare the final document study it once again


iii. Call over phone to your family that you will be late for the function. Explain the reason in brief.


iv. Also inform your Manager about the situation and assure him that you would present it well.


Implement the decision-Submit the assignment well with the best of your ability.

Result- The problem raised in case study stands resolved with right approach. You will earn appreciation and better future prospects as well. Your Manager will have more confidence in you and you will also become more confident. Your colleague will respect you more. You will have satisfaction which you will share with your family who will definitely like their sincere member.

Feedback- Case study was a little intricate one. Out of the 14 candidates, 13 had thought process which could have deterred the Company’s interests. Only the candidate at serial number 14 presents the course of action that would safeguard the company’s interests. No knowledge of the assignment because of being new is no excuse to shed the responsibility. No other resource was available for submission. He handled the situation well despite the fact that he had an important family function. He has the leadership qualities and innovative ideas with positive attitude. He will prove an asset to the company and will become an efficient manager. Highly recommended.


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