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March 4, 2014
With MAH CET 2014 just 11 days away, gives you some expected questions and tips to crack quantitative aptitude section of MH CET 2014
There are around 47 to 50 questions on Quant and data sufficiency, 20 questions in DI, 45 and 25 questions LR & visual reasoning respectively.

MAHCET 2014 aspirants have 11 days left for this another important management entrance test called Maharashtra Common Entrance Test or MAH CET 2014, which can open the gates of good B schools for them across Maharashtra. The most beneficial part of MAH CET 2014 is that it will not only provide admission to Maharashtra domicile candidates but also to outside Maharashtra candidates.

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Level of questions in MH CET Quant – (LOD) 

Quantitative aptitude in MAHCET can be expected from easy to moderate difficulty level. All questions will be doable, though many questions may involve some tricks but an aspirant with basic conceptual clarity will be able to solve these questions.

What to prepare & how to prepare for MAH CET 2014

There are around 47 to 50 questions on quantitative ability and data sufficiency. Around 20 questions can be expected in data interpretation part and 45 and 25 questions may come in logical reasoning and visual reasoning respectively.

So we need to prepare smartly. Since the paper contains 200 questions in 150 minutes with no negative marking, one must mark answer for all the questions without wasting any second. If you are not able to solve a question, you can guess and pick the most appropriate option rather than leaving the question un-attempted.

Important topics in MH CET 2014 Quant

Geometry - Lines, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, Mensuration (area and volume of cylinder, cone, sphere).

Algebra- simple equations, inequalities, simple functions and log

Arithmetic- Average, Percentages, Ratio, Interest, Time- Speed & Distance and Work,  problems on basic Number System and Probability.

Here are some sample questions on various topics which figure in the exam.

Arithmetic- It may have major part in QA and DI section.  

1. Percentage: It is one of the most important topics of Arithmetic. It is used for comparison of two or more items. Data Interpretation may also consist of questions on Percentages.

Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below:

Number of Six Different Models of TVs Produced by a Company over the Years

(Number in Thousands)


YEAR                A        B       C        D       E         F      TOTAL
1993              248    140     85      139     95       86       793
1994              252    139     90      162     110     80       833
1995              260    145     92      146     112     75       830
1996              256    138     96      145     108     68       811
1997              272    165     110    148     107     95       897
1998              280    152     112    152     125     112     933

Q.1. In which of the following years was the per cent increase/decrease in the production of model F from the previous years the maximum?
(1) 1998 (2) 1997 (3) 1994 (4) 1995 (5) 1996

Q.2. The total production of models C and E together in 1993 was what per cent of the production of model C in 1994?
(1) 100 (2) 50 (3) 200 (4) 150 (5) None of these

Q.3. The production of model A in 1995 was approximately what percentage of the total production of all the models together in that year?
(1) 40 (2) 35 (3) 25 (4) 30 (5) 20

2. Ratio: Another important topic from arithmetic section. Questions on this topic may be asked as under:

Q4. When (2/5) th of a filled up tank was emptied 1800 litres of liquid was remaining in the tank. How many litres of the liquid, was removed from the tank?
(1) 720 (2) 4500 (3) 1200 (4) 8100 (5) None of these

Q5. In a certain class the ratio of number of boys to that of the girls is 4 : 5. If five girls are shifted from this class to the other how many boys should be added or removed to make the ratio 1 : 1 ?
(1) Cannot be determined (2) 4 boys should be removed (3) 5 boys should be removed (4) 5 boys should be added (5) none of these

3. Time Speed & Distance: Question on TSD may be like this:

Q6. If a car takes 40 minutes to cover a distance of 34 kms. What is its speed per hour?

  • 45 kms. (2) 50 kms. (3) 51 kms. (4) 61 kms. (5) None of these

Geometry is another important topic. Questions will be easy on geometry, if you are well prepared with basic concepts.

Q7. The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular field is 5:3. If the area of the field is 375 square metres, what is its perimeter?
(1) 85 metres (2) 80 metres (3) 100 metres (4) 120 metres (5) None of these

Q8. The perimeter of a circle is 18 units more than the area of a right-angled triangle. If the base of the triangle is 6 cm more than the radius of the circle and the radius is 2 times the height of the triangle, what is the area of the circle?
(1)88 sq. cm. (2) 616 sq. cm. (3) 308 sq. cm. (4) 176 sq. cm. (5) 693 sq. cm.

Number System:
Q9. If m = 1.5 and n = 2.5, what is the value of 4m2 + 4mn + n2 =?

  • 16.00 (2) 15.25 (3) 14.50 (4) 30.25 (5) None of these

Q10. The sum of a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the position of the digits of that number is 66. What is the sum of the digits of that number?

(1) 11 (2) 4 (3) 8 (4) 9 (5) None of these

Answer Solutions:

Q1. (2) Maximum percentage increase= [(95-68)/68]*100
Q2. (3) [(85+95)/85]*100 = 200(approx)
Q3. (4) (260/830)*100 = 30 (approx)
Q4. (3)Using percentages we can get the answer.
Q5. (1) We can solve it easily by using ratio and proportion. Let boys and girls are 4x and 5x. So, (4x+y)/ (5x-5) = 1:1. As this equation consists two variables so we cannot find the value of y.
Q6. (3) Converting the minutes into hours and then using Time, Speed and Distance formula.
Q7. (2)It is based on simple geometry. After equating the area, we will get the sides of the rectangular field.
Q8. (2) It’s based on simple geometry.
Q9. (4) It becomes (2m+n) ^2. And now putting the values of m and n.
Q10. (5) Take a two digit number ‘xy’.

Key Guidance tips for MAH CET 2014 aspirants

MAH CET 2014 aspirants should focus in next 10-12 days on the topics and sub topics as discussed above. Since questions in Quant need more practice and are sometimes based on a combination of different sub topics or concepts, it is advisable to attempt as many practice questions on varying concepts.

Quant concepts for all the examinations are more or less same. It will be better to get the attempted questions analysed by experts and get the confusions cleared and errors rectified.

Avoid beginning new and difficult to understand type of topics now for the MHA CET 2014 exam.  It will be better to strengthen your strong areas and revise the formulas in this short period before the final exam day of MAH CET 2014.

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