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August 12, 2014
CAT 2014 will cater to 7 older IIMs, 6 new IIMs and another 6 proposed IIMs from admission year 2015-16 apart from other top rated B schools.
There is a fair opportunity to get into an IIM through CAT 2014, the most sought after MBA/PGDM entrance test

Sounds so good! When you suddenly come to know that your cherished dream to get into an IIM is going to be a reality in 2015, doesn’t your heart begin throbbing faster! Well sure, yes and obviously it should be.

CAT 2014 is going to offer you more than what you expected in form of more intake in flagship PGDM programmes at more number of IIMs; increased CAT 2014 testing time; removal of time constraints in switching to sections; more choice of questions in the test; no botheration of self scheduling of test. So get ready, prepare well and get into an IIM in 2015-16 session, chances are more.

19 IIMs with more intakes

CAT 2014 will cater to 7 older IIMs, 6 new IIMs and another 6 proposed IIMs from admission year 2015-16 apart from other top rated B schools. Hence the seats stand increased from the admission year 2015-16. Government of India has announced opening of 6 new IIMs from admission year 2015-16. Registration and application process for the proposed new IIMs has also begun in CAT 2014 along with the earlier 13 IIMs.

So far 3300+ seats are available for admission in 13 IIMs in their flagship programmes. With the inclusion of 6 new proposed IIMs, one each in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh the intake will go well beyond 4000. There is a fair opportunity to get into an IIM through CAT 2014, the most sought after MBA/PGDM entrance test which paves way to admission in an IIM. 

Opportunity to turn your dream into a reality

So how can you turn your dream into a reality now, much depends upon you. If you are smart enough to grab the opportunity which has come your way with a bounty, nothing prevents you now to get into an IIM except for the fact that a little more focused you should be. 
Scoring a high percentile in CAT 2014 is the bare minimum requirement to remain motivated and hopeful of getting shortlisted by IIMs for second phase of admission 2015. There is leverage also with increased number of seats in IIMs which has kindled hope within you to consider the best option of pursuing an MBA/PGDM from an IIM.  

100 questions in CAT 2014 to choose from

CAT 2014 has arrived not only with more seats but also with different testing pattern and time frame. You will have more questions on same topics to select from and that too without any sectional time restriction. 100 Questions in CAT 2014 instead of 60 in earlier CAT years are proposed.  You will have more questions on more topics prescribed in the syllabus; this will help you exercise more choice options while selecting the questions. Now you will have the liberty to choose from 66% more questions to score a high percentile.

IIMs look beyond CAT 2014

Remember, IIMs look beyond your high overall percentile in CAT before offering you admission. Still high CAT 2014 percentile will be the foremost requirement to get shortlisted for second phase of admission round.

A candidate should also qualify on the IIMs’ prescribed standards, to get shortlisted after scoring high percentile in CAT 2014. CAT although offers yet more opportunities of admission in IIMs but to convert the call in final admission round, one should also get into the merit on specific weight age which facilitates the offer of admission in IIMs.

Your knowledge, intelligence and smart way of attempting the test can get you a high overall as well as high sectional percentile to get you shortlisted and then convert your call to an IIM of your dream.

The Icing on the Cake

The icing on the cake is IIMs would welcome you if you have all the following with you.

3 years work experience

A work experience of 2-3 years is considered the best period as IIMs give maximum weightage to the professional experience of 3 years.

The first shortlist after calculating the CAT 2014 percentile will also be based on the weightage for work experience.

The calculation by IIMs goes as follows:  Pre PI score for Work Experience = 5x/36 if 0 < x < 36; = 5 if x >= 36. Work experience up to July 31, 2014 is to be calculated and the calculation should be done in months. Maximum weightage of 5 to 8 will be awarded for the work experience of 36 months. Quality of work experience will also be considered to award this score upto 10.
Your Academic profile; the gateway to IIM
All the IIMs prefer a candidate who has a very good academic record right from 10th standard. IIMs award points on a scale of 100 in a range of 8 to 20 for scoring high marks in 10th, 12th and graduation.

For example IIM-Calcutta awards maximum 10 points each for more than 80% marks in class X and XII which make it 20 out of 100 while the maximum weightage for CAT percentile is 77 to shortlist a candidate for GDPI. If you have a good academic record, you stand better chances of admission with high CAT 2014 percentile.

Know what extra you have

Package and present your written and verbal communication skills well. Try to groom them up. Don’t get confused and have clarity and confidence on what you speak and write. IIMs need such candidates who can develop good managerial skills, the ones who have clarity of thought and can write well, can convey the message in their writing piece with no ambiguity.

IIMs would welcome you if you have good knowledge and intelligence and are smart enough to project yourself by highlighting proven and fact based leadership skills.

Prepare well for high percentile in CAT 2014

Hard preparation with or without a drop year for CAT 2014 with dedication is what you have been doing. You should continue moving on the same path.  It will surely bring the desired fruits in CAT 2014.  All this preparation methodology is meant to score high in CAT 2014.

Make it a target to score a high balanced sectional percentile along with a high overall percentile. 

An average or above average percentile in one section and very high in another section may increase your overall percentile but not the sectional percentile which you need badly.

You are supposed to focus on both the sections and secure high percentile in each of them, please remember. Since the shortlisting criteria of IIMs need high percentile in both of thesections, you should aspire for it.

IIMs are waiting, work in the right direction and crack CAT 2014 to get into the IIMs offering the never before offered options.

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