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September 18, 2014
Despite full 56 days available for the CAT 2014 registration process, it appears that the registration number has not reached the expected mark
With barely 12 days to go for the last date of CAT 2014 registration, the last lap should attract more registrations.

CAT 2014 Registration with many ‘aspirant friendly’ changes opened on August 6, 2014 and is scheduled to close on September 30, 2014. Despite full 56 days available for the CAT 2014 registration process, it appears that the registration number has not reached the expected mark. Although registration figures have not officially been made available by IIM Indore or the testing agency TCS, the overall scenario indicates the dip in number in comparison to CAT 2013 registrations. This is despite the fact that registration for six more IIMs, announced in the Union Budget 2014 by the Government of India has also been opened with CAT 2014.

With barely 12 days to go for the last date of CAT 2014 registration, the last lap should attract more registrations.

Early registration days: Handful of registrations

CAT 2014 aspirants have found the registration process more ‘user friendly’ as the guidelines are more clear and substantial changes have also been incorporated in the registration process for CAT 2014. All the required details and instructions to complete the registration process are available on CAT 2014 site and the three steps registration process is free from any technical glitches. Those who have kept the required information ready, the registration process for them has not taken much time. The check list and process for registration till CAT 2013 was different but CAT 2014 has modified it.

Despite all the aspirant friendly changes and modifications in the registration process in CAT 2014, there was less number of registrations during the month of August 2014. The dip it appears is caused due to the fact that the aspirants who register during the 56 days registration window will be treated at par in CAT 2014 as against the earlier CAT years’ registration process when the aspirants could select the test date, city and test centre along with the preferred session. There was always a fear of not getting the preferred test centre and session, if the registration process was not completed early.

Since CAT 2014 doesn’t allow any self scheduling of the test and the aspirants will be informed of the test date, one of the 3 preferred test cities selected by the aspirant, test centre and the test session by the testing agency TCS on October 16, 2014, there is no fear of not getting the preferred test city or centre now if you do not register early.

Last Lap: 12 days to CAT 2014 Registration

High number of registration is expected during the next 10-12 days left for CAT 2014 registration process. CAT 2014 site states “Exam date and the shift (forenoon or afternoon) will be allocated for each registered candidate based on the city preference made at the time of application. Candidate cannot select shift or test date.”  Great rush is expected in the forthcoming days of CAT 2014 registration. And because of this great rush, you may face more technical problems at the eleventh hour. The piece of advice therefore, is to apply for CAT 2014 within next 3-4 days without waiting for the last moment.

Please remember CAT is the most favourite management entrance test and despite all the changes it is expected that the registration figure will touch 2 lakhs of aspirants by September 30, 2014. 

Complete the Registration process in one go

Following are the key points to follow to complete the registration process in one go and feel free to focus on preparation and practice for CAT 2014.

- Aspirants should read the instructions at the start of the form before they begin filling the information. They can Save and exit the form any number of times to edit and complete it later or can Save & Continue each section till they submit the application. Better is to complete it in a single sitting

- If mandatory information is not filled or the required Certificates are not uploaded, candidate will not be allowed to continue. Besides after clicking on submit button, changes to any information provided on the application form are not possible. A candidate can only print or save the form from the website after that. So keep all the required details with you

- CAT 2014 has placed the exercise of making the on-line payment as the last step of filling up the form. This change will enable the aspirants to review the accuracy of the filled up details in their application form before making the payment

- Once you create a profile after login as new user on ‘Register now’ and receive your system generated User ID and Password as SMS and on mail, next login should be as ‘existing user’ with the received ID & Password

- In a few minutes of submitting the Registration Form, you will receive a User ID on the registered email with the subject line CAT 2014 Login Details. Ensure to check your mailbox immediately and in case you don’t find it there also check the spam mail.
- Keep the entire information ready before filling up the application form

- The work experience is to be entered in completed months until 31st July 2014

- You can revisit the form several times and complete it in steps. If the information is kept ready, complete it in one go

- You will not be allowed to continue, if mandatory information is not filled or the required Certificates, scanned images of photographs, signature are not uploaded

- If you forget your password, you may click on the Forgot Password button on the ‘Existing User login’ window. The new password will be sent on email, and not as an SMS.

-  Once you have completed the last section, i.e. Payment, your application to CAT 2014 is considered complete and you will receive a confirmation mail. After this, changes to any information on the application form are not possible

- You will be required to enter the programmes for which you wish to be considered for admission after CAT 2014. The programme names and institutes have already been displayed in the notification.  To avoid any confusion and time wastage, write down the details so that the same can be entered quickly.

- There will be an option to select cities for your next phase of admission round i.e. GDPIWAT after CAT for the said programme. You will be required to select the city from the drop down menu.

- There is no more self scheduling of test. Now you are required to enter the 3 preferred test cities out of 99. So make sure about these testing cities and then enter the same from drop down menu during registration process. The test centre, date and session shall be advised to you on October 16, 2014 with your admit card which will be available on your email. 

Would IIMs extend the CAT 2014 registration date?

Probably no, nor it has happened earlier. Going by the CAT reputation, change in last date of CAT 2014 registration is very difficult. Since it is not for the one individual IIM or any other B school, the policy is decided at the apex level. There may be a dip or increase in registration number, but it may not be possible for the IIMs to extend the last date of CAT 2014 Registration unless the situation is so demanding and the decision is taken at the highest CAT 2014 convening body with a nod from the apex authority. Such changes also raise many eyebrows which CAT 2014 may not like.

Another fact is that the competition in CAT every year is among top 25-30 thousand candidates. Rest despite getting a good percentile, don’t get IIM, SPJIMR, MDI, FMS, IMT, IMI, BIMTECH, TAPMI or any other top rated B school. Registration number has already crossed 1 lakh mark, so CAT 2014 may not consider extending the last date of registration.

On the same note, the registration figure for CAT 2014 has not yet reached the CAT 2013 registration mark, although more MBA aspirants are preparing for various MBA entrance tests. This is despite the fact that the registration process along with the test pattern in CAT 2014 stands substantially modified. Number of positive modifications in CAT 2014 registration process like time constraints in filling up the registration form; payment of registration fee in the end; choice of 3 preferred cities for test; more number of IIMs have not facilitated very large number of CAT 2014 aspirants.

Last chance to register: Ascertain the eligibility

CAT 2014 aspirants should satisfy the following eligibility criteria and keep their marks, percentages, CGPA ready with them before proceeding for registration process in next few days.

- The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA 

- Candidates appearing for the final year of bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification examination and those who have completed degree requirements and are awaiting results can also apply. However, necessary eligibility certificate from the Head of the institution should be submitted by June 30, 2015.

- The candidates belonging to categories for which seats are reserved need to note and read the eligibility requirements carefully before applying.  No change in the category will be entertained after the closure of registration window. Hence, applicants are advised to give attention while registering.

- A copy of the Reserved Category certificate(s) must be uploaded at the time of CAT Application online. Failure to upload a copy of the caste/class certificate will result in the rejection of your CAT registration.

Don`t miss the opportunity

CAT 2014 provides the opportunity for the MBA/PGDM aspirants to appear in the first modified CAT 2014 exam and compete for more number of  seats in IIMs and other B schools. In view of Prof S K Agarwal, Verbal Ability expert on CAT preparation, the difficulty level in CAT 2014 is also expected to be lower than the earlier CAT exams.

Candidates shouldn’t miss the opportunity of getting into IIMs in 2015 and should register at the earliest possible.

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