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October 10, 2014
CAT 2014 registration process as promised by Convener CAT 2014 Dr Rohit Kapoor, reopened at 00 hrs today the October 10, 2014
"Don't panic, servers are designed to take care of the load" Dr Rohit Kapoor, Convener CAT 2014

In a bid to reassure the aspirants and defusing all the CAT 2014 aspirants’ apprehensions whether the CAT 2014 site will remain accessible till the last minute of registration process on October 10, 2014, Dr Rohit Kapoor has exclusively shared the message for CAT 2014 aspirants with “Don't Panic, servers are designed to take care of the load”.

Now the candidates planning to register and apply for CAT 2014 today till late evening may not have to worry about the inaccessibility or crashing of CAT 2014 site due to the last minute heavy rush. The site will hopefully be not only accessible but is expected to work even faster.

Registration opened at 00 hrs

CAT 2014 registration process as promised by Convener CAT 2014 Dr Rohit Kapoor, reopened at 00 hrs today, the October 10, 2014. had already suggested the CAT 2014 aspirants to go for registration and also complete the application process as soon as possible to avoid the last minute rush.  Thousands have so far registered and the number is expected to cross the registration data of CAT 2013.

No technical glitches anticipated

With the reassurance from CAT 2014 convener that there wouldn’t be any last minute technical glitches in completion of  registration and application process even till late evening on October 10, 2014, no technical problem is anticipated till the closing hour of CAT 2014 registration process.  The registration process for CAT 2014 will remain open till 23.59PM today. No further chance for registration is anticipated and those who wish to appear in CAT 2014 can avail this last opportunity. team has also been checking the quick accessibility of CAT 2014 registration site periodically since 00 hours after midnight and has found that the same is working fairly well.

 In case the site goes inaccessible

By any chance, despite all the clearance of confusions, the site goes inaccessible CAT 2014 aspirants do not have to be panicky. Relax!  just close the Internet browser  for a few minutes and then reopen it. However please ensure that you are using the correct version of the recommended Internet browser

Use correct browser

According to CAT 2014 conducting IIM Indore  “The Registration/Application form is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.”  It therefore requires ‘Internet Explorer  7,8,9; Mozilla Firefox 14 to 28; Google Chrome 20 to 33’ as recommended in CAT 2014 registration process guidelines. Hence please check whether you have one of the above internet browsers working well.

Fill in the details correctly

The registration opportunity for CAT 2014 will last for few hours only and not for many or few days. You should be cautious enough to fill in the correct details as after submitting the registration/application form and after making online payment it will not be possible for you to edit/modify the details. Sharing the important aspect Dr Rohit Kapoor advises the CAT 2014 aspirants “Please fill your application form correctly."

Since today is the last and only day to comple and submit the CAT 2014 registration/application, no further registration opportunity will knock the door again and you will have to wait for another one year to appear in CAT 2015.  In a few hours from now the opportunity will be gone, so better to hurry up and apply for CAT 2014 after going through the registration guidelines well.

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