CAT 2015 Convener IIM Ahmedabad to promote `Make in India`; introduces compulsory courses

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Updated on April 22, 2015
IIM Ahmedabad has changed its PGDM 2015-17 curriculum by introducing compulsory courses in place of electives
IIM Ahmedabad now plans to focus more on entrepreneurship and as such would make courses on `Entrepreneurship` as well as `Design thinking` as compulsory ones

In a bid to promote and contribute to the vision ‘Make in India’ the CAT 2015 convener Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad has changed its PGDM 2015-17 curriculum by introducing compulsory courses in place of electives.  Review Committee at IIM Ahmedabad arrived at the decision after consulting all stake holders which included detailed interviews with students, alumni, corporates, faculty at IIMA and other B schools.


IIMs are considered the flagship institutes offering quality management education. During their placement season year after year, even the top visiting recruiters feel proud when they get prized catch from these B schools. A good percentage of students after completion of their management programme switched to entrepreneurship ventures than joining a company while some of the pass outs preferred to go to foreign countries to shape their future.


To promote and inculcate more Indian entrepreneurship culture among its students, IIM Ahmedabad has done away with a few of its traditional electives in PGP 2015-17 and has finalized to replace them with such curriculum that could bring the ‘Make in India’ vision a reality.  


Traditional courses cut back


IIM Ahmedabad has cut back on traditional programmes like finance, operations and marketing as the strategy to revamp the curriculum of its management programme.


More focus on human resources is proposed to make the PGP programme more inclined towards ‘Make in India’. The changes are proposed to make the programme more innovative to enable the students to open up their thinking capacity.


Compulsory courses introduced


For the PGP 2015-17 batch freshers, IIM Ahmedabad is going to offer compulsory courses instead of electives. PGP students shall have to go for Entrepreneurship programme; Environment sustainability; design thinking; managing global organizations and Government Systems and processes.


This will bring about management expertise to manage problems the indigenous way and will encourage PGP students to focus more on exploring entrepreneurship opportunities instead of moving out of the country.   
Speaking on one of the compulsory courses, Prof G Raghuram of PGP Review committee and faculty at IIM Ahmedabad says “The government systems and processes of India are far more complex than other leading countries. That is why, we have introduced it and made it a compulsory course"

IIM-A:Beginning with 2 courses


There will be 2 compulsory courses in the beginning at IIM Ahmedabad. Both of them are the most preferred ones to accelerate the vision of ‘Make in India’ to take shape. The first one is Entrepreneurship and other one is design thinking. Till now courses on entrepreneurship and designing were elective. IIM Ahmedabad now plans to focus more on entrepreneurship and as such would make courses on ‘Entrepreneurship’ as well as ‘Design thinking’ as compulsory ones. In view of Prof Raghuram Management student should also know the products and process which are included in Design thinking. 

IIMA: The CAT 2015 convener


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad in partnership with the CAT testing agency TCS will be conducting CAT 2015 in the months of October/November 2015. Sharing the information, the sources have categorically stated that instead of assigning the responsibility of conducting CAT 2015 to any other IIM, it has been decided that the no.1 ranked IIM Ahmedabad should carry on the process of conducting CAT 2015.


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