Christened as IIM Amritsar, new IIM all set to commence PGP batch 2015-17; classes by IIMK faculty News Desk |
May 8, 2015
IIM Punjab has been christened as IIM Amritsar and is now all set to commence academic session in July 2015
IIM Amritsar will kick start the academic session for flagship PGDM/MBA batch 2015-17 in the month of July 2015 with an intake of 60 students

In accordance with the tradition that an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) should be known by its city and not by its state, IIM Punjab has been christened as IIM Amritsar and is now all set to commence academic session in July 2015. IIM Kozhikode has been assigned the responsibility to mentor IIM Amritsar till it becomes fully functional in its permanent campus. As such students opting to study at IIM Amritsar for first few years will have the learning experience from the highly ranked IIM Kozhikode faculty.

Temporary & Permanent campus finalized 

IIM Amritsar will commence operation from from the Government Polytechnic College campus situated near Guru Nanak Dev University. For the next 3 years at least till its permanent campus with all necessary infrastructure is ready at Awan village near Ajnala, the B school will continue operating from Government Polytechnic.

IIM Amritsar has been allotted more than 100 acres of land at Awan village for the permanent campus. Village Awan lies in Ajnala sub division of Amritsar and is about 35 Km away from Amritsar. The village has a distance of 32 Kms from Sri Guru Ram Das ji International Airport located near village Raja Sansi in Amritsar. Other airports like Pathankot and Satwari have a distance of around 85 Kms.
The campuses were finalized in consultation with the mentoring IIM Kozhikode and modifications suggested by IIMK are being carried out. A separate block at Government Polytechnic has been earmarked for IIM Amritsar. Education in Punjab is sure to get a boost in Management education with the establishment of IIM Amritsar. Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar Mr. Ravi Bhagat has been appointed the nodal officer for IIM Amritsar.

First batch with 60 students

IIM Amritsar will kick start the academic session for flagship PGDM/MBA batch 2015-17 in the month of July 2015 with an intake of 60 students. In the forthcoming years the intake may increase gradually.

Candidates who appeared in CAT 2014 and had opted to be considered for admission in proposed new IIMs were shortlisted for Personal Interview round. Those who have appeared in Common Admission Process (CAP) 2015 and have been selected for admission or even waitlisted could be considered for admission for PGDM batch 2015-17 at IIM Amritsar.

IIMK faculty to teach at IIM Amritsar

Despite all the distance from South to North, the mentoring IIM Kozhikode faculty has geared up to impart teaching at IIM Amritsar. This will enable the students at IIM Amritsar to have the great experience of pedagogy and all the best teaching practices of IIM Kozhikode which is one of top rated B schools in the country.

With IIM Kozhikode at the helm of affairs students seeking admission opportunity in IIM Amritsar can be assured of a very good learning experience. At present IIM Kozhikode has 64 full time faculty members with 700 students. The teacher student ratio at IIM Kozhikode could be considered as one of the best since there is one full time faculty for every group of less than 11 students.

As a mentor institute, the faculty members from IIM Kozhikode are supposed to travel to IIM Amritsar to conduct classes.
IIM Kozhikode to bear expenses

IIM kozhikode, the mentor IIM for IIM Amritsar will bear expenses on establishing and beginning the academic session of IIM Amritsar. In fact the proposed cost of operation to be incurred by IIM Kozhikode on IIM Amritsar for about 3 years is to be forwarded to MHRD. The amount will be reimbursed to IIM Kozhikode later.

IIM Amritsar: In search of faculty/student accommodation

The 3 storey temporary campus of IIM Amritsar at Government Polytechnic is not equipped with sufficient accommodation facility for students and faculty. According to Mr Pawan Kumar Singh the nominated officer for IIM Amritsar they are making efforts to find suitable accommodations for the students as the hostel facility at present is limited.

How does the mentor IIM Kozhikode propose to reduce the fatigue caused to its faculty by commuting between IIMK and IIM Amritsar is to be seen.  The flying and road distance time to commute between both the IIMs might cause fatigue to the faculty and might reflect on their teaching. One of the solutions to the problem is the design of curriculum for IIM Amritsar in the way so that the IIM K faculty could stay a bit longer at IIM Amritsar instead of  travelling back to home institute in a day or two.
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