MBA Abroad: How to choose the most preferred destination among Singapore, China and Hongkong

Thursday, June 11 2015
Singapore has gained a reputation for educational excellence and has been ranked as one of the best Student Cities by several ranking groups
Singapore has long been a favourite for MBA abroad aspirants from India while China and Hong Kong are rapidly becoming popular

Singapore, China and Hong Kong are the most preferred destinations for candidates aspiring to pursue  MBA from Asia. Singapore has long been a favourite for MBA abroad aspirants from India while China and Hong Kong are rapidly becoming popular and one of the emerging MBA destinations among international students.

Quite often we receive queries on whether an applicant should opt for Singapore or should opt for China? We always point out that the answer lies on the career interests and career goals of the applicant.
Apart from being cheaper than any other western destinations, with the growing business needs of Asia, business schools in Singapore, China and Hong Kong are highly in demand.

MBA from Singapore

Singapore has several competitive advantages that position it well as a global education hub. These include strong ties with the west, a strategic geographical location, a vibrant business hub and a safe and cosmopolitan environment. Singapore has gained a reputation for educational excellence and has been ranked as one of the Best Student Cities by several ranking groups. Studying in Singapore brings an MBA candidate closer to the vibrant job market. English is the language of instruction as well as the mode of communication in day to day life which makes the market easily accessible.

As per policies of government funded institutions in Singapore, foreign students can stay and work in Singapore for 3 years upon graduation which means graduates have better chances to explore various career opportunities.

MBA from Singapore opens door to the Asian market and an international career

Singapore is home to the Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, INSEAD (Singapore Campus). Business schools in Singapore offer international business education with a deep focus on Asian markets. Programmes are affordable and shorter in duration and are unique blend of eastern and western markets.  Singapore is the ideal destination for MBA abroad aspirants who thrive to have a stronger understanding of the Asia-Pacific business scenario with an eye for an international career.

MBA from China and Hong Kong

Hong Kong and China are growing out to be popular MBA destinations as they are the gateway to the Asian-Pacific market. Hong Kong is the largest source of foreign direct investment for China whereas China is the second largest source of inward direct investment for Hong Kong. As such both are highly popular and international candidates willing to explore the unknown business cultures of both the destinations are increasingly opting to study in China or Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is located on China’s south coast and is one of the world’s leading financial centers. It is recognized as a major business center, financial hub, shopping paradise and a tourist destination. It is regarded as the gateway to mainland China. An MBA in Hong Kong also provides a platform to develop your knowledge of the Asian markets.  China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

How to Choose the best

You are the one who is going to invest your money, time  and energy  to pursue your dream MBA at one of the best B schools in any of the 3 countries. The choice obviously is yours. Now the important part is how to decide in favour of the country and the B school of your choice.

To arrive at the decision and making a choice among top few B schools in Singapore, China and Hongkong, there are number of parameters. However, let us have the details about these B schools to help us how to zero in the top MBA destination which is most suitable to us.    

Top MBA Programmes in Singapore, China & Hong Kong


Programme Duration

Tuition Fees


Admission Dates

Programme Start Date

Ranking by Financial Times



10 months


1- 3 years work experience
Min GMAT of 680+

 March 4, 2015
 April 22, 2015
 June 17, 2015
 Aug 5, 2015




17 months

SGD 58,000

2 years work experience
Min GMAT 600

Oct 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015;
Feb 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015; 




12 months

S$55,000 (excluding GST *)

2 years work experience
Min GMAT 600

Admission deadlines have been extended upto 31st May, 2015

End of July



12 months

S$62,209.80 including  GST *  $58,140 excluding GST

2 years work experience
No min GMAT

 28 Feb, 2015
18 July, 2015
30 Oct, 2015





16 months

HK $545,000

2 years work  experience
Min GMAT 600

Application rounds for 2016 will open during Aug-Sept 2015 and will end in March 2016.




14 months


2 years work experience
No min GMAT

Admissions for the 2015-16 intake are open on a rolling basis. Application deadline is on 30 April 2015




16 months


3 years work experience
No min GMAT

Nov 15, 2014
Jan 15, 2015
Mar 31, 2015
April 30, 2015




18 months


 2 years work experience
 Min GMAT is 600

Nov 5, 2014
Jan 14, 2015
Mar 23, 2015




2 years


3 years work experience
Min GMAT is 600

Dec 5, 2014
March 13, 2015
May 8, 2015
June 26, 2015



*GST above implies Goods and Service Tax

Make a judicious choice

It becomes tough for an MBA abroad aspirant how to choose the preferred country at the outset and then the preferred B school as number of good options are available in Singapore, China and Hongkong.  Following could be the suggested important parameters to choose one of the 3 preferred MBA destinations while planning an MBA abroad.


The most important factor while planning to pursue MBA abroad study in any country is to check whether the program is accredited. If the institution or the program is not accredited by an International Accreditation Agency like Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB); European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and/or Association of MBAs (AMBA), your degree might not get good recognition by number of organizations around the world or even in your own country and potential employers.


An MBA abroad aspirant should select the B school according to his own area of specialization wherein he/she wants to pursue the MBA abroad dream. Applicants should do a proper research on the curriculum and make sure that your intended area of major is available.

Admission Statistics

Prior to applying, MBA abroad aspirants should try and research on the previous admission statistics of the B-schools. B-schools in Singapore are very competitive and a good homework will be an aid to your admission process.

Fee structure

If you have to pay more and gain less at the end of the day, it is no use pursuing MBA abroad. So check for the fee structure and anticipated Return on your investment (ROI).  It is of utmost importance to know whether the country and the B school would offer to you what you need.

Career Opportunities

Students especially the candidates who are pursuing their dream of studying MBA abroad must gather a good amount of information about the post MBA career opportunities. Applicants must communicate with the University regarding the placement/employment information.


A well placed alumni base could be the important criteria to select the preferred MBA destination. It becomes a mile stone and guiding star for MBA abroad aspirants who are planning to study in Singapore, China or Hongkong.

Taking the final decision

China has a completely different business culture and ethics. By doing an MBA from China you have the opportunity to establish a Chinese network necessary for better business careers. International candidates doing an MBA from China are regarded as highly skilled and in demand among companies seeking to establish firm grounds in the growing Chinese economy.

Top MBA programmes in China and Hong Kong include Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) China Europe International Business School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Antai) and Fudan University School of Management.

Singapore one of the most preferred MBA abroad destinations for the students from all over the world and more particularly from India and other Asian countries has many USPs as a country and as an MBA abroad destination.  Despite being a smaller country than India, Singapore has highly ranked globally preferred B schools.  One of the highly civilized and well governed countries of the world, MBA abroad aspirants will find MBA education at Singapore B schools as affordable, easy to follow as English is the language of communication, carrying great ROI with good career prospects and the life at Singapore without discrimination.  

Some of the top rated B schools offering quality MBA programmes at Singapore are Singapore Management University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business; Nanyang Technological University’s Nanyang Business School (NTU-NBS) and National University of Singapore (NUS). These are some of the B schools where more MBA abroad aspirants seek admission year after year.
Mark your preferences

MBA abroad aspirants should choose the preferred MBA programme according to their choice and inclination to get specialization in particular field. In case all the B schools are considered equal, look for the culture, the cost and other USPs of the B school. .

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