IIM Visakhapatnam: PGP 2015-17 Admission Process closed Aug 27; to commence classes in September


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August 28, 2015
IIM Visakhapatnam completes its admission process on August 27, 2015 after releasing the admission offers, acceptance to which is supposed to be submitted by August 31 on the B-school website
Classes for IIM Visakhapatnam are to begin in the month of September 2015 with 70 students in the Andhra University Campus

IIM Visakhapatnam completes its admission process on August 27, 2015 after releasing the admission offers, acceptance to which is supposed to be submitted by August 31 on the B-school website. The acceptance fee for the course is also to be submitted by the said date for earlier admission offers. Overwhelming acceptances from PGP 2015-17 aspirants in response to the admission offers issued on August 24, 2015 have been received at IIM Visakhapatnam website.  In case, a few of the candidates do not join the programme, next list of admission offers will be released, if required. To facilitate the process of admission at IIM Visakhapatnam, the B-school also proposes to keep a wait list of candidates ready.

4 days to submit the acceptance
PGP 2015-17 aspirants who were issued admission acceptance offers by IIM Visakhapatnam have 4 days from Aug 27 to Aug 31 (Both the days inclusive) to submit their acceptance. Those who complete the exercise in time will now have the opportunity to be a part of maiden PGP 2015-17 batch at IIM Visakhapatnam.

Extended waitlist at IIM Visakhapatnam
IIM Visakhapatnam proposes to prepare an extended waitlist, in case the existing waitlist in any one or more categories is exhausted. The candidates in the extended waitlist will be informed through email about their waitlist position. Please remember that the extended wait list may or may not be acted upon and the candidates falling in this list will be called for admission, only if required.

Lower CAT cut-off attracted more
Unlike other newest IIMs, IIM Visakhapatnam declared lower CAT cut off with 90 percentile for admission to PGP 2015-17 and going by the trend of applicants confirming their interest the B-school must have got the full intake capacity of 70 students filled.

While other newest IIMs had set their CAT 2014 cut off percentile to 96.3, it resulted in lesser turn out of candidates in many of them like IIM BodhGaya where the maiden batch is still striving for candidates to complete the intake of 60 students. The unique strategy at IIM Visakhapatnam to keep the admissible minimum CAT cut off to 90, resulted in more applicants, although real cut off has gone much higher.

Although the shortlisting criteria for eligibility considered for admission to Post Graduate Programme in Management, 2015-17 based on CAT 2014 cut off at IIM Visakhapatnam reduced the requirement of overall percentile but higher sectional scores were required to apply for admission to IIM Visakhapatnam. Candidates not meeting the eligibility criteria were not sent any communication.

Shortlisting at IIM Visakhapatnam
The shortlisting criteria for IIM Visakhapatnam is different as adopted by other newest 5 IIMs

Minimum CAT-2014 Percentile for the first shortlist (2015)*





General Merit




















* These cut-offs are not for admission offers whose scores could be much higher.

Although IIM Visakhapatnam needed a lower overall percentile of 90 but requirement of sectional  percentile of 85 in VALR section in CAT 2014 was higher as compared to other new IIMs who need 96.3 OA and 80 as sectional.

Faculty at IIM Visakhapatnam from top B-school
IIM Visakhapatnam is mentored by IIM Bangalore and will retain this status for next 3 years, at least. On the top of it not only the programme design and curriculum of IIM Visakhapatnam will be from its mentor IIM, the faculty to share the world class learning experience at IIM Visakhapatnam will also be drawn from IIM Bangalore.

During the mentorship period and while IIM Visakhapatnam's own faculty are recruited, faculty members from IIM Bangalore will be delivering courses at IIM Visakhapatnam. This may include a few visiting faculty selected by IIM Bangalore to meet their exacting standards. The overall design, quality and delivery of PGP will be to the standards and with direct involvement of IIM Bangalore. Candidates going to join IIM Visakhapatnam should expect to see some of the best faculty members in the country today.

High placement opportunity at IIM Visakhapatnam
IIM Bangalore proposes to carry forward its legacy in placement at IIM Visakhapatnam. According to IIMB, ‘IIM Bangalore’s Career Development Services (CDS) Office will oversee placements of IIM Visakhapatnam during the mentorship period.’ 

The students at IIM Visakhapatnam in the first and subsequent PGP batches can hope for a very good placement as happened at IIM Bangalore with high placement packages the students have received in 2015.
Classes for IIM Visakhapatnam are to begin in the month of September 2015 with 70 students in the Andhra University Campus.

The foundation stone for the permanent campus of IIM Visakhapatnam was laid by Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani on January 17, 2015 at Gambiram village, about 25 km from Visakhapatnam. Since it would take a few years for the campus to be ready in the meantime classes will be conducted from Andhra University campus from the 2015-16 academic year.

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