IIM Indore: shortlists 90 percentilers in CAT 2015; academics awarded 76 percent weightage; check if you are the one


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January 23, 2016
IIM Indore has shortlisted around 5000 candidates for an intake of 450 plus in PGP 2016-18 by awarding 76% to academic profile and only 21% weightage to CAT 2015 score
The minimum required CAT 2015 overall percentile score to get shortlisted by IIM Indore is 90 while the minimum required sectional percentile is 80

Brightening the chances of admission opportunity in PGP 2016-18 batch, IIM Indore has shortlisted candidates who have scored 90 and above percentile provided they have excellent academic profile. It is a unique opportunity for the candidates who have scored low percentile but have scored 90and above percentage of marks in class 10 and 12 to get into IIM Indore in 2016.

Shortlisting more than 5000 CAT 2015 high percentilers in a range of 90 to 100, IIM Indore has awarded only 21 percentage weightage to CAT 2015 scores while shortlisting the candidates for 2nd stage of admission round. IIM Indore apart from having its campus at Indore also conducts PGP at its Mumbai campus. The shortlists of candidates for both the campuses have been announced and can be viewed at IIM Indore. The WAT & PI round is proposed to begin in the month of February 2016.

Only shortlisted ones to be communicated
According to IIM Indore, Candidates short-listed for WAT & PI for admission to the PGP of IIMI (2016 – 2018 Batch) will receive our official communication through email. However, candidates who have not been short-listed will not be sent any communication’.

No regret letter
IIM Indore does not propose to send any regret letter to the candidates who have not been shortlisted. Only the shortlisted candidates will be intimated regarding the date and venue for the WAT & PI round for PGP 2016-18 admissions.

In case the CAT 2015 test taker has not been shortlisted, the message on IIM Indore website will be ‘Sorry! You have NOT been short-listed for Written Ability Test (WAT) & Personal Interview (PI) for IIMI’s Post Graduate Programme in Management for 2016-2018 Batch’.

7 venues for WAT & PI
IIM Indore will conduct Written Ability Test (WAT) and personal interviews for admission in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi only. However, IIM Indore reserves the right to change the centres at any time if the situation so warrants.

5000 shortlisted for 450+ intake
A good number of 450 candidates are going to be offered admission by IIM Indore in PGP 2016-18 batch. The minimum required CAT 2015 overall percentile score to get shortlisted by IIM Indore is 90 while the minimum required sectional percentile is 80.

In fact IIM Indore has awarded higher weightage to academic profile than to the CAT 2015 score to shortlist the candidates for 2nd stage of admission round.  If you have a very good percentage of marks in class 10 and 12, IIM Indore will award 76% weightage to your academic profile as against only 21% weightage to CAT 2015 scores.

Shortlisting criteria applied by IIM Indore
Shortlisting the candidates at IIM Indore is not based only on CAT 2015 scores.  Apart from CAT 2015 scores a candidate is required have excellent academic profile to get shortlisted for final admission round at IIM Indore.

The cut off CAT 2015 percentile in the shortlisting of candidates, even if it is high at IIM Indore has been caught up with excellent academic scores. With a view to increase academic excellence in its class rooms, IIM Indore has announced award of higher weightage to excellent academic profile than to CAT 2015 scores.

There is a diversified weightage to class 10 and class 12 marks in the shortlisting criteria for PGP 2016-18 batch. While the maximum weightage of 36 points has been awarded to the Class 10 marks the weightage to class 12 marks is 40 percent on a scale of 100. But no weightage has been awarded to the excellent academic profile in graduation.

IIM Indore is the only Indian Institute of Management that has announced highest weightage for academic excellence in calculating the composite scores to shortlist the candidates for 2nd  stage of admission round.

Academic Profile awarded higher weightage
Candidates will be shortlisted for WAT & PI stage on the basis of composite scores which will be arrived at by accounting for the academic profile alsoThe Composite Score therefore is calculated on the basis of CAT 2015 score, academic scores, and gender diversity.


Weightage formula

10th Standard/SSC score

36* [zcandidate-zmin]
       [zmax – zmin]

12th standard/HSC score

45* [zcandidate-zmin]
       [zmax – zmin]

There will not be any weightage to the academic scores beyond class 12. In fact candidates scoring percentage of marks above 85 can get a good weightage in the computation of composite scores.

Weightage to CAT 2015 score
Weightage to your CAT 2015 scores will be computed as follows- 21* [candidate’s CAT overall score / highest CAT overall score]

Those who have not scored a high balanced percentile in the 3 sections in CAT 2015 may not expect to be shortlisted by IIM Indore unless they have excellent academic profile. The prescribed minimum CAT 2015 cut off percentile overall as well as sectional shared below indicates only the threshold limit below which IIM Indore will not consider the candidates for admission to its flagship PGP Programme 2016-18. Apart from this the candidate with slightly low percentile but excellent academic record will be preferred to be shortlisted to the candidate with high percentile but average academic profile.

Category of the candidates to be shortlisted

 VRC Percentile
In CAT 2015

DILR percentile
In CAT 2015

Quant percentile
In CAT 2015

Overall qualifying Percentile
In CAT 2015


























Weightage to females 
IIM Indore will award a weightage of 3 points to female candidates only to ensure gender diversity while shortlisting the candidates for PI stage. No weightage to male or transgender candidates will be awarded.
 The computation is as follows: Gender Diversity Factor (GDF)
= 3 for Female Applicants
= 0 for Other Applicants

How to calculate your maximum score
Composite Score = Sum of the above scores (Max 100) is the formula to arrive at the maximum score.  Please note that  Zcandidate, Zmin, Zmax for 10th and 12th Standard are computed using the normalisation process.

IIM Indore: Key facts
IIM Indore (IIMI) is headed by its well learned Director Prof Rishikesha T. Krishnan. Since its inception in 1996, IIM Indore has been acting as a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government sector and PSUs.  IIM Indore has a campus at Mumbai also with good infrastructure with all facilities available worthy of an IIM. 



Flagship programmes:   


Acceptable Exam scores:    


Fee Structure:     

Rs.13 lakhs

Average Placement 2015:  

Rs.14.3 Lakhs

Minimum threshold CAT cut off percentile:  


Apart from flagship 2 years full time Post Graduate Programme in Management(PGP) at its Indore and Mumbai campus IIM Indore offers following management programmes - Fellow Programme in Management (FPM); FPM Industry; Executive PGP(EPGP);  EPGP-E-Governance; 5 year integrated programme in Management. A few other MDP and certificate programmes are also conducted by IIM Indore.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGP) a flagship programme of IIM Indore, is a  2 year full-time residential programme. The PGP issued by the Indian Institute of Management Indore is recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as equivalent to M.B.A. Degree of an Indian University.

IIM Indore proposes to offer admission to the candidates finally selected for PGP 2016-18 in the first week of May 2016.

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