IIM Visakhapatnam Admission criteria 2016: Weights for class 10 & 12 higher than CAT 2015

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Updated on March 14, 2016
IIM Visakhapatnam has announced the PGP 2016-18 admission criteria involving 6 components with less weightage to CAT 2015 scores
Measuring on a scale of 100 IIM Visakhapatnam has already covered 71 points for 6 components in the second stage of shortlisting for WAT & PI round and only 29% remains to assess the performance in WAT and PI round

Last but not the least, IIM Visakhapatnam mentored by IIMB has announced the PGP 2016-18 admission criteria involving 6 components with less weightage to CAT 2015 scores.

Candidates have eagerly been waiting for the announcement of admission and selection criteria of IIM Visakhapatnam as there has not been any clue so far to the shortlisting and selection criteria for this newest IIM. The anxiety was more since out of the 6 new IIMs, 5 have already announced and moved to finalise their admission process for PGP 2016.

5 new IIMs already going through the admission process
3 IIMs namely IIM Amritsar, IIM BodhGaya and IIM Sambalpur decided to participate in the Common Admission Process (CAP) 2016 coordinated by IIM Kashipur and would make final admission offer on the basis of CAP 2016 merit list.

2 other new IIMs namely IIM Sirmaur and IIM Nagpur have already announced their respective admission policies and propose not to conduct PI/WAT round although academic profile, gender diversity, work experience will be taken into account apart from CAT 2015 scores before making final admission offer.

IIM Visakhapatnam: Not to follow peers
With the announcement of its shortlisting and selection criteria, IIM Visakhapatnam has clarified its intention that it is not going to follow the footsteps of its peers and will go through the entire selection process for which its mentor IIMB is renowned.

3 Stage selection process
IIM Visakhapatnam proposes to adopt a 3-phase selection process and accordingly these selection criteria are applied in three phases. The selection process, parameters and weights used are uniform for all categories of applicants. Sufficient candidates will be short listed at each stage in each category to meet the reservation requirement for each group, as applicable at that time.  According to IIM Visakhapatnam “The admission process seeks to identify the most promising candidates for the PGP batch of 2016 for IIMV. IIMV uses multiple parameters, namely academic performance in 10th standard examination, 12th standard examination and Bachelor’s degree examination, candidates’ scores in CAT, as well as performance in Personal Interview and Writen Ability Test to judge the suitability of candidates for the PGP program. Relevant work experience, if any, is also given weight in the selection.”

The first phase process is applied to all eligible candidates who appeared for CAT 2015 and have applied for IIM Visakhapatnam to determine those qualifying candidates who will be called to reconfirm their interest for admission to PGP 2016-18 of IIM Visakhapatnam.

The first short list of candidates is based on candidates securing minimum section-wise and aggregate percentile scores in the CAT. Candidates obtaining a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of CAT-2015 will only be considered. All the subsequent processing, standardization and selection is limited to candidates belonging to this first short list alone. This means that the CAT 2015 score alone (for candidates who have applied for IIM Visakhapatnam) is used as the basis for arriving at the first short list.

The percentile cut-off scores used for CAT 2015 for first shortlist at IIM Visakhapatnam  are as shared below


Minimum CAT 2015 percentile for shortlisting, section-wise


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3



























QA=Quantitative Ability; DILR=Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning;   
VARC=Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Reconfirm interest for IIM Visakhapatnam April 15 onwards
Please note that these cut-offs are not for admission offers whose scores could be much higher. All candidates in the first shortlist that will consist of the candidates who have applied to IIM Visakhapatnam and also meet the minimum percentile requirements, would be receiving an e-mail from IIM Visakhapatnam around 15th April 2016, with a link to a web page where they must reconfirm, by a stipulated date, their interest to pursue their candidature further for the admission to PGP 2016-18 at IIM Visakhapatnam.

Only those candidates who meet the minimum CAT 2015 percentiles requirements and have reconfirmed their interest, by the stipulated date, for admission to PGP 2016-18 of IIM Visakhapatnam will henceforth be referred  as Qualified Confirmed Candidates for the 2nd phase of admission process.  These candidates only will be considered in Phase 2 of the admission process.

Low weightage to CAT 2015 scores
A 20 point weightage will be  awarded for performance in CAT 2015. The weight  is not very high as compared to other components. However IIM Visakhapatnam proposes to award this weightage dividing it among all the 3 sections of CAT 2015 exam.

The 20 points for CAT are derived from the performance in each of the 3 sections as follows Quantitative Aptitude (QA) - 5 points; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) - 8 points; Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VRC) - 7 points.

25 points weightage to Class 10 & 12 marks
Weightage for class 10 marks is 15 and for class 12 marks it is 10. For all the 1st stage shortlisted Candidates, the candidates' percentage scores in the 10th and 12th board exams are initially adjusted by dividing each such score by the 90th percentile score obtained in that board.

The database of 10th and 12th scores of all CAT applicants of the past two years is used for identifying the 90th percentile score for each 10th and 12th board for this purpose.

15 point weightage for graduation marks
A weightage of 15 points will be awarded for graduation marks at the second stage of admission process at IIM Visakhapatnam.  Final scores obtained by the candidate are used for the bachelors' degree and professional degrees.  Incomplete or intermediate scores are considered only if the candidate's final score was pending. Hence, for final year bachelor's degree candidates, at the time of CAT registration, their incomplete graduation score would be taken in lieu of final graduation score. Graduation scores are adjusted within their respective categories. This gives the adjusted score for the bachelor's degree for all Qualified Confirmed Candidates.

CA/CS only eligible for weights under Professional course
Candidates with Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting, and Company Secretary certifications are eligible for weight under professional course. No other professional course is eligible for weight under professional course. The professional course score is also standardized for all Qualified Confirmed Candidates.

10 Point weightage for work experience
The 10 points weightage awarded for work experience will peak at 36 months work experience and will remain at that level for candidates with work experience exceeding 36 months.

The score/weight for work experience is calculated as: Score for Work Experience = 10x/36 (if 0 < x < 36) = 10 (if x >= 36) Where x is the months of work experience up to September 2015, as captured in CAT application form (and substantiated in the application to IIMV).

The maximum of the work experience score and the professional course score is considered for selection under a common weight of 10 for work experience or professional course – since both provide professional work experience relevant to a management programme.

1 point weightage to Gender Diversity
Female Candidates will be awarded 1 point weigthage  at the pre-PI rank list for interview shortlisting. It will not be applicable for phase 3 of the admissions process i.e. at the time of final offers of admission.

Final shortlist for WAT & PI round
All the Qualified Confirmed Candidates with the weighted aggregate of the six components namely work experience or professional course; CAT 2015 percentile; 10th board; 12th board; bachelors and gender diversity will be used to prepare a pre-PI rank list based on which a second short list of candidates is prepared. The next phase of admission round will assess the candidates through personal interview and written ability test.  IIM Visakhapatnam proposes to shortlist sufficient candidates for the personal interview & written ability test.

The normalization or standardization in any of the above components will be carried out as per the following formula - Standardized score (truncated between 0 and weight (wt)) is computed from the raw score (val)as: Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean)/ sd) * wt/6}].

Details on the process WAT & PI round are proposed to be announced by IIM Visakhapatnam by April 15, 2016.

71 points covered by 6 components; PI-WAT left with 29
Measuring on a scale of 100 IIM Visakhapatnam has already covered 71 points  for 6 components in the second stage of shortlisting for WAT & PI round and only 29% remains to assess the performance in WAT and PI round. It is also possible that there may not be much consideration of the weights of other 6 components and only WAT & PI would play their role at the final admission round.

Will IIMV increase intake?
IIM Visakhapatnam had an intake of 60 students in its maiden PGP 2015-17 batch. However, the first batch is running short of 6 students at IIMV as there are 54 students studying at the new IIM. It appears IIM Visakhapatnam may not increase the intake for its second PGP 2016-18 batch.

IIM Visakhapatnam: Fee structure
The tuition fee for IIM Visakhapatnam is slightly higher than other new IIMs. It is Rs. 10.5 lakhs for 2 years and may be revised further. It is the highest fee structure among the 6 new IIMs launched in 2015. Other IIMs have a fee structure between Rs.9 to 10 lakhs. Leading banks routinely offer educational loans at concessional terms as per Govt. of India guidelines for all IIMs including IIM Visakhapatnam.

IIMV Hostel
The temporary campus at IIM Visakhapatnam is not equipped with on campus hostel accommodation and candidates shall have to move to off campus hostel accommodation. While IIM Visakhapatnam operates from Andhra University campus, it has arranged the hostel accommodation at Falcon’s Nest Plot No 27/28, Ramaraju Nagar, Near Prasanthi Nagar Pedda Waltair, Visakhapatnam-530017.

100% Summer placement
IIM Visakhapatnam is the first among the 6 new IIMs that started operation in 2015 to achieve the summer placement for the entire first batch. None of the other IIMs have reported any placement so far. 
Summer Placement season for the first batch PGP class of 2015-17 of the Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (IIMV) successfully concluded with 33 companies recruiting all 48 participating students from the batch of 49, while one student opted out to pursue a startup effort.

IIM Visakhapatnam came into being in 2015 as one of the 6 IIMs announced in the Union Budget 2014. While 5 of the 6 IIMs got finalized in the Budget 2014, the fate of IIM Visakhapatnam took the final shape in the Budget 2015 till then it remained a Government Ordinance entity. IIM Bangalore is the mentor IIM to IIM Visakhapatnam. Classes at IIM Visakhapatnam are held at the temporary premises allotted to it at Andhra University campus and will continue at the temporary campus till the 300 acre campus of IIM Visakhapatnam gets ready.

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