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April 25, 2016
FMS Delhi has maintained the legacy of declaring the MBA admission result on the last day of PI round with 487 waitlisted candidates many of whom can expect to get final admission offer after May 16
List of selected candidates declared by FMS Delhi also consists of many candidates who have already been selected by IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta and these candidates may not join FMS Delhi

Maintaining the legacy of publishing the admission result on the last day of PI round, FMS Delhi declared a list of 216 provisionally selected and 487 waitlisted candidates spread in different categories on April 18, 2016 within few hours of completion of PI round for MBA 2016-18 batch.

Offering full time MBA at the lowest tuition fee of less than Rs. 25000/- for 2 years and in return giving you a domestic placement with a reputed recruiter with a salary package as high as Rs.66 lakhs and with an average salary of Rs.20.5 lakhs, FMS Delhi has again hit the top news by publishing the MBA admission 2016 result in less than 5 hours after completion of PI of last candidate.

Dr M L Singla, Dean FMS Delhi proudly dedicates this legacy of fastest declaration of MBA admission result to the concerted efforts of all at the B-school and support from Delhi University. Sharing the key aspects, he says “It is sheer hard work of faculty colleagues with an objective of maintaining the legacy which got established way back in 1980s. The last candidate was interviewed at 1:50 PM on 18th April, 2016 and the first list was ready at 3:00 PM the same day. Thorough checking and diligence was done after that to announce the result at 5:45 PM. Support from University of Delhi, involvement of 100% of teaching faculty and the support staff helps us live upto the expectations of the candidates and their parents. And of course, there is a system in place.”

Main list with no extra candidate
With an intake of 216 candidates, the main list of selected candidates does not include any extra candidate in any category. If all the 216 selected candidates finalize their admission at FMS Delhi, none of the candidates from the waitlist of 487 candidates could find the opportunity to get admission in MBA 2016-18 batch at FMS Delhi. But the fact is otherwise and the dean of FMS Delhi and experts feel that number of candidates from the waitlist can get the final admission offer after May 16, once the admission process for the candidates in the main list is over.

7 top faculty sign the list to welcome newcomers
The authentication and finalization of lists of selected and waitlisted candidates at FMS, goes through a rigorous process which may not be visible at many institutes. According to Dr M L Singla Dean FMS Delhi, “Not many places where seven of the Senior Most Professors actually sign the Admission/Waiting List. But that happens at FMS. I see this as a sign of institutional convergence and sort of blessings to the newly recruited students for FMS as if stating, “Look we have collectively decided that you are the best and we offer you to join Brand FMS.”

Longer waiting list: An opportunity
Waiting list at FMS consists of 487 candidates this year. Last year this list had 379 candidates. The longer list is prepared foreseeing more candidates moving up to the main list. According to Dr Singla “Once the waiting list has been prepared, candidates are at least aware of their relative position and also the chances. For candidates paying up at various places, it is an expensive proposition. FMS is sensitive to that requirement of the candidates.”

Admission from Waitlist: Past experience
During the past years many candidates from the waitlist got the chance to pursue MBA from FMS Delhi and year 2016 is no exception. Accordingly longer waitlist has been prepared by FMS Delhi. Sharing the past experience Dr M L Singla Dean FMS Delhi says “In the previous years also since we share an overlap with the admission lists of other ranked institutions, churn is definite to happen, primarily because of individual preferences and perceptions. FMS is ready for it by displaying a longer waiting list.”

How many to get final admission offer
Adding further about the expected number of waitlisted candidates who could get admission at FMS, Dr Singla shares “In various categories, we have experienced varying numbers of candidates moving up in the waiting list. We are expecting as much as the main list to be climbing up from the waiting lists, but there is no certainty about the same.”

Expert view
In view of Prof S K Agarwal, expert on CAT preparation and mentor, higher admission opportunities in FMS MBA 2016-18 programme to waitlisted candidates would be available due to following reasons

Those got IIM A,B,C may opt out
The list of selected candidates declared by FMS Delhi also consists of many candidates who have already been selected by IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta and these candidates may not join FMS Delhi despite its very low fee structure and high RoI. For example candidates like Sanuj Mittal, Shreyansh Jain, Shubham Prakhar among many others who have received final admission offer from the older IIMs, may not prefer to join FMS Delhi although finally selected despite the fact that FMS offers world renowned MBA at lowest fee and highest Return on Investment.

25% may not join FMS
Out of 216 selected candidates there may be 20 to 25% in each category who may not join FMS Delhi and this will offer a good opportunity for the waitlisted candidates who may get admission offer after May 16, 2016, the last date for all the selected candidates to report and deposit the requisite fee of Rs.11000/- at FMS Delhi.

Chances exist for top ones
The category wise waitlists have the names of candidates in order of merit and not in alphabetic order. Accordingly, the top 25 candidates in General category, top 10 in OBC category, top 5 in SC category, top 3 in ST category, top 2 in CW and 1 in PWD category among the waitlisted ones may expect to receive the final admission offer from FMS Delhi in the 3rd week of May 2016.

Category wise waitlisted candidates


Number of waitlisted candidates











PH (All categories)


Top waitlisted candidates
In each category the details of top wait listed candidates are as follows

General category: Top 10 candidates
In order of merit following are the top 10 candidates who should expect to get final admission offer from FMS Delhi - Abhishek Thakur; Praneet Singh; Prerna Modi; Kolluri R V Sai Krishna; Shubham Gupta; Shreyansh Dangi; Nikhil Goel; Mahek; Mridul Maheshwari; Manfred Cardin

Top 5 waitlisted in OBC category
Zeenish Parveez Khan; Piyush Kumar; Mahajan Vineet Vasudeo; Tushar Singh; Kongari Rajashekar

Top 5 in SC category
Shikha Verma; Kanika Kanak; Vivek Kumar; Aashish; N D Rama Bindu

Top 3 in ST Category
Swarnima Dora; Ruchi Singh; Jayshree Dewri Bharali

Top 2 in CW category
Pulkit Kumar Singh; Shaleen Bangar

PWD category wait list
The 18 waitlisted candidates in PWD category have been divided in 3 categories 1,2 and 3. In case 1 or 2 out of provisionally selected 6 PWD candidates do not take admission in FMS Delhi, the B-school may finalize the next top candidate in the relevant PH category from which the candidate has opted out.

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi had announced the shortlist of 2157 candidates for extempore and PI round for MBA 2016-18 batch comprising for an intake of 216 students. The shortlist was announced on March 15, 2016 and the PI round that began on April 12 continued till April 18, 2016.

In contrast to other top rated B schools like IIMs who take around 1 month from the date of completion of GDPI to announce the final admission list, FMS Delhi announced the final admission list in less than 10 hours from completion of the final admission round.

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