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August 4, 2016
CAT 2016 convener Prof Rajendra K Bandi, faculty at IIM Bangalore shares the key aspects of CAT 2016 and the motive behind keeping the exam structure unchanged in the exclusive interview session with
Every question in CAT 2016 is carefully reviewed to ensure that it is academic and gender neutral Prof Rajendra K Bandi, Convener CAT 2016 & faculty IIM Bangalore

CAT 2016 follows the pattern of last year exam with the same structure. in order to help CAT 2016 aspirants to understand what exactly lies underneath the CAT 2016 notification got the opportunity to have a brief interaction with awfully busy CAT 2016 convener Prof Rajendra K Bandi, faculty and admission chair at IIM Bangalore.

In the exclusive interview session with after release of CAT 2016 notification on July 31, 2016 which has kept the exam pattern on the same lines as that of last year CAT, Professor Rajendra K Bandi, Test Convener and faculty at IIM Bangalore shares the key aspects of CAT 2016 and the motive behind keeping the exam structure unchanged.

A great academician, Professor Rajendra K Bandi is the Professor on Decision Sciences and Information Systems as well as Chairperson Admissions & Financial Aid at IIM Bangalore.

Known for his flair for research and writing, Prof Rajendra K Bandi has been keen on research. His research interests are ICT-enabled Relocation of Jobs; Social / Ethical issues in an ICT-enabled society; Measurement, Metrics & Software Engineering; Object-Oriented Technology and Reuse; Knowledge Management; Distance Learning & Appropriate Educational Tools.

Despite remaining short of time, Dr Bandi thankfully responded to Q&A session with when approached for a brief interview. It is noteworthy that Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore one of three top rated IIMs and the top ranked B school in NIRF Ranking 2016 is going to conduct CAT 2016 with Prof Bandi awarded the responsibility to convene the exam. The testing partner for CAT 2016 remains TCS. Given the fact that CAT 2016 exam structure has been kept on the same pattern, how do you propose to offer level playing field and make it an aspirant friendly exam?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener):  CAT aims to ensure that questions in the test, do not give any specific advantage to candidates from any specific academic background or for a particular gender. What steps are taken to keep question pattern in CAT 2016 not skewed to a particular academic background?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener):  Every question in CAT 2016 is carefully reviewed to ensure that it is academic and gender neutral. Any specific reason to keep CAT 2016 on the same pattern as that of last year?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener): we would like to see an increase in the number of applicants from the non-engineering background and from female applicants as well. Why IIMs need this diversity in class room?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener): We believe that having a good mix of candidates from both the genders, and from all academic backgrounds enriches management education. Do you think that registrations for CAT 2016 will cross the last year number of 2.18 lakh candidates
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener): We don’t specifically work towards increasing the number of applicants.  The credibility and utility of the test influence the registrations for CAT 2016. Is it true that good students coming to IIMs will be from engineering background?  
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener): Gone are the days, when the best students only opt for engineering education.  The reality today is that a number of bright students opt for a whole range of non-engineering disciplines as well and we would like to encourage more of these candidates to appear for CAT 2016. Since CAT 2016 has been shifted in the month of December, will it delay the admission process of IIMs?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener):  The difference between the schedules for CAT 2016 and CAT 2015 is just 5 days (December 4th this year vs November 29th last year), and there will be no delay in the admission process of the IIMs.  The results for CAT 2016 are also tentatively scheduled to be announced in the 2nd week of January, as was the case with CAT 2015 What is your message to CAT 2016 aspirants?
Prof Rajendra K Bandi (CAT 2016 convener): IIMs look for candidates with good competencies on all abilities.  You need to do well in all three sections of CAT; and remember that CAT score is just one of the many parameters considered for admission to the IIMs.

Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016 is the mandatory exam for admission to management programmes 2017-19 at 20 IIMs and other top B schools in India. IIM Bangalore is conducting the first computerized CAT in 2016 and proposes to make it one of the most aspirant friendly exam keeping both – MCQs and Non-MCQs in the exam.

Prior to 2015, CAT was divided in 2 sections but since 2015 there are 3 sections in the exam. Accordingly CAT 2016 will be divided into VARC; DILR and Quant sections. Each of the 3 sections will have to be solved in 60 minutes as such the total time limit is 3 hours. Registration for CAT 2016 will begin at 10.00 AM on Monday August 8, 2016 and will close on September 22, 2016 at 5 PM. The exam will be held on December 4, 2016 in 2 sessions in 138 test cities across the country. High sectional and overall scores in CAT 2016 can get you shortlisted for admission to one of your desired 20 IIMs.

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