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August 12, 2016
Many items in CAT 2016 registration process creating confusion among aspirants are answered by experts to ensure error free submission.
Instead of resorting to speedy or overconfidently filling up the registration and application form, without arranging proper information in order of instructions, completing the process item by item and page by page should be ensured

CAT 2016 registration process which opened on August 8 at 10 AM, has 2 parts comprising personal details and application details in 5 pages. Many items in CAT 2016 registration process creating confusion among aspirants are answered by experts to ensure error free submission.

Since the CAT 2016 registration process warns the aspirants not to make mistakes at various registration and application points as many details are not allowed to be changed later on, it is very much necessary to understand well before beginning the registration process. While the registration guide and video have been enabled by CAT Centre 2016, still there are points where students get stuck and are unable to move further on registration.

Prof S K Agarwal, expert on Verbal Ability and mentor on CAT 2016 preparation, while responding to various FAQs and queries advises aspirants to go through the necessary guidelines for registration and prepare a check list before beginning the process. This exercise is needed as not filling up the required information or filling up any wrong information may render the candidate disqualified even if he or she has secured a high percentile in CAT 2016.

Prof S K Agarwal, Expert on CAT preparation suggests that aspirants should patiently complete the entire registration process for CAT 2016. Instead of resorting to speedy or overconfidently filling up the registration and application form, without arranging proper information in order of instructions, completing the process item by item and page by page should be ensured.

If you read the guidelines gather the required information, prepare a check list of documents, you can complete the process in 15 minutes. But if you are not clear on any point, remain confused, do not understand the step by step process, forget even a single step or do not correctly fill in the required information, you are running the risk of losing your candidature as well as the registration fee paid to appear for CAT 2016 exam on December 4, 2016.

The expert responds to key queries and FAQs of CAT 2016 aspirants on all the important points as below-

Must Create Profile first
The first part of CAT 2016 registration is related to creating the profile and the process is very short and simple. On the homepage of CAT 2016 website, there is a simple icon “Register now”. It will ask you to insert your registration details like name, date of birth, email and mobile number. When you complete it, please check and then click on submit as later on you won’t be able to make modifications in your name and date of birth.

After submission, you will receive the necessary id and password for CAT 2016 registration immediately on your mobile as well as on your mail id.

How to write Name? Understand well
According to the instructions for CAT 2016 Registration process name of a candidate ‘should be the same as on your 12th/Diploma/Degree certificates’. You are therefore supposed to write your name as it appears on the prescribed document.

Many candidates have their surnames appearing before their first names in their 12th standard certificates.  Now the problems is whether to write the name in the order as given in the certificate or should begin with the first name. Since the name has to be as per the certificate, you have to abide by the guidelines.

In case of changed name…?
If you have a changed name, you may enter your changed name but you have to produce supporting documents for change of name at the time of examination, interview and admission.

Please do not write a name different from the one given in the prescribed certificate unless the supporting documents are available as it is fraught with the risk of not being allowed to appear in CAT 2016.

DOB from calendar icon
As per the registration instructions for CAT 2016, no amendment is possible in Date of Birth after making the payment for registration and clicking the  submit button. Format for filling up the date of birth is DD/MM/YYYY in CAT 2016 registration and a candidate is not required to write it since the calendar icon has to be used to select the correct date.

Got Your CAT 2016 ID & PW: Login as existing User
To login to next part of registration, please go to ‘Existing user login’ and use your CAT 2016 Id and password received by you from CAT Centre 2016 on your mobile and mail.

This part of registration and application for CAT 2016 consists of 5 pages

  1. Personal Detail
  2. Academics
  3. Work Experience
  4. Programmes
  5. Payment

 CAT 2016 has not asked for payment of registration fee before completion of registration and application form. The requisite fee of Rs.1700/- is to be paid online only after completion of CAT 2016 registration and application details.

Clarify all your Registration confusions
It is very much necessary that you are clear on what you have to fill in the CAT 2016 registration form and how to complete it. Petty mistakes can lead you to go for re-registration as your earlier registration will become invalid and you may have to shell out another chunk of Rs.1700/-.

Uploading Photograph & Signature
Upload the photograph and signature of required size in personal details section.  Scan the photograph and signature and then upload them. Check that the photo resolution is of minimum 150px.  CAT 2016 registration form wants you to upload your recent passport size photograph not larger than 80KB with dimension of 35mm X 45mm in .JPEG, .JPG formats.

The signature should be with the dimensions of 1000mm X 35 mm and the documents file format should be .jpg or .jpeg. The file size should not be more than 80KB. Suggestion is to put your signature on a plain white piece of paper in black ink. Scan the signature part only and get to the required size and then upload.

Uploading the documents
The required category certificates are available on the site. Download the Certificate from the CAT 2016 Website, fill, and get signatures of appropriate authorities, self-attest and scan as PDF document to upload. This is the prescribed process.

If you already have a certificate that fulfils the prescribed criteria, you may upload the same. Please cross check the details given in your certificate and the certificate on CAT 2016 site

a) The certificate should have been issued by competent authority.
b) The name of the caste and caste number should appear in the certificate
c) The Ministry's resolution/order number should be available
d) The certificate should be in Hindi or English only

How to convert Grades? 
If you have only grades instead of marks and percentage on your marks/grade sheet as many institutes/universities award grades only, you have to obtain a certificate from the Board/Institute/University specifying the equivalent marks which should be used for filling the online CAT 2016 application form.

Filling in the Work Experience 
The working professional finds it difficult to enter the relevant work experience. For example, if you are working in the Accounts & finance section of an Automobile company, what should you fill in - Finance or Automobile.

Think logically now. Although the company is an Automobile company, your experience is in Finance & Accounts. So, when you are asked about the area in which you are working, it is sure Finance but when you are asked about the type of company you are working in, it is Automobile. You should therefore select accordingly. The work experience is to be entered in months till July 31, 2016, please note.

Making Payment: Be careful and preview the data
Please preview the data that you have entered and ensure that entire information is error free. If you make the payment and submit there is no scope to rectify them.

Besides, it’s quite possible that at the material time of making payment for CAT 2016 some internet issue comes up or some wrong details are entered. The first step is to connect to your Bank and by the time you get your amount back, make the payment again with correct details to avoid the loss of opportunity

Register early; expert advice
Please also remember there is no use of waiting for the last days as it is possible that due to heavy rush during the last days of CAT 2016 registration, there may be some technical problems, to avoid it you should register and apply for CAT 2016 without waiting for the eleventh hour.

It will therefore, be better to register and apply for CAT 2016 by following the guidelines, paying requisite fee within next 2-3 days, instead of waiting for the eleventh hour if you wish to avoid last minute technical glitches in CAT 2016 registration site and getting your application fee stuck in transit.

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