MAT 2016: Mistakes you must avoid in PBT exam on September 4; last minute tips from expert


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September 3, 2016
MAT 2016 September paper based test is going to be held tomorrow on Sunday September 4 at 51 test cities across the country and 20000 candidates are expected to take this exam
MAT 2016 should be taken as a good practice exam without losing the high level of confidence as it can be detrimental to your journey to score high percentile and may be an obstacle to your success in the forthcoming exams

MAT 2016 September paper based test is going to be held tomorrow on Sunday September 4 at 51 test cities across the country. Probably more than 20000 test takers will take MAT 2016 in paper based format. Admit cards for the exam have already been enabled by AIMA for the exam. Now, the aspirants who have prepared well and wish to get admission in the B schools in 2017 through MAT 2016 September exam are getting a bit nervous and are under stress as less than 24 hours are left for the test to begin. Prof S K Agarwal mentor on MBA entrance preparation advises the candidates not to lose confidence and says “MAT 2016 should be taken as a good practice exam without losing the high level of confidence as it can be detrimental to your journey to score high percentile and may be an obstacle to your success in the forthcoming exams.”

MAT 2016 September exam is the gateway to MBA/PGDM programme offered by 164 participating management institutes in India. The test will comprise 5 main subjects on which questions will be formed. AIMA has also prescribed suggested time limit to solve questions in each of the 5 sections of MAT 2016 September exam. The test is designed to measure the test taker’s general aptitude.

Don’t feel pressure
In view of Prof S K Agarwal, Verbal Ability Expert and mentor on MAT preparation, Getting under stress is the biggest mistake that we make just before the exam and prepare ourselves ready to lose the race. His expert advice to the aspirants is not to worry about the outcome and keep your cool. And sure if you are positive, remain cool and calm throughout the exam, you can score high and remain motivated.

In fact MAT 2016 September exam would more prove to be a test of your wisdom than to be a test of your knowledge, if you attempt it intelligently without any pressure and avoiding the avoidable mistakes.

According to the expert, any feeling of pessimism or the stressful feeling, fearing some problems related to preparation, exam room strategy or unanticipated glitches just before MAT 2016 is uncalled for and unfounded. You must take the bull by the horn. Be confident and remain motivated, any dip in the confidence level at the eleventh hour may turn the tables against you.

Gather your documents
The admit card that you have downloaded for MAT 2016 September exam contains the list of necessary documents that you will have to carry to the test venue. Apart from this the Admit Card for MAT 2016 exam contains Candidate’s Name, Form No, Roll No, Test Date, Test Time and Test Venue Address.

You are supposed to reach the test venue latest by 9AM with your Admit card, Photo ID proof, Blue or black ball pen, HB pencils, eraser and sharpener. Duration of the exam is 10AM to 12.30PM. Don’t take any valuable material with you, as the mobile phones, watches are not allowed inside the test room.

Enter with open mind
Our suggestion is not to get biased or limit yourself in attempting the number of questions. You may or may not attempt all the questions in all the sections, given the time constraint or for fear of getting penalty for wrong answer. However, do not go with a biased mind that you will not attempt a particular question on a particular topic. It is very much possible that the question you face on the topic may be much easier and you may happen to crack it effortlessly.

Attempt judiciously
There is no need to take any question as a challenge as all the answers will carry equal marks. You have the liberty to move between the sections as there is no sectional time constraint, so you can maximise the attempts and solve the easier section first moving to the more difficult one.

There are candidates who begin well usually, with the first section in MAT. They consider themselves strong in the section and start from the very first question. They continue solving questions in the same section one after another without realizing that in their zeal to maximise the attempts, they are losing time rapidly. Later on, they have to struggle through a few very tough questions and it may take plenty of their time which may not be available then.

The other sections which you could not attempt so well despite having the guts may cast the penalty of low scoring. So don’t take any question as a challenge and don’t stick to one section only because you have pretty good idea about it.

Don’t study anything new now
Go easy for whatever you can learn, revise and practice, do that but something which might create confusion in your mind should be avoided at this moment. Remain calm and cool throughout the examination. Just relax and sleep well before the night of the examination.

Ensure to maintain Speed & Accuracy
If you mark one wrong answer, you will lose the credit for the question and will be imposed a penalty also, pushing you back in score. It is advisable not to waste time, In case you find the same beyond your reach. Switch over to next one. You may come back to it, if time permits.

If you find that you have zeroed in 2 answer options and have to choose one of them, give a few seconds to visualize and choose the preferred one. But don’t try to gamble and it will be better to skip the question.

Strategy in testing room
To avoid mistakes in MAT 2016, adopt the following strategy in testing room

-- Target high percentile to get an edge over your peers
-- Make 4 to 5 attempts per section. The best doable questions should be covered in the first attempt followed by more difficult questions.
-- Skip the questions which you do not find doable in the first instance. If time permits, come back to it.
-- Begin with the most favourite section. Also try to maximise attempts in last section as you may get tired by the time you reach the last section.
-- Don’t try to cram your head with the unknown type of questions that may cause fatigue.
-- Go to the examination hall with open mind to attempt any type of questions.

High scores in MAT 2016 September exam will boost your confidence level and will also allow you to assess how prepared you are for IIFT, CAT and SNAP which you may be taking in coming months. The high scores will also enable you to secure your admission opportunity in more than 300 good B schools in the country.

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