CAT 2018 Latest News & Updates: CAT Takes Smooth Start; 2.41 Lakhs vie for IIMs today

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Updated on November 25, 2018
CAT 2018 Slot-1 exam in the morning has begun on time at 9AM today on Nov 25 without any report of technical snag from the test centres. CAT 2018 exam is conducted in 147 test cities at 370 test centres across the country. So far there is no report of any major technical issue from the test centres. The fear of technical glitches and management problems at the test centres vanished when the first session of CAT 2018 began at 9.00 AM in most of the regions in the country
CAT 2018 Latest News and Updates

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis
Update on 25 Nov, 2018 - 2.25 PM

Here is the CAT 2018 Slot-1 exam Analysis. The CAT 2018 Slot 1 got over at 12.00 Noon. CAT 2018 slot 1 was more difficult than CAT 2017.

Check CAT 2018 Exam Slot Analysis.

While there was no surprise element in the test structure of CAT 2018 Exam Slot-1, it had number of changes as compared to last year. However, the overall exam pattern was same.

Latest Update: CAT 2018 Live! 9 A.M.

The CAT 2018 D-Day has arrived and the Slot-1 of CAT exam has started smoothly. CAT 2018 Slot-1 exam in the morning has begun on time at 9AM today on Nov 25 without any report of technical snag from the test centres. CAT 2018 exam is conducted in 147 test cities at 370 test centres across the country. So far there is no report of any major technical issue from the test centres. The fear of technical glitches and management problems at the test centres vanished when the first session of CAT 2018 began at 9.00 AM in most of the regions in the country.

Check CAT 2018 Exam Slot Analysis.

CAT 2018 exam is being conducted by IIM Calcutta in a single day in 2 sessions.

CAT 2018 Exam date: November 25, 2018

  • Slot-1 time: 9AM to 12Noon
  • Slot-1 reporting time: 7.30AM
  • Slot-2 time: 2.30PM to 5.30PM
  • Slot-2 reporting time: 1PM

Key highlights of CAT 2018 exam

  • No articles except Admit card and photo Id are allowed inside the testing room
  • Security check began at 7.40AM
  • 2.41 lakh candidates have registered for CAT 2018
  • Morning session attendance reports reflect around 10% less turn out of the test takers. The same trend is expected in the afternoon session.
  • This is the 4th CAT exam in a row and in the computerised format which is being conducted in a single day at such a large scale without any technical issue in conduct of the exam.
  • Shoes not allowed inside the testing room
  • Girls not allowed to wear Jewellery in the testing room
  • There was no tutorial before the exam.

CAT 2018 is convened by IIM Calcutta in partnership with testing agency TCS. The testing window for CAT 2018 has been kept to 1 day 2 sessions. Number of reports anticipated the technical glitches that could hamper the beginning of CAT 2018 exam but all such fears have been put to rest as CAT 2018 began with its pristine glory without any technical issues.

Candidates gathered at 7.30AM
Candidates gathered in good number at the CAT 2018 exam centre at Noida in the cool morning around 7.30 AM today on November 25, 2018 to brave the first session. The reporting time for CAT 2018 is 90 minutes before the beginning of the exam implying that the first session of CAT 2018 was to begin at 9.00 AM and candidates were asked to report at 7.30AM.

Candidates who arrived till 8.45 or even a little late were also frisked with security check and were allowed to enter the testing room.More Testing rooms were arranged in the examination centre to accommodate more number of candidates. Initially a long queue got formed before the security check point. However, it continued moving and by 8.30 the handling became smooth.  The on-set of winters also helped the candidates to continue standing and basking in Sun in the early morning without any complaints. 

Many Delhi NCR Candidates Disappointed
CAT 2018 exam takers from 10 cities in Delhi NCR feel that not due justice in allotment of test centre has been done. Earlier they could mark their choice of 4 preferred test cities out of the 10 cities located in Delhi NCR. But now, even if a candidate has been allotted the same test city as per his address marked in the CAT 2018 Registration Form, it is not necessary that he/she would have wanted to choose that test city as the preferred CAT exam centre could be in some other city. The Candidates from Gurgaon liked to opt for New Delhi, Faridabad, Palwal as other three preferred test cities. The candidates living in the border areas of Ghaziabad used to exercise their first option as Noida or Delhi followed by Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida.

However, more than 25 thousand CAT aspirants of Delhi NCR as 10 important cities in Delhi NCR, which used to be the CAT test centres for past many years, have lost their identity and are known as a single test city – Delhi NCR.

So, if you are a resident of Delhi, Mathura, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Palwal or any other city in Delhi NCR and wanted to appear in CAT 2018 you had only one choice of test centre – Delhi NCR as all the cities – big or small, have been clubbed as single test city by CAT convening IIM Calcutta.

Following are the CAT test cities which are now known only as single CAT Test Centre - Delhi NCR:

Delhi NCR Cities: Not Found in the List of CAT Test Cities 2018


New Delhi



Greater Noida






Latest Update: November 24, 2018 – 11A.M.

Carry Prohibited Items under Authorisation
The most striking CAT 2018 exam latest update is that IIM Calcutta has permitted the test takers to carry electronic devices, glucose water, wear shoes or carry other prohibited items on the medical ground and after obtaining the permission from CAT exam authorities on the CAT authorisation form. 

Electronic Device, Glucose Water Permitted Doctor's Advice Necessary

Sending this information to 2.41 lakh candidates registered for CAT 2018, IIM Calcutta has advised, “Please be informed that you should carry authorization letter issued by CAT Centre if you carry any of the below mentioned items on CAT test day due to medical reasons:

Medical implants (metal/pacemaker), Lumbo sacral belt, cervical belt, knee pad, medicated tinted glass, eye drops, medicine, glucose water, electronic device due to medical reasons.”

Adding further the condition that the medical certificate is necessary to get the permission granted, IIM Calcutta has informed, “Please note: You should share proper medical certificate with CAT Centrein this regard. CAT Centre will issue authorization letter based on case to case basis only and decision of CAT Centre will be final in this regard.”

This is done to help the candidates who are suffering from any ailment and may otherwise find it difficult to appear in CAT 2018 exam on November 25, 2018. Now the candidates with any problem or suffering from cold and advised to wear shoes and socks, or who may have been provided with specially prepared watches for medical treatment, or are diabetic and need some food items every one hour or so can approach the CAT centre to get permission to carry the required prohibited items inside the CAT testing room.

Releasing the CAT 2018 test day instructions for the candidates reporting at the CAT exam centre to appear in CAT exam on November 25, 2018, IIM Calcutta has stated, “ Candidates must carry IIM provided Authorization Form to carry any prohibited or exceptional Items inside the Exam Lab only due to medical reasons. Candidates need to contact CAT Centre to get such authorization (if any).” The Authorisation form is attached as Annexure III which is as under:

CAT 2018 Authorization Form

Latest Update: Nov 23, 2018: 1 P.M.

10 Mistakes to Avoid on CAT Exam Day
CAT Centre 2018 has prohibited following items inside the CAT exam centre on CAT 2018 Exam date-Nov 25, 2018

  • You are not allowed to wear any metal jewellery or jacket inside the CAT testing room.
  • No Shoes are allowed inside the CAT Testing Room. Wear Sandals, Chappals or Slippers
  • Any electronic gadget like mobile phones, watches, calculators of any type or stationery items are not allowed inside the CAT testing hall. So, don’t carry any of them.. Read More

Latest Update: November 23, 2018: 11 A.M.

10 CAT Exam Day Guidelines issued by IIM Calcutta

  1. CAT 2018 is scheduled to be held at 374 Test Centres in 147 Test cities in India. There is no CAT exam centre abroad
  2. 2.41 lakh candidates have applied successfully for CAT 2018
  3. CAT will be conducted in two shifts on November 25, 2018: Morning 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon and Afternoon 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  4. Reporting Time at the CAT test centre for Morning slot is 7:30 AM and for afternoon slot it is 1:00 PM  
  5. CAT 2018 is a 3-hour examination comprising three sections: Section-1) Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; Section-2) Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning; Section-3)Quantitative Ability.
  6. Candidates will be given one hour to attempt each section. PwD candidates will get 20 minutes extra for each section.
  7. CAT 2018 Admit Card is the mandatory document to be carried to the Test Centre. Candidates must download their admit cards from CAT website, take a printout, affix their photo (same as uploaded in application form) and bring to the test centre along with one of the identity proofs in original.
  8. Before getting ready for the CAT 2018 exam day, you must carefully read all the instructions provided on the Admit Card and adhere to them. PwD candidates with scribe should complete all formalities as explained on official CAT website.
  9. Locate your test centre in advance and reach the CAT 2018 test centre in time
  10. Go through the test day help guide uploaded on official CAT website to get yourself  familiarised with security and other exam day procedures.. Read More

Latest Update: Nov 22, 2018: 4 P.M.

How to Add 30 Percentile to CAT score
As you want to know the tips and tricks to improve substantially your CAT score, the strategy is to focus on your own skills and strengthen what you know. There is no need to begin anything fresh on your preparation.  

CAT toppers and experts suggest ten tips and strategies for the next three days before CAT exam and for the exam day to substantially improve your CAT percentile in the exam. Please note that the last three days before CAT needs a well devised strategy to crack the exam with high score. This is more important after putting in many months of preparation as all depends on the 3 hours of your testing duration.. Read More will continue to bring more CAT 2018 Latest Updates and news in next two days.

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