CAT 2019: Official Exam Day Instructions Issued by IIM Kozhikode; Jewellery, Mehndi, Jackets, Shoes Not Allowed News Desk |
November 23, 2019
A few hours are left to give your best in CAT 2019 exam. Before going to the exam centre, it is worthwhile to go through the CAT 2019 exam day instructions officially released by IIM Kozhikode with CAT Test Day Workflow for Candidates for slot-1 and slot-2 CAT exam to be held on November 24, 2019. The exam day workflow for CAT 2019 share the important Do’s and Don’ts for the candidates from the time of entering the CAT exam centre to leaving the testing hall. Candidates are not allowed to wear jackets, jewellery, shoes, watch or carry the mobile phone, bag, wallets, electronic gadgets, stationary items
CAT 2019 Exam Day Instructions

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Before going to the CAT exam centre on November 24, 2019, it is worthwhile to go through the CAT 2019 exam day instructions officially released by IIM Kozhikode with CAT Test Day Workflow for Candidates for slot-1 and slot-2 CAT exam. IIM Kozhikode has issued important CAT 2019 official Exam Day Instructions along with the Exam Day Work flow for CAT 2019. The do’s and don’ts for the CAT Exam Day as shared by IIM Kozhikode not only guide the candidates how to take the exam, but also restrict the candidates from wearing the prohibited article like  jackets, jewellery, shoes, watch or carrying the mobile phone, bag, wallets, electronic gadgets, stationary items inside the testing hall.

The CAT exam date is Sunday November 24, 2019. The exam will be held in two slots. Slot-1 CAT exam Time is from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and Candidates’ reporting time is 7.30 am. Candidates are not allowed to enter testing hall after 8.45 am. The slot-2 CAT exam time is from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM and Candidates’ reporting time is 1.00 PM. Candidates are not allowed entry after 2.15 PM. IIM Kozhikode has advised the candidates to reach the Test center at least 30 minutes prior to Gate closure time. 

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More than 2.44 Lakh candidates have applied for CAT 2019 exam to be held on November 24, 2019 in 156 cities at more than 400 test venues in two sessions. After getting well prepared for CAT D-day, and coming a long way from the far off places to take CAT exam and make your dream of joining an IIM or other top B-school come true,  one of the avoidable mistakes may put you into trouble and you may not be able either to take the exam or utilise your preparation to maximise your score in CAT 2019.

Adhering to official CAT exam day instructions issued by IIMs and avoiding a few mistakes may help you take CAT with greater confidence and come out of the testing hall with flying colours.

CAT Mock Test

How to get Ready for CAT Exam Day? CAT 2019 Exam Day Tips
Only two things are required for CAT exam day as per the CAT 2019 exam day tips issued by IIM Kozhikode along with the CAT 2019 official exam day guide to get ready for the testing day:

Admit Card
CAT 2019 Admit Card is the most important document on the Exam Day. Download Admit Card from CAT Website and recheck following details mentioned in the Admit Card: 1. Name 2. Registration Number 3. Exam Date 4. Time / Session 5. PwD status 6. Test city 7. Test Center address 8. Reference Number. The primary reference identity of the Candidate would be the CAT Registration Number. The Reference Number printed on the Admit Card would be used only for identifying the Exam Lab/Console in the Test Center on the Exam Day. Take print of the admit card, affix an identical photograph and carry the hard copy of the CAT admit card with you

Original Photo ID
Carry with you original photo ID proof as advised in your CAT Admit Card namely Aadhar card, College ID, Employer ID, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Identification Affidavit along with the Admit Card

Other Allowed Articles
IIM Kozhikode, in its official CAT exam day guide has allowed following items to carry inside the CAT testing hall:

  • Socks, plain Pullovers/Sweaters/Cardigans (without any pockets) are allowed inside the Exam lab.  Candidates with metal implant, pacemaker, etc. in their body would bring a supporting medical certificate of the same at the Test Centre
  • All personal belongings would be kept aside. IIMs/CAT Test centre authorities would not take any responsibility for any loss of items.
  • There would be no facility at the Test Center for safekeeping of Candidate’s personal belongings outside the Exam Lab and the Exam conducting Agency would not responsible for its damage or loss, if any.

Exam Day Work flow for CAT 2019
To make the test taking an easier process, IIM Kozhikode has released CAT Test Day Workflow for Candidates for CAT exam day:

CAT Exam Day Flow Chard

Do’s and Don’ts for the CAT Exam Day
CAT exam day instructions issued by IIM Kozhikode are divided into important do’s and don’ts as shared below:

Do’s for the CAT exam day
IIM Kozhikode has issued 15 dos for CAT exam day

  1. Print the Admit card on an A4-size Paper, preferably using a Laser Printer - Admit Card is valid only if the Candidate's photograph and signature images are legibly printed
  2. Make necessary arrangements for travel, food, accommodation (if any) and any other expenses (including those on account of medical emergencies)
  3. Before leaving for the Test Centre, verify and carry your original ID proof and the printed CAT 2019 Admit card
  4. Use the Google map link embedded on the electronic version of the Admit card to locate the Test Centre. Identify mode of transport and commute time at least a day before the Exam Day in order to reach the Test Centre on time on the day of the Exam
  5. Ensure to affix the Photograph, as required, in the space provided on the Admit Card before handing over for verification at the Test Centre. Affix the same photograph which was uploaded during the CAT 2019 application process
  6. Report at the CAT Test centre at 7:30 A.M. for the Forenoon Session and at 1:00 P.M. for the Afternoon Session
  7. If you are wearing or carrying any of the following, deposit all personal belongings such as mobile phone, bag, wallets, jackets, jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, stationary items, etc. at the Test Centre Entrance Gate
  8. Maintain silence and remain in Queue during - entry to the Test Centre; frisking process; document verification & biometric verification; and exiting the Test Centre
  9. Cooperate with Test Center staff during document Verification and Frisking
  10. Use the Reference Number printed on the Admit Card, to check the location of Exam Lab from the List displayed on the Notice Board at the Test Centre
  11. At the Console, use the Mouse to select the right Option as answer for an MCQ and to use the on-screen Keyboard to answer a non-MCQ
  12. Return Writing Pad with all pages intact and Pen post completion of the Exam to the Invigilator
  13. Ask for any help required in course of the Exam from Test Centre Invigilator present in the Exam Lab.
  14. Mark your attendance in the Form with signature when asked for in the Exam Lab
  15. After the Exam, handover the duly signed Admit Card to the Invigilator present in the Exam Lab

Dont’s For the Candidates
The 15 don’ts for the candidates issued by IIM Kozhikode for CAT 2019 exam day are:

  1. Avoid attempting to appear for CAT 2019 Exam more than once. Candidature will be cancelled if a candidate is found to appear for the test multiple times
  2. Do not request entry into the Test Centre after 8:45 A.M. for the Forenoon Session and post 2:15 P.M. for the Afternoon Session
  3. Do not carry any prohibited items such as electronic gadgets etc. inside the Exam Lab
  4. Do not attempt to cheat or copy answers from others during the Exam
  5. Do not involve yourself in any arguments with other Candidates or Test center staff. Decisions of concerned authority will be treated as final on the test day
  6. Do not use the keyboard at any point of time; this will lock your computer system
  7. Do not disturb other Candidates
  8. Do not request for a bio-break while inside the Exam Lab unless it is a Medical emergency
  9. Do not have friends and relatives accompany you beyond the Test Centre gate
  10. Do not request for change of Test Centre/Exam Lab/Console on the Exam Day
  11. Do not wear any jewellery or any item(s) containing metal, jackets and footwear inside the Exam Lab
  12. Do not use Mobile phones, Electronic Gadgets, Watches, Calculators, own Stationery items, Wallets, and/or Goggles.
  13. Do not provoke any other Candidate to commit or participate in any form of malpractice
  14. Do not waste Writing pad pages as it is distributed only once per Candidate during course of the Exam. Do not carry any page from the Writing Pad outside the Exam Lab after the test.
  15. Do not apply Henna (Mehndi) on the palm side. It is a very important instruction for the girl candidates who apply Mehndi regularly on their palms. Applying Hina (Mehndi) on palm side may be a hindrance in getting your biometrics captured. You should not apply any Menhdi or Henna on your fingers on palm side to avoid any problem inside the testing lab. On the day of the test, your digital finger print scan will be captured.

If your finger prints cannot be digitally scanned due to reasons like applying Mehndi / henna / any cosmetic colours etc., you will not be permitted to take the test. It is therefore, strongly recommended that you should avoid applying Mehndi on your hands (palm side) prior to the test.   

CAT Test Day Exception Forms
An important CAT 2019 exam day instruction is that the Candidates would be required to sign an Exception Form in case if any exceptional situation arise on the Exam Day. Test Centre staff would guide the Candidate to fill out such Exception Forms as applicable. Concerned authority’s decision on exceptions will be treated as final on the test day 

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CAT Exam Day Authorization Form
Candidates must carry IIM provided CAT exam day Authorization Form to carry any prohibited or exceptional items inside the Exam Lab due to medical reasons. Candidates need to contact the CAT Centre to get such authorization (if any).
Important Points to Note for CAT Exam Day

  • CAT 2019 test duration is for a total time of 3 hours.
  • PWD/DA candidates with scribe requirements will be allowed an extra hour.
  • All candidates will start the test at the same time when the invigilator signals to start.
  • Candidates are to remain at their seats for the entire duration of the test even if they complete their test early.
  • The sectional Submit button will be enabled only upon completion of sectional test time of 60 minutes.
  • For any issues during the test, you are supposed to raise your hand to notify the invigilator.
  • Stay seated and explain the issue to the invigilator who approaches you. Under no circumstance, should you move from your seat until the end of exam time.

Stay tuned to for more tips and updates for CAT 2019