CAT 2022 Slot 2 Exam Analysis: Check Overall & Sectional Exam Pattern, Key Changes, Difficulty Level, likely Cut offs

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November 27, 2022, India’s No.1 MBA portal has released its indepth CAT 2022 slot 2 exam analysis at 3 PM, immediately after the CAT exam second slot on November 27 is over. expert team has assessed the key changes in CAT exam, overall and sectional difficulty level and is the first to publish CAT 2022 exam slot 2 analysis with likely cut offs.

cat 2022 has release its indepth CAT 2022 Slot 2 Exam Analysis at 3 PM immediately after the slot-2 of CAT exam is over on November 27. IIM Bangalore is conducting CAT 2022 exam on Sunday November 27, 2022 in three slots of 2 hours each. 2.56 lakh candidates have applied for CAT this year and out of them 2.15 lakh+ are expected to have appeared in CAT at 400+ test centres located in 150+ cities. Expert team from took the CAT 2022 exam to share first hand CAT 2022 exam slot 2 analysis. CAT Exam Slot 2 Analysis reflects upon the key changes in overall & sectional CAT exam pattern, difficulty level, predictions on CAT cut offs among others to help the test takers to gauge their performance in CAT 2022 and their admission chances in top B-schools. To offer a wider perspective, also shares below Slot 2 CAT 2022 Exam Analysis by experts of leading institutions and top CAT coaching institutes like Arun Sharma, IMS, CL, T.I.M.E. among others.

CAT 2022 Exam Slot 2 Analysis: Time Slot & Release Schedule for CAT Exam Analysis   

  • This year CAT exam is conducted by IIM Bangalore.
  • CAT 2022 Exam Date: Sunday November 27, 2022
  • CAT 2022 test duration is 2 Hours (120 Minutes)
  • CAT 2022 is scheduled in three slots Morning, Afternoon and Evening on the same day.
  • CAT 2022 Slot-2 (Afternoon Slot): 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM
  • Reporting Time: 11 AM
  • CAT Exam Analysis Slot-2 Release Time: 3 PM, Nov 27 CAT Exam Analysis Slot 2: Key Highlights
MBAUniverse CAT 2022 Slot 2 Exam Analysis covers the following:

  1. CAT Exam Pattern & key changes
  2. Variation as compared to last year in Topics, Type of Questions for each section
  3. Changes in questions split (MCQs and Non-MCQs) 
  4. Any Surprise elements in CAT 2022 Exam paper
  5. Exam Difficulty Level: Overall & Section wise Analysis by Experts
  6. Required Good Attempts: Overall and Section wise
  7. Sectional Cut off Predictions as per the difficulty level
  8. Overall CAT 2022 cut offs predictions by Experts to help the aspirants to assess their performance and check their call chances by top B-schools
  9. Percentile Predictions & Cut off CAT score range

Key Coverage Areas:

  • CAT 2022 Paper Pattern: Key Changes
  • CAT paper difficulty level
  • Good attempts and likely cut off score for different percentile range  

CAT 2022 Slot-2 Question Paper Pattern
The CAT 2022 slot-2 question paper with key changes had the following pattern and sectional composition.

CAT 2022 Exam Components
CAT 2022 Pattern
Test duration
   2 hrs (120 Minutes)
Test sessions/Slots
   3 (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
Total questions
Total score
Number of Sections in CAT question paper
    3 (VARC; DILR; QA)
Time Allotted for Each Section in CAT exam
 40 Minutes
Total questions in VARC Section
Total Questions in DILR section
Total Questions in QA section

 Source: CAT Exam Analysis

CAT 2022 Exam Slot 2 Analysis: Sectional Composition
CAT Exam 2022 Section Wise Analysis, immediately after the exam, is based on the following exam pattern. The table below shares the CAT exam 2022 section wise analysis with sectional order from Section-1 to Section-3, number and type of questions in each section, questions with and without negative marking and total maximum marks available for each section for the 2 hours CAT exam.

CAT 2022 exam components
Total questions
Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
4 RC Passages with 16 Qs; VA had 8 Qs divided in 3 MCQs & 5 Non MCQs on Para jumbles, Para Summary, and Out of Context Sentences
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
LR – 10 Ques
DI – 10 Ques
All in Sets of 3 & 4 Qs
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)
High on Arithmetic. Other on Log, Geometry, Roots, Algebra

Source: analysis

Sectional CAT 2022 Exam Analysis
CAT 2022 Exam Sectional Analysis for each section by experts at is as below:

Key Highlights of CAT Exam 2022 Sectional Analysis

  • Each of the 3 Sections with 40 Minutes Individual Time Duration
  • Candidates Not allowed to move to next section till 40 minutes are over
  • No change in Order of Sections in CAT 2022 with Section-1 VARC, Section-2 DILR, Section-3 Quant
  • Candidates found it difficult to use CAT On Screen Calculator and preferred own calculation methodology

Section Wise CAT Analysis at a Glance:
Below is shared the section wise CAT analysis at a glance followed by detailed Sectional CAT Analysis

Section-1: VARC

  • Total No of Questions: 24
  • No of MCQS – 3
  • No of NMCQs – 21
  • 4 RC Passage with 16 Questions
  • New Type of VA questions to fill in the sentence in the blanks appeared
  • Odd sentence out type questions not appeared
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate with 2-3 questions difficult

Section-2: DILR

  • Total No of Questions: 20
  • No of MCQS – 14
  • Non MCQS – 4
  • LR 2 Sets: Each set was followed by 5 Questions
  • DI 2 Sets: Each set was followed by 5 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Section-3: Quantitative Ability

  • Total No of Questions: 22
  • No of MCQS – 14
  • Non MCQS – 8
  • Arithmetic commanded major part

Section wise CAT 2022 Analysis in Detail
Detailed section wise CAT exam 2022 analysis is shared below:

Section-1: VARC Analysis for CAT 2022
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension was the first section in CAT 2022 question paper. Key highlights of the section are:

  • VARC section had 24 Questions
  • Total Maximum marks allotted for the section were 72
  • Number of MCQs were 21
  • Number of TITA questions (Non-MCQs) were 3 (Reduced from 5 last year)
  • Number of RC Passages: 4 passages,
  • Number of RC Based questions: 16, each passage was followed by 4 questions  
  • Type of RC Based Questions: MCQs asking to explain and draw inference from the passages,  phrases, vocabulary,  Synonyms/Antonyms, Statement/Argument as used in RC passages,
  • Difficulty Level: Overall difficulty level was moderate. 2 RC Passages were found of a little higher difficulty level
  • Good Attempts of 14 to 16 questions with 85% accuracy can fetch a high percentile
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: Score of 36-40 marks

Section-2: DILR Analysis for CAT 2022
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning was the second section in CAT 2022 question paper. The section, which is known for its tricky language and time consuming process, was found moderate by the test takers. Key highlights of DILR section analysis in CAT 2022 are

  • DILR section had 20 Questions
  • Total Maximum Marks assigned for the section were 60 in CAT 2022
  • Number of MCQs were 16
  • Number of TITA questions (Non-MCQs) were 4 (Reduced from 5 last year)
  • Number of DI Problems: 2 Sets
  • Number of DI Questions: Each problem set followed by 5 questions
  • Type of DI Based Questions: All questions were based on Text and Data, True and False Statements, Mathematical calculations  
  • Number of LR Problems: 2 Sets
  • Total LR Questions: 10 (5 for each problem set)
  • Type of LR Based Questions: Two problem sets and each followed by 5 questions
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Good Attempts of 11 to 13 questions with 85% accuracy can fetch a high percentile
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: 32 to 34 marks

Section-3: Quantitative Ability Analysis in CAT 2022
Quantitative Ability (QA) was the 3rd and last section in CAT 2022 question paper. This section had more number of questions based on Arithmetic with highest number of Non-MCQs. Many candidates, especially from Non-Mathematics and Non-Engineering background, who are not well versed with Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Algebra, Integers had an opportunity to crack the QA section by solving Arithmetic questions with 90% accuracy level to cross the IIM cut offs.  Key highlights of the QA section in CAT 2022 were:  

  • QA section had 22 Questions in CAT 2022
  • Total Maximum marks allotted for the section were 66
  • Number of MCQs: 14
  • Number of TITA questions (Non-MCQs): 8 (Same as last year)
  • More Questions were based on Arithmetic
  • Type of Arithmetic Based Questions: Percentage, Ratio, Interest, Number System, Time, Speed
  • Other QA Question topics: Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math, Trigonometry
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to high
  • Good Attempts: 14 to 16 questions with 85% accuracy can fetch high percentile to clear the cut offs
  • Cut off Expected for 99 Percentile: A score of 36 to 40 marks can get 99 sectional percentile

Overall Predictions for 95 -98 Percentile: Good Attempts, Accuracy Level
The table below displays the required good attempts in CAT with Accuracy level needed for 95 -98 percentile range:

Section in CAT exam 2022
Good Attempts
Accuracy Level
Raw Score
Likely percentile in CAT 2022
Section-1: VARC
Section-2: DILR
Section-3: QA

CAT Exam Slot 2 Analysis by Top CAT Coaching Institutes & Experts has also separately published the CAT Exam Slot 2 Analysis  from top CAT coaching institutes & CAT experts like TIME, IMS, CL, Arun Sharma with their take on exam difficulty level, sectional and overall changes and expected cut offs. The expected time schedule for release of CAT Test Slot 2 Analysis is as given below.

CAT 2022 Exam Slot-2: Nov 27, 2022
Slot 2 CAT 2022 Exam Analysis by IMS -Expected Time
Slot 2 CAT 2022 Exam Analysis by CL – Expected Time
Slot 2 CAT 2022 Exam Analysis by T.I.M.E. – Expected Time
CAT Exam Analysis 2022 Slot 2: 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM
3.00 PM
4.00 PM
5.00 PM

Stay tuned to for more updates for CAT 2022 Exam