CMAT 2024 Final Answer Key Out: Drop in two Questions to Change Score Vs Percentile; Result Expected Soon

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SK Aggarwal
SK Aggarwal
Updated on June 3, 2024
NTA has released the CMAT Final answer key 2024 on June 3, 2024. Two questions are dropped from the question paper. This will change the CMAT score vs percentile calculation in the exam. After release of CMAT 2024 final answer key, the exam result is expected very soon with CMAT raw score, sectional and overall score and All India Rank Of the test takers. CMAT exam was conducted on May 15, 2024 in two shifts and the provisional answer key was released on May 23.
CMAT Answer Key 2024 Released

CMAT 2024 final answer key has been released on June 3, 2024 for shift-1 and shift-2 question papers before release of CMAT result. After verifying the objections raised by the test takers against the CMAT provisional answer keys which were released by NTA on May 23, 2024, two objections are found valid by experts. NTA has dropped both the questions. This will change the CMAT score Vs percentile calculation as below:

  • Shift-1: Two objections on Provisional Answer key have been accepted. Out of 100 questions, 2 questions have been dropped from the question paper. It implies that all the test takers will get benefit of 8 marks. NTA will now calculate the CMAT score without taking into account the marks of dropped 2 questions
  • Shift-2: No Objection against shift 2 answer key found valid by NTA. As such provisional answer key for all the 100 questions are found correct.

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Impact on CMAT Score Vs Percentile Calculation
With the release of CMAT final answer key the picture of CMAT score normalization and percentile calculation is clear to a large extent. The score normalization process for CMAT 2024 shift one will be based on 392 marks and for shift two it will take into account marks for all the 100 questions.  The candidates in shift-1 are likely to get higher percentile at lower marks as against the candidates who appeared in shift-2.

CMAT Result Soon
After release of final CMAT answer key, NTA is expected to release the CMAT result soon. It is expected that CMAT result will consist of all the details-Raw score, overall and sectional percentile score and All India Rank of the test taker. NTA conducted CMAT 2024 Exam on May 15 in two shifts for MBA admission 2024 in AICTE approved B-schools. CMAT answer key was released on May 23 and the last date to challenge the answer key had closed on May 25. After scrutinizing the objections raised against CMAT answer key, NTA has released the CMAT final answer key.

It is estimated that around 60,000 candidates have taken CMAT 2024 exam on May 15, 2024 in two shifts. After CMAT 2024 result declaration, you can download the CMAT score card from official CMAT exam website Read Table of Contents below to check How to download CMAT 2024 Result, CMAT 2024 Result Expected Date, CMAT Cut Off for Top B-Schools, MBA Colleges Accepting CMAT Score and more

You can download the CMAT 2024 official final answer key. The CMAT question paper that you attempted and the actual answer options that you marked in the CMAT exam were released by NTA on May 23. You could challenge the official CMAT answer key 2024 till 11.50 PM on May 25 by paying requisite fee of Rs.200/- per question.    

CMAT exam was conducted in two shifts on May 15, 2024. Both slots of CMAT 2024 exam were rated of moderate difficulty level and many test takers found the exam as easy. With smart time management, they could solve 90-100 questions with high accuracy. It is expected that CMAT 2024 cut offs will not deviate much from last year for top colleges. Check Detailed CMAT Analysis

Along with the CMAT 2024 answer key release, NTA had notified through its Public Notice, “The Provisional Answer Keys of CMAT 2024 along with the Question Papers with Recorded Responses have been uploaded on the website for interested candidates to submit challenges to the Provisional Answer Keys (if any) online by paying non-refundable processing fee of ₹ 200/- (Rupees Two Hundred Only) per question challenged as per the Procedure given in Annexure 1”

The CMAT result processing has already started after releasing the CMAT final answer key. For the valid objections, all the candidates will get benefit of marks and percentile improvement in CMAT result. CMAT 2024 result declaration is based on correctness of objections raised by test takers, their due verification and score normalization for both the slots of CMAT exam.

How to Download CMAT Answer Key 2024 and Verify Responses?
Checking, verifying and submitting the objections after checking the CMAT 2024 question paper, answer keys and your response sheet is two steps process. Responding to test takers’ query, how can I check my CMAT answer key, NTA has clarified, “Please Login and click link for display of your question papers and your responses.”

Step-1: Download CMAT Question Paper & Answer Keys

  • Go to CMAT 2024 official website
  • Click on Display Question paper and Responses
  • Login either with your CMAT application number and password Or with application number and date of birth
  • Complete CMAT question paper with question ID and answer options will open
  • Now you can view the CMAT question paper, question ID and answer option IDs
  • To check & download your CMAT response sheet you have to follow Step-2

Step-2: Download CMAT Response Sheet

  • Go to CMAT 2024 official website
  • Click on Challenge Answer Keys
  • Login either with your CMAT application number and password Or with application number and date of birth
  • The CMAT response sheet with the question ID and answer ID that you attempted opens
  • To check correct answer, you have to go through each question one by one.
  • For each question, Cross check your response that you marked and the correct answer option ID in official answer key

Read in detail how to download CMAT Answer Key

Eligibility to Download CMAT 2024 Answer Key
Only the candidates who have actually appeared in CMAT exam on May 15, 2024 in either of the two slots, can download the answer key with response sheet.

How to Challenge the CMAT Answer Key 2024?
Alongwith the Official CMAT Answer key 2024 Release on the website, NTA has also activated the CMAT Answer Key Challenge Window. In case you are not satisfied with the correct answer key as given on the CMAT website, you can challenge the answer keys by filing the claim form after paying the requisite fee. NTA will check your response with official answer key and if your objection is found correct, you will be awarded marks for the particular answer.

According to NTA, “If the challenge(s) made by the candidate is found correct, the Answer Key will be revised and applied in the response of all the candidates accordingly. Based on the revised Final Answer Keys, the result will be prepared and declared. No individual candidate will be informed about the acceptance/non-acceptance of his/her challenge. The Keys finalized by the Experts after the settlement of the challenge will be final.”

Procedure to Challenge CMAT Answer Key
National Testing Agency has suggested following procedure vide Annexure I to challenge CMAT 2024 answer key

CMAT Answer Key 2024: Challenge Fee
NTA has released following fee structure to challenge the official CMAT answer key:

  • The Fee to challenge CMAT official answer key is Rs.200/- per question
  • The processing charges can be paid by credit/debit card/Net banking
  • The processing charge once paid is non-refundable
  • No grievance with regard to CMAT answer key(s) after the last date to raise objection will be entertained

Check CMAT Score with Percentile for MBA Admission
Once you check your response sheet, question paper and the CMAT official answer key, you can assess your score and expected corresponding CMAT percentile to explore MBA admission 2024 in the best MBA college accepting CMAT score. Based on the CMAT exam 2024 analysis by experts, following CMAT score cut offs are expected for various percentile range:

CMAT 2024 Score Range out of 400 Maximum Marks
CMAT Score Percentile Range
99.1 – 99.99

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CMAT 2024 with Cut Offs: 80 to 99.99%
Out of 1000 MBA colleges accepting CMAT 2024 score, many of them are open with their admission 2024 process. JBIMS, SIMSREE, PUMBA among other top MBA colleges who will shortlist candidates for admission on the basis of CMAT score, are open with their admission process 2024. All the 330 Maharashtra MBA colleges will accept CMAT score through DTE CAP 2024. Following are some of the top MBA colleges who will accept CMAT 2024 score in different cut off range:

MBA Colleges
Expected cut off Percentile
Admission Status
JBIMS Mumbai
Rajagiri Business School Kochi
Open | Apply Now
Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida
Open | Apply Now
Indus Business Academy - IBA Bangalore
Open | Apply Now
Amrita School of Business Coimbatore
Open | Apply Now
BIMTECH PGDM-Insurance Business Management
Open | Apply Now
IPE Hyderabad
Open | Apply Now
Chandragupt Institute of Management - CIMP Patna
Open | Apply Now
Delhi School of Business (DSB) Delhi
Open | Apply Now
New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM) New Delhi
Open | Apply Now
Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS Rohini) Delhi
Open | Apply Now
IFIM College Bangalore
Open | Apply Now
MET Mumbai
Open | Apply Now

Read CMAT 2024 cut off for top MBA colleges 

CMAT Answer Key 2024: Are all the Objections Entertained by NTA?
The candidates, who are not satisfied with the CMAT answer keys, may challenge them by filling online application form. Although NTA scrutinizes all the objections received from the candidates, the NTA’s decision on the CMAT answer key challenges shall be final and no further communication will be entertained. The result of CMAT 2024 exam will be compiled on the basis of final CMAT 2024 answer keys.

CMAT Answer key Release Date: Previous Trends
The National Testing Agency (NTA) earlier used to release official CMAT answer key with candidate response sheet in a week’s time from CMAT exam date as below:

CMAT Exam Year
Date of CMAT Exam
CMAT Exam Slots
CMAT Answer key Release date
CMAT 2024
May 15, 2024
Two Slot Exam
May 23, 2024
CMAT 2023
May 4, 2023
Two Slot Exam
May 12, 2023 (In 8 Days)
CMAT 2022
April 9, 2022
Single Slot Exam
April 18, 2023 (In 10 Days)
CMAT 2021
March 31, 2021
Two Slot Exam
April 3, 2021 (In 4 Days)
CMAT 2020
January 28, 2020
Single Slot Exam
January 30, 2020 (In 3 Days)

For the last four years, the CMAT answer keys with objection form to challenge the responses in the answer options are released by National Testing Agency (NTA) which now conducts CMAT exam instead of AICTE. CMAT result will comprise around 70000 candidates who appeared in CMAT exam. The CMAT result will be out in the afternoon along with the score card.

Stay tuned to for more updates on CMAT 2024