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July 9, 2022
Is CAT more difficult than learning how to ride and pedal a bicycle especially when your tiny feet couldn’t reach the pedal from the riding seat? Just as despite number of tiny accidents, bruises, you were not afraid of cycling, you need to throw away your fear as the journey to success in CAT is no different from the determination you showed while learning how to ride the Bicycle. Read below the motivational article that will bring you out of the CAT fear zone
CAT 2022 Preparation

Try to remember, when did you first ride your bicycle and how did you learn riding and pedalling a bicycle? Did you have a guide - who was your guide?  Who motivated and inspired you, when you fell off it? Which new routes did you discover in your town/locality, when you learnt how to pedal a bicycle? Now think if CAT more difficult than learning how to ride and pedal a bicycle especially when your tiny feet couldn’t reach the pedal from the riding seat?  Despite number of tiny accidents, bruises, you were not afraid of cycling and similarly, you need to throw away your fear as the journey to success in CAT is no different from the determination you showed, when the first two wheeler- bicycle fascinated you. The recalling of the story of learning to ride the bicycle must have brought smile –back to you, out of the CAT fear zone. shares below a unique comparison by experts between similarities of learning how to ride the bicycle and how to prepare for CAT 2022 and enjoy the preparation journey.  

Lesson-1: Start CAT Preparation Like Cycling in Safe Zone: Do you remember, why did You prefer to choose plain flat areas, gentle slopes when you first tried to ride the bicycle or even you did not try to ride it, you simply remained below the riding seat. Someone then came, helped you to explore tough terrains and slopes, go up hill, pedal hard and the day came when you were comfortable, sitting on the seat pedalling your way through the potholed roads, up and down the hill, through the erratic traffic in narrow streets. Now you wish to thank the person who motivated you, inspired you and shared a few expert tips – how to ride the bicycle.

Preparation for CAT in fact is no different than it: When you first know about CAT, you are not even aware what are its constituents, how to prepare, what to study, Can there be any well defined syllabus, where to begin and number of FAQs hover your mind. Sometimes you do not  even find anyone to answer your queries. When you begin your self-study, it appears that you have entered an unorganized thick and large forest where it is difficult to locate which way to go.

This is the juncture wherefrom you get a crying need for help. If you compare your cycle training to CAT preparation training, you will find both are very difficult to begin but become adventurous once you embark on it and bring more smiles on the successful completion.

Overcome the Fear of Falling: A ground with Short grass is preferred when you begin to pedal the bicycle and you always try to find a safe place to practice, lest you should fall. Similar strategy overpowers the aspirants and they prefer reading and practicing those topics which they are well versed with but keep away from the unfamiliar ones. Practice may not do much good to them unless and until they are very clear about the concepts. A balancing act is required to begin the journey which is considered tough till it is complete.

You fall to get up again and learn a tough riding more easily and so is the CAT, tough concepts are made easy when you are unable to understand them by your guide or mentor. Your mentors work hard and try harder to give you easy tips to learn a topic which is tough.

Make sure you have got the right lesson: Getting right lesson and understanding it well is very important.  Any misconception or misunderstanding will land you in trouble. It is your first time riding and so is the first time to CAT. No doubt there is always a second chance but why to lose the first one. Every mistake will teach you for better. Recurring mistakes must be avoided. Understand the concepts, practice them as many times as possible. The fundamental behind is no different than riding a bicycle – you ride and pedal in view to have more expertise, similarly more you practice to solve the questions based on the understood concepts, more confident and accurate will be your approach.

Look for a Good Mentor – Will be a time saving device: Unable to ride, You run with your bicycle clutching its handle bar, here comes the guide and places you safely on the seat, holds your bicycle for a while and lets you go-the lesson you never forget.

You flip-flop this or that way- topics on Verbal, Quant, DI-LR are away from you, unable to grasp despite wasting a lot of time, a feeling of desperation finds its way in, and there you have a mentor, your time saving device, he not only solves the problems but also gives you unforgettable tips on them.

Plan Your Journey: You neither learnt how to ride your bicycle in a day nor can you complete the CAT syllabus in a short period. Right from the first day to the last day, process of learning has to be planned. It is very difficult for an aspirant to chalk out the strategy and path of study.  Besides, CAT is very much fond of giving surprise elements every year, however strongly IIMs may deny this fact. Your mentor may foresee it, will analyse the past trends, will come up with more probable type of questions, will discuss the extinguished types as well. All this, as an established fact, may not be visualised when you have no guidance or have inexperienced guidance.

Make CAT Preparation a Saga of well accomplished journey: Remember, when you had lessons and rode your bicycle to every nook and corner enjoying the ride-how pleasant was the sensation? So is the CAT – skilfully accomplished with a high percentile, well guided GD/PI/WAT – paving your way to desired B-school- how would you feel? You will never forget the journey to the top B-school that you always dreamt for. Apart from hard and smart work, the role of your prep centre/ mentor/coach/guide- will be a life time asset for you. While your admission to the B-school will be the reward of your devotion, hard work and optimum utilization of guidance you received from your mentor, your smile on this success and two small words of “Thank You” will be the reward for your mentor.

Remember CAT is because of you and you are not because of CAT. Utilise the time, Energy and intelligence to the optimum level with the guidance of your mentor/guide and hope for the best. Please remember while preparing for CAT, never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities, and never be associated to not doing your duty.

This year CAT exam is expected on November 27, 2022 and the exam is likely to have a time duration of two hours. So there is ample time to prepare but you need to begin your preparation with right study material, building your basics and practicing on more and more mocks and Quizzes without any further delay.

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