Is it possible to Cheat in CAT Exam? Testing Agency says ‘No’; Cites 10 Reasons

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November 2, 2018
Cheating in CAT exam or any other computer based test is not possible - clarifies the CAT 2018 testing agency TCS. If you think that it is possible to cheat and get the actual CAT questions before the exam day, you may pull a long face. One of the ten key reasons that prevent cheating practices in CAT exam is that the CAT exam paper is encrypted and can be decrypted only by the CAT test taker at the time of start of the exam
Is it possible to Cheat in CAT Exam

If you think that it is possible to cheat and get the actual CAT questions before the exam day, you may pull a long face as the Global Head of TCS, the CAT exam testing agency clarifies that it is impossible to cheat and lay your hands on the actual CAT question paper that you are going to face on CAT exam day. No doubt, you may find number of unscrupulous and fraudulent people claiming that they can provide you with the actual CAT exam question paper in advance, but it would be fake, so don’t believe them, claims Venguswamy Ramaswamy, the Gobal Head of TCS iOn – the education arm of Tata Consutancy Services.   

Remember the goof-up in CAT exam that took place five years back! However, despite all the tall allegations and claims, the transparency and security that prevented CAT paper from getting leaked was never compromised. In another incident in the year 2016, when CAT was conducted by IIM Bangalore, it was claimed that candidates were able to cheat in CAT exam. But the fact was different with the clarification coming from the CAT exam convener it was made clear that some candidate sneaked a camera inside the testing hall and flashed out some images of questions to his accomplice. But these images actually helped to identify which computer screen console was used leading to the identification of the test taker who can be debarred from taking any further CAT exam in future. 

10 Reasons Why Cheating is not Possible in CAT
CAT 2019 is again round the corner and TCS is conducting the CAT exam again for admission to IIMs and other top MBA colleges in India. TCS has cited 10 key reasons why it is not possible to cheat in CAT exam or any other computer based test:

  1. CAT question Paper Remains Encrypted till the Test Begins

CAT question paper is computer assembled and not manually created. The CAT question paper remains encrypted before it is sent to the test centres. The striking part about the CAT question paper is that it is decrypted only at the time the CAT test taker first clicks it to begin the test on the computer screen. It keeps the CAT question paper highly secured and out of reach of any individual till the test actually begins. Those who claim that they can provide the CAT question paper before the actual exam begins, are only befooling the candidates.

TCS, with the most advanced technology keeps the machine-assembled CAT question paper encrypted till the CAT exam day and before the question is opened by the CAT exam taker.

  1. Console Displays Questions One by One

Unlike the paper based test which contains complete question paper in the test booklet, the computer based test (CBT) displays only one question on its screen at a time. Accordingly the CAT exam taker cannot view all the questions of all the sections at a time on the screen and can have access to only one question at a time. Besides, IIMs’ Common Admission Test (CAT) has sectional time limit of one hour to attempt each section. This does not give opportunity to get assistance in importing the answers of the questions from outside the test centre nor you can send your questions outside.

  1. No Pre-Set Question Paper and Order by Humans

The CAT question paper is not set by any individual. Unlike the paper based test which is pre printed, the CAT question paper delivers the questions from a question bank containing hundreds of questions. This pool of questions is created by experts. Then the CAT question paper is assembled through the help of software algorithm which picks the most suitable questions in accordance with the question paper blueprint. No humans set the CAT question paper nor any person has access to all the CAT questions and answers.

  1. CAT Question Paper is Different for Each Candidate

Smart algorithms in new technology are able to create multiple question papers of the same pattern and difficulty level in Computer Based Tests (CBTs). It implies that the CAT questions and options are randomized for each test taker. Besides, the order of questions and the order of answer options for Multiple choice questions (MCQs) in CAT for each question is not the same for two candidates. Therefore, copying answers from the neigbour is also ruled out as it may result in selecting a wrong answer choice.

  1. No Access to CAT Servers

CAT exam servers are completely protected and are standalone servers which are fully secured. The CAT question paper files are encrypted and kept in these exam servers. None of the consoles at CAT exam centres have any remote access to these servers. It prevents all the hacking attempts or access by any fraudsters.

  1. Real Time Alerts

CAT testing system is inbuilt to sound real time alerts at the apex level, in case there is any attempt to manipulate the computer system.

  1. CAT Exam Centre Security

In the CAT testing lab, the test takers are seated randomly and never know in advance which console machine will be allotted to him/her. The complete data regarding the CAT exam,  candidates’ number, the allotted computers are transmitted from the CAT Test centre to the central command centre system. This CAT exam command centre monitors the patterns that reflect cheating. Besides, the CCTV footage from the exam centre also helps in spotting suspicious cases. Apart from this, all the CAT exam centres, make use metal detectors to check for mobile phones or other prohibited electronic gadgets. Many CAT exam centres now use RF signal detectors and noise signals to block the use of mobile phones or Bluetooth devices.

  1. Biometrics Verification

Computer-based CAT exam checks the real time testing. CAT exam centres check and verify the identification of each candidate carefully.  Paper-and-pencil answer sheets can be filled in by an imposter answering on behalf of a candidate even after the test is over but it is not possible in computer based CAT exam where the test can not be opened again after submission. The Photo identification compares the candidate’s face with the photo submitted in the application. Candidate’s image is also displayed on the candidate’s computer screen to ascertain that the right candidate is taking the test. CAT test taker has to go through the process of fingerprint verification and handwriting samples which are used to check identity. For the confirmation of identity biometrics are also taken during the test and no candidate is allowed to use rest room or leave the testing hall till the CAT exam is finally over after submitting the test on computer screen.

  1. Miscreants Easily Identified in CAT Exam

Clicking the images of CAT exam computer screen and sharing it on social media is highly risky as the order of questions and answers provides a clear trail identifying the miscreant. Each CAT exam taker’s ID number is projected as a watermark on the computer screen. This omputer screen can lead for identification of the candidate who has shared the image. So don’t try to sneak your smart phones into the Test Hall and avoid the use of any other electronic gadget.

  1. CAT Dress Code

 No Male or female CAT test taker is allowed to enter the CAT testing Hall with shoes & Socks, calculator, watch, mobile phones, jackets or any thing prohibited in the CAT exam. It checks any fraudulent practice that might be used in the CAT testing hall.

Women candidates are not allowed to wear jewellery or any other metal as it runs the risk of a camera embedded in the bangles, necklace or any other jewellery item.

With all these measures and security features, it is not possible to cheat in CAT exam even with the help of your peer sitting next to you as your and his order of questions and answer options are different. Besides, CAT questions in both – morning and evening slots are altogether different for CAT exam takers.

IIM Calcutta with testing agency TCS, is conducting CAT 2018 on November 25, 2018 in 146 test cities in morning and afternoon sessions. The CAT 2018 Admit cards have already been issued by CAT 2019 exam centre with all the important instructions for the exam day. The only way to get into IIMs, say the past CAT toppers, is to prepare well for CAT and crack the exam with high and balanced sectional score.

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