JAGSoM’s Admission Policy shift pays off, Applications up by 68%; Set to admit 300 PGDM Students; Offers 100% Scholarship with Food, Hostel expenses for 15 Students

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April 21, 2022
Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) Bangalore has seen an unprecedented increase in student interest as there is a massive increase in applications received and percentage of admission offers accepted for Admission 2022. To attract the best students, JAGSoM is offering unique Merit-cum-Means Scholarship that covers Tuition, Hostel and even Food expenses. Last date to apply for admission 2022 is April 30, 2022
JAGSoM Bangalore Admission 2022

After adopting significant changes in its admission policy in last 12 months, Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) has seen an unprecedented increase in student interest. According to JAGSoM, there has been a massive increase in applications received and percentage of admission offers accepted for Admission 2022. To attract the best students, JAGSoM is also offering unique Merit-cum-Means Scholarship that covers Tuition, Hostel and even Food expenses.

As a result of this surge, JAGSoM is set to close admissions for its 2 year PGDM program by April 30, 2022. JAGSoM is also expected to start its academic programs early - Pre-Foundation commences 6th May. The program registration on campus is scheduled on June 1, ahead of many leading B-schools. This article highlights the changes in admission process, the rationale for the same and what students can expect while studying at JAGSoM.

But, before we get into the admission details, here is a quick overview of JAGSoM, which has seen a transformation in the last decade.

JAGSoM Two year PGDM Admission 2022 are open for a few days. Apply Now

JAGSoM’s Journey – Key milestones

  • In 2010, BITS Alumni & Tech-entrepreneur Sanjay Padode took over as the Chairman of IFIM Business School, set up in 1995 by his Father late Shri VB Padode, founder of Dalal Street Journal (DSJ) Group.
  • In 2018, IFIM Business School became the sixth B-school in India after ISB, TAPMI, IIM Calcutta, IMT Ghaziabad, and XLRI, to be AACSB Accredited.
  • In the same year, Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay, former Director of IMT Ghaziabad, Dean of MICA, and Deputy Director at SPJIMR Mumbai joined IFIM Business School.
  • In 2020, QS Masters in Marketing Ranking 2021 ranked JAGSoM amongst the Top 100 such programs in the world.
  • On October 21, 2020, IFIM Business School Bangalore got rechristened as JAGSoM after globally respected management guru Padma Bhushan Dr. Jagdish Sheth.
  • In February 2022, JAGSoM becomes one of the first B-schools in India to get Multi-Campus (Bangalore & Mumbai-Karjat) & Multi-Program (BBA, MBA, PGDM, PGDM E) Accreditation from AACSB International.

JAGSoM offers following Full Time PGDM Programs:

  • PGDM Program
  • PGDM (Marketing Major) - For those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing (with option of career tracks in MarTech or Sales & Service).
  • PGDM (Finance Major) - For those who wish to pursue a career in Finance (with option of career tracks in FinTech, Capital Markets or Banking).
  • PGDM (Analytics & Digital Business Major) - For those who wish to pursue a career in Business Analytics.
  • PGDM (HRM Major) - For those who wish to pursue a career in Human Resources Management (with option of career trackin HRTech).
  • PGDM (with option of International Immersion) - For those who wish to pursue studies abroad at JAGSoM international partner institutions.

JAGSoM Two year PGDM Admission 2022 are open for a few days. Apply Now

JAGSoM Admission 2022 Trends:
Thanks to significant changes in its admission approach, described below, JAGSoM has seen an unprecedented increase in student interest. Here are key numbers:

  • Unprecedented 68% YoY increase in its Applicant pool
  • Increase of over 60% in the percentage of accepted offers

Commenting on the admission trends at JAGSoM, Prof. Rakesh Mediratta, Deputy Director, JAGSoM said “We are very happy to see positive response to Admissions. JAGSoM has seen an unprecedented 68% YoY increase in its Applicant pool and has also seen an increase of over 60% in the percentage of accepted offers.”

JAGSoM has also increased total seats for its two year PGDM program from 120 to 180.

JAGSoM pivots Admission Process
This year, there has been a shift in the admission process at JAGSoM with the focus shifting to identify the ‘Value Fit’ of aspirants, in alignment with the mission of the school. Talking about the shift, Prof. Rakesh Mediratta said, “We have moved from a push based approach to a pull based approach for admissions and have clearly relied on the strength of our PGDM program.”

Some of the key changes made by JAGSoM in its admission process are:

  1. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship: To attract the best students, JAGSoM has launched a unique scholarship covering Tuition fees, Hostel and even Food expenses! These 15 Scholarships are first of its kind in India and offer Infinite ROI for selected participants. It is also a unique innovation with a big Social Impact in terms of inclusiveness and affirmative action.
  2. Pull based approach adopted: JAGSoM has moved away from a “push based approach” to a “pull based approach” for admissions. This meant that JAGSoM did away with tele calling and admission leads approach and relied on organic student interest on the strength of its PGDM program.
  3. Rolling Admission Calendar: JAGSoM has also taken away the stress involved with the admission selection process by following a rolling admission calendar where slots were fixed on every Saturday in January, February and March. The school has moved away from the traditional approach towards admissions to create a stress free environment for aspirants, allowing them to choose slots as per their convenience.
  4. JAGMAT Aptitude Test: The intellectual capability of aspirants is now being tested through JAGSoM’s own aptitude test –JAGMAT, for the first time. JAGMAT comprises of three sections which tests the English Language Proficiency, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning skills of the aspirants.
  5. Group Exercise: Admission Selection Process at JAGSoM includes a unique “Group Exercise”. The 30-minute group exerciseis conducted in groups of six to eight candidates each for assessing the solution orientation of the candidates. Candidates need to discuss and arrive at a consensus before giving a solution or performing the assigned task. The objective of group exercises is to assess each aspirant’s behaviour while performing the group activity, which has specific time and resource constraints. The group exercises evaluate the teamwork, communication and collaboration skills of the aspirants.
  6. “Shoulder Batch” Interview: The group exercises are followed by an Interview with the “Shoulder Batch”, as well as Interviews with faculty, industry executives and alumni. The interviews are aimed at understanding the aspirations and interests of the aspirants including abilities such as design, music, and sensitivity to nature, and other intelligences that they may possess.

Speaking about her experience in the admission selection process this year, Ms. Drishty Sharma from the shoulder batch at JAGSoM said “My experience as a shoulder batch panellist in the admissions process was insightful since I was able to learn from the newcomers. I could see the focus and dedication in the students of the upcoming batch.”Mr. Aditya Singh, Course Coordinator for the Student Admission Committee at JAGSoM, also added, “Being part of the interviewing panel, I saw a lot of potential leaders attending theinterviews. I feel positive that this new batch will bring in new minds and fresh ideas to our school.”

JAGSoM Two year PGDM Admission 2022 are open for a few days. Apply Now

JAGSoM Batch Profile of Incoming PGDM 2022-24 Class
The incoming batch of PGDM 2022-24 selected so far offers an interesting mix. It is composed of 36% women, with more than 40% of the batch having work experience in corporates. More than 20% of the Incoming PGDM batch of 2022-24 has a total work experience of more than 1 year.

The incoming batch also has a good diversity in terms of their educational backgrounds, with more than 68% of the batch being non-engineers. 30% of the incoming batch hail from a commerce background and more than 20% of the batch has a bachelors’ degree in business administration.

The incoming batch at JAGSoM hails from 24 States across the country, with over 30% of the batch from the eastern states and 29% of the batch from the southern states. There are registrations also from international applicants.

What attracts students to JAGSoM?

So, what is attracting students to study at JAGSoM PGDM at Bangalore campus…well, there are many recent initiatives taken since 2020 that have positioned JAGSoM alongside the best B-schools in India. Let’s take a look.

  1. Rechristened from IFIM to JAGSoM: In October 2020, the school was rechristened as Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) with Padma Bhushan awardee Prof. Jagdish Sheth taking over as the Chairman of the Board of Governors. The school also added eminent international faculty and industry professionals as board members. Post the rechristening of the school, there has been a significant shift in all aspects of its program including the teaching-learning experience, the accreditation & rankings, the placements and of course the admission processes.
  2. New Curriculum based on a Study with National HRD Network: The school has developed a curriculum to groom T-shaped professionals aligned to industry 4.0. The curriculum was developed based on a study of industry needs in collaboration with the National HRD Network (NHRDN).This curriculum is delivered through a unique pedagogy of ‘Learning by Solving’ based on principles of design thinking, where students work in groups to solve real life problems supported by JAGSoM Industry partners and mentored by its faculty.
  3. Reaccreditation by AACSB: In February 2022, JAGSoM was re-accredited by the prestigious AACSB international, the gold standard of accreditation for top business schools across the world. JAGSoM’s BBA, PGDM, Executive PGDM and MBA programs offered across two campuses (Bangalore and Karjat – Greater Mumbai) are now accredited by AACSB.
  4. Top Rankings by QS and Business Today: JAGSoM is today one of the few institutions in India with an International profile: AACSB Accredited, QS Ranked for Marketing, Finance and Analytics. In 2021, Business Today ranked JAGSoM among the top 15 Business Schools in India for ‘Future Orientation’ and the No. 2 Business School in Bangalore. 
  5. Strong Final Placements: JAGSoM has reported the highest compensation of INR 22.25 lakhs per annum and average compensation of INR 10.58 lakhs per annum for PGDM Batch of 2022. The school saw the participation of more than 90+ recruiters with 40% of offers being from the IT and ITes sectors, followed by the Financial Services and Management Consulting sectors. Read more.

JAGSoM Two year PGDM Admission 2022 are open for a few days. Apply Now

So, what can the Incoming Batch 2022-24 expect?
Incoming student can actually expect a lot of learning experiences at JAGSoM such as:

  1. Career Tracks: Students at JAGSoM select “Career Tracks” aligned to their professional goals and do a deep dive immersion to acquire the required competencies and critical skills in order to become industry ready. Career Tracks are offered to students in MarTech, Sales & Service, FinTech, Capital Markets, Banking, Business Analytics and HR-Digital Transformation).
  2. Learning by Solving: The ‘Request for Problem’ (RFP) project is an integral component of the ‘Career Track’ Program facilitating ‘Learning by Solving’. Each year, JAGSoM invites industry partners to refer business problems that they are currently facing which student consulting teams help to solve, each led by a full-time faculty member or an interdisciplinary team of faculty members.
  3. On campus International Immersion: Due to the pandemic, in last 2 years, the international immersion module was conducted virtually. This year, students will be doing a physical immersion with international partners. JAGSoM has collaborated with Mays Business School, Texas A&M University in the area of marketing and Emory University in the area of finance. The students may also get a chance to attend Martech course with Darden School of Business, University of Virginia with whom JAGSoM has an established collaboration.

Let’s now look at learning opportunities for students in each of the key areas.

Opportunities in Marketing Area: Speaking about the Career Track program, Prof. M. Sivagnanasundaram, Associate Professor & Area Chair - Marketing at JAGSoM said “JAGSoM is the only business school in India that offers students an opportunity to undertake a specialization (Career Track) in MarTech jointly with Mays Business School, Texas A&M University with the opportunity to work on industry problems in the MarTech domain through the pedagogy of ‘Learning by Solving’.The Career Trackin MarTech covers all the tools which make it possible for a company to streamline and automate marketing processes, collect and analyse data and engage with its target audience in multiple ways.”

Finance & Banking Area: The incoming batch of students will be also be managing a unique Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) at JAGSoM. The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) at JAGSoM consists of a corpus of INR 2 Million and will be completely managed by students from the finance area in real time, creating a portfolio of a set of equity and structured products against benchmarks. The SMIF would enable students to improve their knowledge about the equity markets through the pedagogy of Learning by Solving.

The Career Track in Banking at JAGSoM is also very popular and is conducted in association with the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). Dr. Rajendra K Sinha, Professor & Chairperson, Centre of Excellence at JAGSoM, says, “India is poised to become the third largest banking hub in the world by 2040. In this background, JAGSoM and the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) signed an MoU to deliver the Career Track in Banking. IIBF is the leading banking training institution and is the largest global body of its kind with 770+ institutional members Banks/FIs and 7.7+ lac individual members.”The 10-credit career track in banking is run jointly and is aimed at honing the skills of participants who are interested in a career in the banking industry. The participants get to develop clarity on banking concepts and get hands-on application of such knowledge while solving real-life problems from banks. This career track includes two coveted certification courses from IIBF – Certified Credit Professional and Certified Treasury Professional. In addition, the project work of real-life problems (RFP) picked up from the banking industry, enables students to interact and work closely with executives from chosen players from the industry, while defining and solving a real-life business problem.

In a testament to the practice-oriented work being done at JAGSoM, the credit rating agency - Brickwork Ratings made a donation of INR 5 lakhs to the Finance Area at JAGSoM to fund various Thought Leadership initiatives.

Entrepreneurship Area: The rising potential of India as a hub for entrepreneurship can be observed in the number of unicorns that emerged in 2020-2021. Incoming students interested in entrepreneurship can also take up unique practice courses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at JAGSoM. Innovation and entrepreneurship are few of the key focus areas at JAGSoM. The main objective is to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurial talent and to nurture entrepreneurial orientation among students. Dr. Kamalika Chakraborty, Associate Professor, Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Jagdish Sheth School of Management said, “The Innovation Incubation Program at JAGSoM is specifically designed to provide students with a structured path for creating and launching their own startups right after the program or in the near future.” The Entrepreneurship area at JAGSoM is also adding several key partners for the benefit of its students. The school has signed an MoU with SpringUp Capital, a VC Fund and Accelerator to strengthen the start-up ecosystem for its PGDM students. JAGSoM will also be grooming entrepreneurs in association with SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India).

There are several other opportunities for JAGSoM students in Business Analytics and Leadership areas.

Vithala R. Rao Centre for Business Analytics: Prof. Vithala R. Rao, the Guru of conjoint analysis and multi-dimensional scaling and the Deane Malott Professor of Management Emeritus & Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University is directly mentoring the Digital Business & Analytics Area at JAGSoM. This year, JAGSoM is hosting the prestigious International Society for Data Sciences and Innovation Global (ISDSI-G) 2022 Conference on the theme – ‘Building sustainable businesses in the phygital world’. JAGSoM students will get an opportunity during this prestigious conference to interact physically with top professors, academic and industry experts in the area of Data Science and Analytics.

Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL): In addition to all the functional competencies, incoming students will also get a chance to develop their Leadership and Team building competencies. Incoming students will experience the unique Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL) at JAGSoM’s new campus in Greater Mumbai which is spread across sprawling 53 acres of land. The campus is nestled in the foothills of Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga in the Western Ghats (Sahyadri Hills) and is surrounded 270 degrees by misty hills. Speaking about the Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL), Prof. PS James who heads the same, stated "The Outbound Leadership Lab (OLL) has been designed to help students discover Team Building and Leadership competencies through exercises set in an Outdoor Environment. These outdoor exercises enable them to understand themselves and set them on the path of self-discovery.”

As a result of the unprecedented increase in the applicant pool, the Admissions for the PGDM Program at JAGSoM Bangalore will be closed by April 30. However, JAGSoM announces the opening of admissions for the ‘Right Brain MBA’at its Greater Mumbai campus. The Greater Mumbai campus of JAGSoM has also been accredited by AACSB in addition to JAGSoM’s Electronic City campus in Bangalore.'The Right Brain MBA' is an innovative MBA program designed for new-age professional roles that require creativity, innovation, design thinking and imagination. This program is delivered by creative domain specialist faculty, with multi-decade experience in innovative problem solving for commercial clients.

Commenting on the success of admission strategy adopted at JAGSoM this year, Prof. Rakesh Mediratta said, “The case of JAGSoM has conclusively proven that Institutions can grow through the strength of its academic programs, rather than merely on admission outreach.”

Two-year PGDM Admission 2022 at JAGSoMBangalore are closing on April 30, 2022. Interested candidates may Apply Now

Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.com for more updates on JAGSoM.

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