NIRF Rankings 2024: Release expected soon with Modi 3.0 Government Formed; Know What to expect this year!

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SK Aggarwal
SK Aggarwal
Updated on June 10, 2024
With the formation of Modi 3.0 Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 9, 2024, the NIRF Ranking 2024 is expected to be released in a few days, most likely in the second week of June. During the last two years also, NIRF was released in the month of June. There may be some surprises in NIRF 2024 like last year with a few IIMs and other B-schools going up in the ranking while some may lose their top places.
NIRF Rankings 2024: Release expected soon

NIRF Management Ranking 2024 is expected any time soon with the formation of Modi 3.0 Government at Centre on June 9, 2024 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is expected that the newly appointed Union Minister of Education will release the ranking in June 2024. Last year the NIRF 2023 was released on June 5, 2023 by the Minister of Education Shri Dharmendra Pradhan. NIRF 2024 will be the 9th Edition of Rankings. Every year, NIRF Ranking has many surprises. For instance, IIM Kozhikode displaced IIM Calcutta and got elevated to # 3 position; IIT Delhi lost its #4 place and slipped down to # 5. So, what can we expect from NIRF 2024! 

NIRF Ranking 2024: What to expect?
Before we talk about NIRF 2024, let’s rewind the clock and review what happened last year. There were many ups and downs as well as surprises in the NIRF Management Rankings 2023. In this context, what can we expect this year?  

1. IIM Kozhikode Registers Consistent Rise
Last year, ranked # 3 in NIRF Rankings 2023 – Management, IIM Kozhikode had displaced IIM Calcutta from Rank# 3 to #4. This was a big upset, as the IIM vocabulary, IIM ABC got changed to IIM ABKC. Of course, IIMK has been consistently and steadily rising in the NIRF ranking -- from Rank #6 in 2020 to Rank #5 in 2022 and Rank # 3 in 2023.

All eye will be on IIM Kozhikode to see if it can cement its place at #3 in NIRF 2024 Ranking.

2. IIT Delhi loses its 4th Rank
The ranking position of Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi, which was consistently going upwards and had reached Rank #4 in 2022 from # 8 in two years, has gone down at Rank # 5, still ahead of many older and well established IIMs behind. Wiil IIT Delhi hold its rank #5 or will go up again at #4 remains to be seen in NIRF 2024

3. IIM Mumbai Erstwhile NITIE Goes up at Rank #7
NITIE Mumbai, now IIM Mumbai, which was ranked #9 last year, has gone up by two places and is ranked #7 in NIRF Ranking 2023-Management. Registering a consistent growth since 2021, NITIE has leap frogged by 5 places from rank # 12 to #7 in 2023. All eye will be on IIM Mumbai, erstwhile NITIE, whether it is able to keep its Rank # 7 as IIM Mumbai in NIRF 2024

4. Second Generation IIM Raipur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Udaipur Go up by 3-6 Rank
IIM Raipur and IIM Raipur gave a surprise by gaining on 3 & 4 ranking positions. While IIM Raipur is ranked # 11 in 2023 from # 14 in 2022, IIM Rohtak has gone up at position # 12 in 2023 from rank # 16 in 2022. Similarly, IIM Udaipur had gone up by 6 places in NIRF Rankings 2023 and was awarded Rank #16 in NIRF Ranking 2023 from Rank # 22 last year. In NIRF 2024, all eye will be on these second generation IIMs whether they move up some places in ranking positions or would slip down.

6. Few PGDM B-Schools in Top 20?
Top PGDM B-schools offer industry relevant curriculum, use innovative & modern pedagogic tools which result in their high placements, yet Ministry of Education NIRF Management Ranking 2023 reflects that only 3 PGDM B-schools were ranked among top 20 B-Schools. While XLRI was ranked # 9, MDI Gurugram was ranked # 13 followed by SPJIMR Mumbai which is ranked # 20. However, there are 25 PGDM B-schools which are ranked among top 100 this year. In other top management rankings like, Business Today, these PGDM B-schools are ranked among top 10 B-schools in India. All eye will be on the top PGDM B-schools in NIRF 2024 Ranking whether they still struggle to take top ranking positions or get elevated among top 5-10 B-schools.

7. Some IITs Lose Positions
IIT Madras which was ranked # 10 last year has gone down to Rank #15 in NIRF Rankings 2023, while IIT Kharagpur which was ranked # 12 last year, has lost its position and has gone down to Rank # 14. It remains to be seen whether the IITs gain their lost ground in NIRF Ranking 2024-Management.

8. Private Universities Offering MBA: Getting Upper Hand
Many private universities like Amity, Lovely Professional University and others where placement is way behind the Government University MBA colleges are ranked high in NIRF Ranking 2023. All eye will be on them whether they can hold to their Ranking positions or slip down.

NIRF Ranking: Released in 13 Key Areas
Last year NIRF Ranking covered top institutes and universities of India in 13 key areas. It is expected that the NIRF Ranking 2024 will be released in the same areas  namely, Overall Ranking of top Institutes and Universities; Top Universities; Top Colleges; Top Research Institutions; Top Engineering Institutes; Top Management Institutes; Top Pharmacy Institutes; Top Medical Colleges; Top Dental Institutes; Top Law Colleges & Universities; Top Architectural & Planning Institutes; Top Agricultural & Allied Sector Institutes; Top Institutes with Innovation

NIRF Management Rankings Methodology
NIRF gives 60% weightage to Faculty and Research, while it offers only 20% weightage to Graduation Outcomes, where Placements/Salary is sub parameter. The parameters and weightages assigned by NIRF Management Rankings last year are as below:

NIRF Management Rankings: Parameters & Weightages

Sr. No.
Ranking weight
Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR)
Research and Professional Practice (RP)
Graduation Outcomes (GO)
Outreach and Inclusivity (OI)
Perception (PR)

Source: NIRF

Like last year, this year again the NIRF 2024 Ranking-Management is expected to comprise of 125 top B-schools.

NIRF 2024 Management Ranking is the 9th edition of Ministry of Education NIRF Rankings. The first NIRF MBA Ranking was released on April 4, 2016 and since then the Ministry of Education NIRF Ranking was released in the month of April till 2019. In 2020 NIRF Rankings were released in June and NIRF Rankings 2021 Management were released in September 2021, NIRF MBA Rankings 2022 was released on July 15, 2022 and NIRF MBA Ranking 2023 was released on June 5, 2023. Every year NIRF Ranking surprises the management community with various top IIMs and other B-schools getting elevated displacing present B-schools or getting slipped down.

Stay tuned to for more updates on National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)