NIRF Rankings 2024 Release Delayed: Implications and When to Expect?

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SK Aggarwal
SK Aggarwal
Updated on June 24, 2024
One of the most credible Rankings, Govt of India NIRF Ranking, which was released on June 5, 2023 last year, has been delayed this year and is yet to be released. The delay has impacted thousands of MBA aspirants who take admission decision based on NIRF Rankings. The delay is also impacting the B-schools who lost their well established ranking places last year but are anticipating improvement in their rankings. Read below the implications of delay in release of NIRF Ranking 2024 and when is the expected date of release
NIRF Rankings 2024: Release Delayed

The release of 9th Edition of NIRF Management Ranking 2024 has been delayed. Last year the NIRF Ranking was released on June 5, 2023 but this year it has not been released so far. After the formation of Modi 3.0 Government at Centre on June 9, 2024 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it was expected that the newly appointed Union Minister of Education will release the NIRF ranking in a few days. However, the same is yet to be released. The delay in release of  NIRF ranking is making adverse impact both on B-schools and students.

Impact of Delay on B-schools
The delay in release of NIRF Ranking 2024 has impacted adversely the B -schools. In last year rankings, there were many surprises as many top B-schools got elevated at higher ranking places while many top ones lost their well established ranking position. For example, IIM Kozhikode displaced IIM Calcutta from Rank# 3 to #4; IIM Mumbai, had gone up at Rank #7 from Rank #9. Such gainers would like to see them go up further or at least retain their ranking position in 2024 while those who lost have been waiting to see whether they have bounced back. IIT Madras which slided down to Rank # 15 from rank # 10; IIT Kharagpur which lost its 12th position and had gone down at Rank # 14 are anticipating a come back in the forthcoming NIRF Ranking 2024.

Besides, most of the top B schools had to complete their admission process as per the norms and have commenced their academic session after waiting for the release of NIRF Ranking 2024. IIM Ahmedabad has already commenced the session on June 20, 2024; MDI Gurgaon has also inaugurated its new 2024-26 batch

Impact of Delay on MBA Aspirants
MBA Aspirants who rely on NIRF Ranking Management while taking admission decisions, had to go by last year rankings, without knowing whether the B-school would go up in ranking places or would slide down. Since the B-schools have finalized their admission and the process has been closed, it is also difficult for the students to wait for long.

What to Expect in NIRF Ranking 2024?
Every year, NIRF Ranking brings surprises. Last year, apart from IIM Kozhikode which displaced IIM Calcutta from Ranking # 3, IIT Delhi lost its #4 place and slipped down to # 5.  On the other hand, the new and baby IIMs which were not found any where in NIRF Ranking earlier, got included among top B-schools. While IIM Raipur had gone up at Ranke # 11 in 2023 from # 14 in 2022, IIM Rohtak had gone up at position # 12 in 2023 from rank # 16 in 2022.  As such, many ups and downs as well as surprises are expected in the NIRF Management Rankings.

Possible Reasons of Release in NIRF Ranking 2024
The two events that might further delay the release of NIRF Rankings 2024, are the Current Session of Parliament which will continue till July 3, 2024 and the hue and cry on Medical Entrance NEET 2024 paper leak, which is being investigated by CBI.

As such, the NIRF Ranking 2024 is delayed and is expected to be released after a few days by the Education Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan.

NIRF Ranking: Key Areas of Release
NIRF Ranking covers top institutes and universities of India. Last year it was released in 13 key areas including Overall Ranking of top Institutes; Top Universities; Top Colleges; Top Research Institutions; Top Engineering Institutes; Top Management Institutes; Top Pharmacy Institutes; Top Medical Colleges; Top Dental Institutes; Top Law Colleges & Universities; Top Architectural & Planning Institutes; Top Agricultural & Allied Sector Institutes; Top Institutes with Innovation

Government of India released the 1st edition of NIRF Ranking on April 4, 2016 and since then the MHRD NIRF Ranking was released in the month of April till 2019. In 2020 NIRF Rankings were released in June and NIRF Rankings 2021 Management were released in September 2021, NIRF MBA Rankings 2022 was released on July 15, 2022 and NIRF MBA Ranking 2023 was released on June 5, 2023. It is expected that NIRF Ranking 2024 might be released in a few days from now.

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