Inspite of slowdown, SDMIMD is resilient, 100% placements expected soon; plans for continued quality improvement: Dr N R Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD Mysore

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Updated on January 19, 2021
SDMIMD Mysore is one B-school that has made rapid strides in last few years with high emphasis on globalization and quality improvement processes. SDMIMD has also achieved 100 percent placement with marquee recruiters onboard. Since March 2020, SDMIMD has also taken many steps to continue its march during COVID 19 pandemic
Dr N R Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD Mysore

With high emphasis on globalization and quality improvement processes, SDMIMD Mysore is one B-school that has made rapid strides in last few years. As a result of all round program improvements, SDMIMD has also achieved 100 percent placement with marquee recruiters onboard. Since March 2020, SDMIMD also took many steps to continue its march during COVID 19 pandemic.

SDMIMD Mysore Admissions 2021 - Apply Now spoke to Dr N R Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD Mysore to know more about the recent initiatives and his future plans for the institutions. Dr Parasuraman was recognized by leading global accreditation body EFMD recently and we started our discussions with this topic itself. Edited excepts from the interview follow: 

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Q: On Dec 17, 2020, EFMD bestowed you with a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ in Brussels for your contribution to management education. How did this recognition come about...
I was appointed as a member of the EFMD Program Accreditation Board in 2019, and have been regular in attending the meetings and participating in the decisions regarding accreditation to various B-schools round the world. I also acted as a Peer Review Team member in accrediting an overseas University.  All these happened from March, 2020 on virtual mode. Perhaps this recognition is for these efforts to promote quality management education.

Q. Please share about progress at SDMIMD in the last few years?
There has been noteworthy progress in the last few years, such as:

  • International accreditation by two leading world agencies – EFMD and ACBSP
  • Consequent to this, signing up 15 international tie-up arrangements for student and faculty exchange
  • 20-25% of students getting a chance to study a whole term abroad
  • Being host to International students on Exchange
  • 100% Placements with reputed national and international companies
  • Scholarship schemes for students to the tune of Rs. 70 lakhs every year
  • Quantum increase in research output by faculty

Q. How has SDMIMD achieved this improvement…
A: One of the greatest challenges in any B-school is to ascertain and maintain the relative level of quality on various parameters – curriculum, pedagogy, projects, evaluation and overall preparation of students- compared to globally accepted standards. Over the last few years, we have put in place a well-oiled system of constant monitoring and giving shape to transparent assessment rubrics. The 15 international tie-ups that SDMIMD has enabled us to freely exchange views and best practices with our partners. In my view, it is the open-mindedness and the conviction that perfect quality is a continuous process, that sets SDMIMD team going. We have benefited greatly from the accreditation process and the subsequent interaction with senior Deans and faculty of many reputed overseas universities. The approach has been to lay down clear parameters and consistently work on record-based improvement on these. Of course, this is a continuous process, but we feel that the direction is right, and the message is clear. The impact on students who are the principal stakeholders can be seen in their improved performance and subsequent growth.

Q. In last few years, SDMIMD has put a lot of emphasis on International Accreditations and Rankings. What are the results…
A: As I shared, we have received International Accreditation by two leading world agencies – EFMD and ACBSP. We are also ranked by a top international ranking agency.

Recognizing the quality of management education and internationalization, Global accreditation body European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has awarded the prestigious EPAS International Accreditation to SDMIMD's flagship PGDM program. SDMIMD is the first Indian B-school to receive EPAS accreditation. The accreditation was originally awarded in 2017 and has been subsequently been renewed.

SDMIMD also received the International accreditation from Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA, for the 2-Year Residential flagship programme – Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). The accreditation is valid for 10 years.

SDMIMD is the first and only B School in India to get dual accreditation from EFMD and ACBSP. Recently, recognizing the overall excellent practices at SDMIMD, I Gauge, the Indian wing of the global ranking agency QS, has rated us in the highest Diamond category.  Recognizing the noticeable impact that SDMIMD has been making for its stakeholders, EFMD has also awarded the prestigious BSIS label to us

These rankings and accreditation are a vindication of our efforts towards total quality.  These have certainly helped us in our visibility and consequently better acceptance by the corporate houses and student aspirants.

Q: Coming to Covid Year 2020, what initiatives did to take to ensure that students learning remains uninterrupted?
Ours is one of the few Institutes in the country which quickly started the academic program on online mode. We started this on schedule in June, 2020 itself while many leading schools including IIMs started classes online only by August. We set up studios in the campus for simulating face-to-face sessions to the extent possible. This included writing facility and multiple cameras to enable Faculty to stand up and deliver classes if so chosen,  Further, in the normal course we would have had around 50 guest lectures from various industry captains and senior executives.  Given the COVID situation, we replaced this with a host of lectures by executives, foreign deans and alumni. 

Q: Can you please share Placement 2020 highlight, and share how Placements 2021 is taking shape? Also, what are some of the key placement/job 2021 trends?
Last year, SDMIMD recorded 100 percent Placement 2019-20, with three months to go for the completion of the program. All students were placed with the highest salary of Rs. 9.5 lakhs, average salary of Rs. 7.70 lakhs. Deloitte, Ernst & Young GDS, Morgan Stanley, Infosys, IBM, TCS, Federal Bank, HDFC Limited were some of the top recruiters.

This year, despite Covid 19 and consequent slowing of hiring, SDMIMD has stayed resilient and as of December 2020, almost 50% of the PGDM 2019-21 batch has been placed. The campus recruitment this year has been totally virtual. Some of the top recruiters till now are Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Oracle, Infosys, HDFC, EY, Tech Mahindra, Naukri, BFIL etc. Apart from these, quite a few of our regular recruiters have confirmed their visit (virtual) to our campus. We expect all 100% eligible students to be placed before end of the academic year.

Q: How does SDMIMD plan to improve further? What are future plans…
There are several plans on the anvil.  First and foremost is the progressive aligning of the program to social, ethical and sustainability dimensions by drawing heavily from the ethos of our parent Dharmasthala Trust.  These will involve more projects, more practical exposure, and general sensitisation of the students towards these lofty ideals. Secondly, we wish to develop the 1-year PGCM program into a higher level. For this, we are in the process of finalizing arrangements with the National Stock Exchange, and a leading entrepreneurship support body Silicon Road Inc. for orienting students towards specializations in Investment Finance and/or Entrepreneurship. Thirdly, we are working on new blended offerings to cater to the corporate requirements. Lastly, we wish to work on the exciting possibilities of international study and collaboration, including multi-country degrees.

Q. For MBA aspirants, what are key USPs of SDMIMD?
Let me start by sharing that SDMIMD has a great campus with great facilities for students including single room accommodation. We have an array of professional databases including Harvard site license, air-conditioned classrooms, great team of Faculty with a blend of corporate experience and academics. You can study abroad for a whole term along with great scholarship schemes to the tune of Rs. 70 lakhs per year. Last but not the least SDMIMD has recorded 100% Placements for many years. Admissions 2021 are open and students can apply on this link SDMIMD Mysore Admissions 2021 - Apply Now

Stay tuned to for more updates on SDMIMD, Mysore