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Updated on
December 8, 2020

CAT Answer Key 2020: Check How to Download, Verify and file Objection


Latest Update: CAT 2020 Answer Key has been Released at 10 AM on December 8 by IIM Indore. You can check CAT Answer Keys 2020 for all Slots – Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3 on CAT official website


Candidates who appeared in CAT 2020 on November 29, 2020 in any of the three slots, can check both the Official CAT Answer Key as well as their Individual Response sheet to Questions. If you have taken CAT 2020, you can check the official CAT 2020 Answers and compare with your answers that you had submitted while taking the test. This will help you get your exact CAT 2020 score, and get your likely CAT 2020 Cut off. 

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Read on for complete details on key dates, how you can check CAT Answer Key and calculate your score & percentile with your Response Sheet. Also understand how you can file objection on CAT answer key with step by step process.  

CAT Answer Key 2020 Release Date, Time and Last Date
According to the Announcement made on CAT website on Sunday Dec 6, “The Objection Management tab for CAT 2020 will be active from 10.00 AM on December 8, 2020 till 5:00 PM on December 11, 2020. Candidates will be able to see the Answer Key as well as their Individual Responses to Questions during this duration.”  Following this announcement,  IIM Indore has released the CAT 2020 Answer Keys for all Slots – Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3. Here are key details:

CAT Answer Key Activity
Important Dates
CAT 2020 Answer key Release
December 8, 2020
CAT 2020 Answer Key Release Time
10 AM
Last Date to Check & Download CAT Answer Key
December 11, 2020
CAT 2020 Answer Key download closing time
5.00 PM
Last date & time to challenge and file  objection form to CAT Answer key
December 11, 2020 till 5.00PM
From where to Download CAT Answer Key 2020 (CAT official website)

Which all CAT Answer Keys are released?
IIM Indore has released following information on CAT Answer Key

  • CAT 2020 Official Answer Key for Slot 1
  •  CAT 2020 Official Answer Key for Slot 2
  • CAT 2020 Official Answer Key for Slot 3
  • Response Sheet for all candidates

So, you can download your CAT 2020 answer key PDF from official CAT website by login with your CAT login ID and password from December 8 onwards. 

What you can check with CAT Answer Key

From December 8 to 11, 2020, you can check the following with the release of official CAT answer key

  • You can check your individual responses (Answers) that you marked in CAT 2020 exam
  • You can also check the correct answer key vis-à-vis your marked answer for the respective question

What is CAT Response Sheet? 
IIM Indore has released the CAT 2020 Slot-1, Slot-2 and Slot-3 official answer key separately. CAT 2020 answer key is known as CAT response sheet which contains correct and incorrect answers alongwith questions for all the CAT exam takers and is released on official CAT website slot wise.


The CAT response sheet consists of your individual answers to CAT questions. It enables the CAT exam takers to check their answers viz-a-viz correct answers by IIMs. If not satisfied with the IIMs’ version of answers, you can challenge it. To get access the CAT answer key, you need to download it from CAT website.   


You can download your CAT 2020 answer key from official CAT website, by login with your CAT login ID and password.  CAT 2020 response sheet has been released to enable the CAT exam takers to file objection to the answers which are considered wrong by the IIMs. 

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11 Key Facts About CAT Answer Keys 2020

  1. The CAT Answer keys were first released by IIMs for the CAT exam held in 2017. CAT 2020 Slot 1 Slot 2 and slot-3 Answer Key are released simultaneously to enable the candidates who have appeared in any slot of CAT exam to check the CAT questions and CAT Answer Key for his/her respective CAT question paper.
  2. CAT 2020 answer keys have been released by IIM Indore, the CAT exam convener on December 8 at 10 AM and the last date to check CAT answer key and file objection is Dec 11, 2020
  3. CAT answer keys 2020 are available only for those candidates who have actually appeared in CAT 2020 exam. They can access the CAT answer key for the question paper which they have attempted.
  4. CAT answer keys enable the test takers to check & verify their CAT answers and thereby arrive at their expected CAT score to explore chances for MBA admission 2021 in IIMs, FMS, MDI, SPJIMR, IITs and other preferred colleges.
  5. CAT 2020 answer keys can be accessed by login to CAT official website with CAT 2020 login ID and password
  6. CAT answer keys Pdf  release is followed by a Query-cum-objection form and the candidates who are not satisfied with the CAT 2020 answer keys can challenge any answer by submitting objection to CAT centre 2020 to get the same redressed after paying requisite fee of Rs.1200/-. If an objection raised by a candidate is found to be valid, the remedial measures taken by IIMs will be applicable to all the candidates.
  7. The objections received for CAT answer keys 2020 by the CAT centre will be reviewed. If there is no change perceived by experts in the CAT answer key, the objection will not be entertained
  8. CAT solutions Pdf 2020 is released for all type of questions MCQs & Non-MCQs that appeared in CAT exam
  9. CAT solutions 2020 contain CAT 2020 answer keys with detailed solutions for the three sections – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC); Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR); and Quantitative Ability (QA)
  10. All the answer keys for CAT 2020 for MCQs after taking into account the negative marking and only all correct CAT 2020 answer keys for Non-MCQs are counted for percentile calculation in CAT exam 2020
  11. CAT answer keys 2020 consist of CAT 2020 Question Paper with solutions pdf for all the question sets that appeared in CAT exam 2020

Last date to Raise objection on CAT Answer Key
The last date to raise CAT 2020 answer key objection is December 11, 2020 which is 3 days after the release of CAT answer key. Four key points to note about raising objection to CAT answer key are:

  • The CAT 2020 objection form to challenge the official CAT answer keys is released a day after from the date of release of CAT 2020 answer key
  • No changes are allowed after submission of your CAT answer key objection form
  • An objection fee of Rs.1200/- to challenge each official answer key will have to be paid per objection. You can raise only one objection at a time. 

How to Get CAT 2020 Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3 Answer Keys
You need to download CAT 2020 answer key from CAT official website and should follow the process below to check CAT 2020 answer key and related questions as below:

  1. Log on to CAT official website and Submit your CAT Login and User ID on “Login"
  2. Your Personal CAT Page will appear. This has 2 tabs:
    1. Applicant Details
    2. Candidate Response
  3. The icon on CAT website means that you can check here the CAT 2020 answer key, your answer status, and the correct answer to the respective question. 
  4. Next step is to click on ‘Candidate Response’ Tab. This will enable you to download your CAT answer key for the slot in which you appeared in the CAT exam and check each question, its answer status and the correct answer option marked in green by IIM Indore. The complete document contains CAT 2020 answers with questions. This contains all CAT answers & questions that appeared to you in your slot of CAT exam with official correct answer keys.  The CAT answer keys contain your own marked answers also for the CAT questions for the respective slot.
  5. If you have any doubt on official CAT answer key to any question in your slot of CAT exam, you can submit your doubts in the ‘Objection Form’. But remember, there is a cost which runs in thousands for filing each objection to the CAT official answer key 

CAT Answer Keys Download: Step by Step Process 
The key steps involved to download and check your CAT answer keys are shared screen by screen as below.


Step-1: Log on to CAT official website: Submit your CAT Id and Password

cat login

Step-2: Your Personal CAT Page will appear. This has a Candidate Response tab. Follow the instructions on this page.



Step-3: Click on ‘Candidate Response’ Tab to download your response for CAT 2020. It is your Response Sheet which contains your own marked answers in the exam as shown in the example below

cat question

cat question

cat question


Important Instructions to File Objection to CAT Answer Key
Candidates should follow important instructions shared below and as released by IIMs to file objection to CAT answer key:

  1. The candidate can look at the Question Id from the Question Paper PDF available beside the "Candidate Response" tab. Candidate should ensure that the Question Id is as per the Question Paper PDF only.
  2. After the candidate has filled all the required fields such as Section Name, Question Id etc., (s)he should click on "Pay & Submit" button to complete the payment process and submit the objection successfully.
  3. Applicable fee is Rs. 1200* per objection. This fee does not include transaction Processing Fee and applicable GST (if any).
  4. Objection fee (excluding transaction charges) will be refunded in case your objection is found valid by CAT expert panel.
  5. Objections once submitted cannot be edited later.
  6. Only one objection can be raised at a time.
  7. Response of the concerned examination authority will be treated as final against the objections raised. In case this process leads to any change in the evaluation mechanism, the decision taken by the concerned authority will be treated as final.
  8. Wherever applicable, the indicated mark of 1 for wrong answer is the mark deducted for incorrect answer.  

Eligibility to Check CAT Exam Answer Key
The CAT answer keys will be available for view and download only for the CAT 2020 test takers who have actually taken the CAT exam 2020.


A candidate who appears in Slot 1 can check CAT 2020 Slot 1 Answer Key and the candidate who appeared in Slot 2 or slot 3 can verify his answers with the respective slot of CAT Answer Keys. If you have appeared in Slot 1, you are not eligible to check CAT 2020 Slot 2 answer keys and if you have appeared in Slot 2 or 3, you are not eligible to view and check other slot of CAT 2020 answer keys. 

Alongwith the CAT answer keys, there will an objection form to raise objection in case the CAT test taker is not satisfied with CAT answer keys published on the official CAT exam website. The CAT answer keys can be accessed with CAT login ID and Password.  

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Who Releases CAT Answer Keys?
Only the CAT convening IIM releases the CAT answer key. Accordingly, the CAT 2020 exam Conducting IIM, the IIM Indore has released the CAT 2020 answer keys along with CAT 2020 question paper on December 8, 2020. The CAT 2020 Question Papers with solutions pdf for all the sets is live on official CAT website


Why the CAT Answer Keys are released?
The CAT answer keys pdf is released for the CAT exam alongwith an objection form suggesting the CAT exam takers to submit their queries and objections in case they are not satisfied CAT question paper with solutions.


A period of 3 days is allowed for the candidates to raise and submit their objections against the CAT solutions. 

CAT Answer Keys: Consists of Question paper & correct solutions
CAT 2020 answer keys for each slot have 76 answers. Total questions in CAT were also 76 and were divided into 54 MCQs with negative marking for wrong answers and 22 Non-MCQs without negative marking. There are four question paper sets in CAT exam. Alongwith the answer key, IIMs have released the CAT question paper with solutions for all the slots and for all the four question paper sets. However, on login to CAT official website, the test taker can get access only to the CAT question paper with answer keys pdf that he attempted in his/her slot.  


Browser to Check CAT Answer Keys 2020
Since there is heavy rush of the test takers who wish to check the CAT 2020 Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot-3 answer keys and to file the objection queries on  CAT 2020 website, it is advisable to open the CAT 2020 website in mozila firefox with the recommended version to get faster navigation through the page. 

CAT 2020 Answer Keys: Know the Scoring Pattern
Each correct answer in CAT 2020 carries +3 marks and each wrong answer imposes a negative penalty of -1 mark for MCQ type questions. However, there is no negative marking for wrong answers on Non-MCQ type questions. What you attempted in CAT 2020 exam, if you remember a good part of it, you may arrive at your near CAT raw scores and on its basis check what percentile you could get with the help of CAT answer keys. Following table guides you about your expected score as per the CAT 2020 sectional composition:

Section as per CAT exam Pattern
Total questions
Total MCQs (With negative marking)
Total Non-MCQs (Without negative marking)
Total Maximum Marks
Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)

Source: analysis


Every year, there are grumblings on the ambiguous answer options in CAT exam. The release of CAT 2020 answer keys help candidates to raise their genuine queries against such answers which are not found correct and the candidates are not satisfied with them.


Q. When will the CAT 2020 answer key be released?
Ans. CAT 2020 answer key release date is December 8, 2020. It has been released at 10 AM


Q. Who releases the CAT answer key?
Ans. CAT conducting IIM Indore has released the CAT answer key.


Q. What is the difference between CAT Answer Keys and CAT Response Sheet?
Ans. CAT Answer key and CAT response sheet is the same document


Q. How the CAT response sheet/answer key is released?
Ans. CAT 2020 response sheet/answer key has been released on the official CAT website for slot-1, slot-2, and slot-3 separately


Q. How can I get access to CAT 2020 response sheet/answer key?
Ans.  After the CAT 2020 answer key is live, you need to download it by login to CAT official website with your CAT ID/Password


Q. Can anyone who had applied for CAT 2020 get the answer key?
Ans. No, only the actual CAT 2020 test taker can download CAT answer key with questions for the test paper that he/she attempted.


Q. What does the CAT response sheet contain?
Ans. It has all the CAT questions as contained in your test paper with your right or wrong responses or no responses duly marked by IIMs right or wrong.


Q. If I am not satisfied with the CAT answer responses marked wrong by IIMs, what should I do?
Ans. You can file objection through the objection from as provided by IIMs till the last date which is 3 days after the answer key is live and 2 days after the objection form is live on CAT website


Q. Is there any fee to challenge the wrong answers as marked by IIMs in response sheet?
Ans. Yes a fee of Rs.1200/- is charged for each answer objection. The fee should be paid online. If you wish to raise more than one objection, you should multiply this amount accordingly with the number of objections

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