CAT 2019 toppers

CAT 2019 Toppers List, Highlights & Interview

CAT 2019 Toppers

CAT 2019 Result was declared on January 4, 2020. Check list of CAT 2019 Toppers, Highlights and CAT 2019 Toppers Interview. This page will be updated regularly...


CAT 2019 Topper Highlights

  • Only 10 candidates have scored overall 100 percentile
  • All the 10 candidates are males and are from the engineering/technology background.
  • Of these 10 Toppers, 6 candidates are from the IITs, 2 candidates are from the NITs, and 1 candidate is from Jadavpur University.
  • Of the candidates scoring an overall 100 percentile, 4 candidates are from Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 21 candidates have scored an overall 99.99 percentile in CAT 2019. Again, 19 candidates are from the engineering/technology.


Meet 2 CAT 2019 Toppers from IIT Bombay

Rahul Manglik and Somansh Chordia, both friends and students of the final-year mechanical engineering programme at IIT Bombay, have cracked CAT 2019 – that too in their first attempt! Nagpur boy Somansh Chordia scored a perfect 100 percentile, and Delhi lad Rahul Manglik scored 99.99 percentile. Both of them prepared for CAT 2019 together, and focused on Mock Tests and analysed their performances after completing the test. They attempted at least 30 mocks during preparation. Not surprisingly, IIM Ahmedabad is the dream B-school for CAT 2019 Topper Somansh Chordia.

Meet Mumbaikar Rishi Mittal who scored 100% in 1st attempt!
Mumbai boy Rishi Mittal is a final year BTech civil engineering student from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Surat who scored 100 %tile in CAT 2019. What makes his success remarkable is that CAT 2019 was Rishi’s first attempt at belling the CAT! Rishi scored 99.99 percentile in Quant, 100 in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, but scored 98.76 percentile in Verbal abilities. CAT is an easy exam, one can crack it if they are honest in their preparation, is Rishi’s message to CAT aspirants. Not surprisingly, Rishi wants to join one of the Top 2 IIMs.


Meet PESIT Bangalore student Ashwin who score 100 % and wants to join IIMB
Ashwin H., a 22-year-old engineer from Bengaluru, has secured a perfect score of 100 %ile in his second attempt at CAT exam. The electronics and communications engineer graduated from PESIT last year and joined a private IT firm. Last year, he secured 99.36 percentile in CAT 2018. He wasn’t satisfied with the score even though he got calls from FMS Delhi and IIM Kozhikode. He wrote CAT 2019 and rest is history! Ashwin is aspiring to join one of the top IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta or FMS-Delhi. Indeed, But IIM-Bangalore is his top choice as he will not miss his family.


Meet Jadavpur University student who scored 100 % but said no to IIMs
Debarshi Chanda, who scored a perfect 100 percentile in CAT 2019, is presently studying for her Masters in Energy Studies at the School of Energy Studies in Jadavpur University. But Debarshi does not want to go for an MBA degree. He has higher aims. He wants to do Phd in Economics and contribute towards developing the economic condition of the country. Debarshi has done his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University and had joined a private bank where he worked from 2018 to 2019, before joining his Masters program. 

Meet Patrick D’Souza, who scored 100 Percentile sixth time!
Mumbai based MBA coaching faculty Patrick D’Souza scored a 100 percentile for the sixth time. D’Souza, who has been taking the exam for the past 16 years to understand the changing pattern of the papers, scored a perfect 100 percentile. “This was my sixth time getting a 100 percentile. I took the test to understand how the patterns are changing every year so I can teach my students accordingly,” said D’Souza.


CAT 2019 Topper Rahul Gupta makes Mumbai proud
Rahul Gupta from Mumbai has scored 100 percentile in his third attempt.


Meet CAT 2019 Toppers from Hyderabad

  • Satwik Rao Kolluru scored 99.99 %tile in CAT 2019. He is pursuing final year Civil Engineering at IIT Mumbai.
  • Sameer Ahmed scored 99.88 %tile in CAT 2019. He works at L&T, and is alumnus of NIT Warangal.
  • Sujith Ramagiri scored 99.79 %tile in CAT 2019. He is a Student of NIT, Warangal. He is placed in Quantiphi Analytics.

Meet 99 Percentiler Rahul, Prasoon, Shreyansh from Kanpur & Lucknow
It’s not just big town boys that have done well in CAT 2019. Students from smaller cities like Lucknow and Kanpur have also fared well.


Shreyaansh Gupta, final year undergraduate student at the IIT Kanpur scored 99.99 percentile in his very first attempt. Shreyaansh prepared for CAT at TIME Kanpur. “My CAT score is according to my expectations as I was giving mock tests of TIME and was scoring 99.5+ in it. I always dreamt of doing MBA from the top IIMs and I am elated on getting such a good score,” said Shreyaansh.


Rahul Sharma of coaching centre Team Satyam also scored 99.99 percentile at the CAT 2019 exam. Team Satyam claimed four students from their coaching institute have secured a 99+ percentile score, with more than 23 students getting more than a 90%ile. According to a media report, their student Vaibhav Tiwari got 99.77 %ile, Aditya Mohan 99.26 %ile, Abhishek Paul 99.05 %ile.


Prasoon Botham, who scored 99.88 percentile, prepared at TIME Lucknow. He did his engineering from MNNIT Allahabad in Computer science. This was his first attempt at the test.


Meet 3 Toppers from Chandigarh - Sahil Singla, Mannat Kaur, Muktesh Singh Anand
Sahil Singla scored 99.88 percentile in CAT 2019. Singla had been preparing for the CAT examination since February 2019. He belongs to Punjab’s Bathinda district but he was getting coaching at Chandigarh-based coaching institute Bulls Eye. Singla did his graduation in computer science at IIIT-Hyderabad.


Muktesh Singh Anand, a final year student of Computer Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, scored 99.79 percentile.


Mannat Kaur, final-year student of BTech at Panjab University’s Hoshiarpur campus, scored 99.61 percentile in her first attempt at the CAT. Kaur studied at DPS Chandigarh and Mount Carmel School.


CAT 2019 Toppers​ List – 100 Percentilers

CAT Toppers Percentile
Somansh Chordia 100
Patrick D’Souza 100
Rahul Gupta 100
Rishi Mittal 100
Ashwin H. 100
Debarshi Chanda 100


CAT 2019 Toppers​ List – 99.99 Percentilers

Candidate  City CAT 2019 Percentile Education 
RAJESH B Chennai 99.99 BTECH
LAKSHYA KUMAR Delhi 99.99 BMS - Management Studies
ANURAG Faridabad 99.99 BTECH
RAHUL SHARMA Faridabad 99.99 BTECH
SUMIT KHANNA Chandigarh 99.99 BTECH
B GAUTHAM RAO Mangaluru 99.99 BTECH will publish CAT 2019 Toppers List and CAT 2019 Toppers soon. Stay tuned!


CAT 2018 Toppers List and CAT 2018 Toppers Interview: Rounak Majumdar, Swapnil Suman

CAT 2018 Result were declared at 10AM on January 5, 2019. Here are some key CAT Toppers trends for CAT 2018.

  • Maximum 100 percentile was secured by 11 students in CAT 2018. Rounak Majumdar & Swapnil Suman are two of them.
  • All 11 toppers are Male and all are from Engineering/Technology education background.
  • A total of 21 candidates have scored an overall 99.99 %. Out of 21, 19 candidates from engineering or technology background.
  • Out of 2,09,405 candidates who took CAT 2018, 1,36,075 were male students and 73326 were girls
  • Seven students from Maharashtra have secured 100 %, while two from West Bengal, and one each from Karnataka and Bihar.
  • Twin brothers and IIT Delhi students have both secured 99.9 percentile! has published CAT Toppers List and CAT Toppers Interview below. Check now.

CAT Toppers 2018 

cat toppers 2018

CAT 2018 Topper List
Overall Percentile
Amit Bikram
Niranjan Prasad
Rickshesh Manchanda
Rounak Majumdar
Swapnil Suman
Kaustubh Vyas
Kishan Kashyap
Mayur Arora
Kushaagr Panwar
Kuldeep Atri
Avinash Misal
Pratik Mishra
Sakshat Goel
Tushar Goel
  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Amit Bikram
    Scaled score in CAT 2018: 235.18
  • Overall 100 Percentile
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension - 79.59 (99.6%)
  • Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation - 60.51 (99.93%)
  • Quantitative Ability - 95.07 (100%)
  • Amit Bikram belongs to Mumbai and he plans to join one of the top three IIMs-IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Calcutta.

Preparation Strategy:
Amit Started Self Preparation in May 2018. He spent first two months in concept revision and strengthening the fundamentals and did not take coaching for theory part. He started Taking Mock from August 2018 with one Mock per week and analysed it for mistakes and improved.


Later he took one mock per day during the month before CAT 2018 exam day. In all attempted 30+ Mocks he was weak in VARC and DILR and consistently worked upon to improve on them and scored well.


Amit took the Mocks from Career Launcher and registered for e-Test series of IMS and practiced the variety of questions from Arun Sharma. He improved vocabulary and reading skills by reading a lot. He did not believe in taking short cuts and practiced a lot.


Message for CAT 2019 Aspirants
According to Amit, Four months are good enough to complete CAT syllabus. He suggested to take only need based coaching. He said to Know your own strengths and weaknesses is the key to success in CAT. Make preparation plan accordingly and don’t follow others’ preparation strategy. 


  1. CAT 2018 Topper- Niranjan Prasad
    Scaled score in CAT 2018: 230.49
  • Overall: 100 Percentile
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – 89.63 (99.98%)
  • Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation – 73.15 (100%)
  • Quantitative Ability – 67.71 (99.81%)

is studying B.Tech (Dual Degree) in Final Year student IIT Madras and has scored top Rank in National Talent Search Competition. He belongs to small town Manipal in Udupi District. He started his self preparation Last Year and identified his weak areas first then practiced more to make them as his strengths

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Rickshesh Manchanda
  • Overall: 100 Percentile
  • VARC:99.44 percentile

Rickshesh Manchanda is an IIT Delhi graduate working in a bank. He prepared for CAT 2018 without any coaching. This was his second CAT attempt in CAT 2017 he had scored 99.99%. Last year’s CAT preparation clubbed with practicing and analysis of mocks helped him ace the CAT 2018 exam


  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Rounak Majumdar
  • Overall: 100 Percentile
  • VARC: 99.95
  • DILR: 99.98
  • QA: 100

Rounak is a graduate from IIT Kanpur, and he has cleared Chartered Financial Analyst Level I. Rounak Majumdar’s preparation was focused on Mock Tests. He says he attempted around 30-35 mocks before the exam! He has applied to top IIMs, FMS and XLRI. He wants to pursue a career in finance, preferably investment banking, after MBA. Rounak says “Time management is the key. One should approach the easy questions first and maintain accuracy while gaining speed.”

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Swapnil Suman
  • CAT 2018 overall percentile: 100 %
  • VARC percentile: 99.23 %
  • DILR percentile: 99.99 %
  • QA percentile: 100 %

Swapnil Suman is a Mechanical Engineer. He was born in Patna and is working in Petrochemical industry. Proper use of Mock Tests was his success mantra at CAT 2018

He did not join any coaching institute for preparation but used Mock test series from prominent coaching institutes.

  1. CAT 2018 Topper- Kaustubh Vyas
  • Overall CAT 2018 Percentile: 99.99 %

Kaustubh is a Final year B.Tech Electrical Engineering student from IIT Bombay he is from Nagpur. He started preparing for CAT 2018 from the summers after completing the internship. He enrolled in T.I.M.E especially for the test series they provide. Apart from that, he relied on Self Studies mostly. He made it a point to practice as many Mocks as possible.

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Kishan Kashyap
  • Overall CAT 2018 Percentile: 99.99 %
  • VARC – 99.23 %
  • DILR – 99.95 %
  • QA – 99.97 %

Kishan is a resident of Delhi and is CAT 2018 Topper from Delhi. He took CAT 2018 in second shift

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Karan
  • Overall Percentile: 99.91
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 99.49 %
  • DILR: 99.4 %
  • VARC: 999.88 %

Karan has been preparing for CAT 2018 for last 9 months. Karan joined a top coaching center to prepare in an organized manner. Mocks were the most important part of his CAT 2018 preparation and would have attempted 20+ Mocks. His preparation strategy is: Write mocks, check your scores and percentile, analyse all the questions in the paper, identify errors and weak areas, and work on them.

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Mayur Arora
  • Overall Percentile: 99.88 %
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 99.83 %
  • DILR: 99.59 %
  • VARC: 97.75 %

Mayur started his prep somewhere around July, he thinks 6 months are more than enough to study all concepts and take 15-20 mock tests. He took test series of IMS and TIME. He has applied to IIMs, FMS, MDI, XLRI, SPJIMR.


Mayur would like to work in a marketing/ product management function post MBA

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Kushaagr Panwar
  • Overall CAT Percentile: 99.56 %
  • VARC: 99.69 %
  • DILR: 98.76 %
  • QA: 97.3 %

He started his preparation in July. He thinks minimum 6 months are required to get a decent percentile. He had attempted around 40 Mocks of CL and Time. He has applied to all IIMs, FMS and XLRI. His dream career choice would be Strategy Consulting after MBA.

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Kuldeep Atri
  • Overall: 99.44 Percentile
  • VARC: 97.44
  • DILR: 99.16
  • QA: 98.43

Home Town: Udaipur (Rajasthan)

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Avinash Misal
  • Overall CAT 2018 Percentile -99.37 %
  • VARC: 99.4%
  • DILR: 98.49%
  • QA: 96.79%

Avinash did CAT Coaching at TIME in Bangalore. He studied at Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. He is a Software Engineer by profession. His strategy was to give at least one hour every day for LR-DI and then give as many mocks as possible to expose him to different types of questions. He said mocks were crucial for his results. He gave close to 40 mocks. Mock Tests simulated a test day scenario and thus kept him on his toes with various twists and turns.

  1. CAT 2018 Topper - Pratik Mishra​
  • Overall Percentile: 99.33 %
  • VARC Percentile: 97.1 %
  • DILR Percentile:99.7 %
  • QA Percentile: 996.9 %

Pratik Mishra started seriously preparing for CAT 2018 in August only. He used Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma and solved Sudoku puzzle daily! He didn’t study at any coaching institute but the test series provided by coaching centres prove to be of great help. He also used Arun Sharma’s book on DI. Pratik Mishra has applied to all IIMs, FMS Delhi and NITIE Mumbai.


14. CAT 2018 Topper – Sakshat Goel

  • Overall Percentile: 99.21 %
  • VARC Percentile: 95.15 %
  • DILR Percentile:99.66 %
  • QA Percentile: 97.45 %

Sakshat focused more on taking mock tests on a regular basis to analyse the weak areas and improve accuracy. His most important advice to prepare for CAT is to channelize all the energies towards CAT preparation. Work on time management skills and try giving as many mocks as possible. To prepare for GD-PI-WAT, he read newspaper on a regular basis, undertook mock GD and practice interview rounds. Sakshat was offered admission by MDI Gurgaon, IIM Shillong, IIM Kozhikode, New IIMs and SPJIMR. He preferred SPJIMR Mumbai to any IIM and other top B-schools. 


15. CAT 2018 Topper – Tushar Goel

  • Overall Percentile: 98.89 %
  • VARC Percentile: 98.25 %
  • DILR Percentile:92.22 %
  • QA Percentile: 98.6 %

Tushar joined T.I.M.E. classroom course to prepare for CAT exam and used to go to classes and work on weekdays. He subscribed to IMS mock tests and took 1 AIMCAT and 1 SIMCAT on weekends. Analyzing the mocks helped him in cracking CAT. To prepare for GD-PI-WAT, he read the newspapers regularly so as to get acquainted with the recent happenings. Besides, he appeared in mock GDs and PIs with T.I.M.E. and IMS. Tushar converted SJMSOM-IITB, MDI, NMIMS, All the new IIMs under Common Admissions Process (CAP) with SPJIMR but he opted for SPJIMR Mumbai. His message to CAT aspirants is to understand what they want from the MBA program, then see what various B-schools have to offer before choosing the right MBA college.  

Read Detailed CAT Toppers Interviews by

  • Apeksha Sanganeria

    Exam score :

    Apeksha Sanganeria: IIM Ahmedabad batch 2017-19

    M.Sc Chemistry, BITS Pilani: Founder, MediDrive


    Having graduated from BITS Pilani Hyderabad as a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Masters in Science, Chemistry, Apeksha worked in a healthcare startup called IndiaHealthLink. As Head of Business Development at IndiaHealthLink, she contributed to the company from its inception to seed funding stage. Having experienced the startup world, an MBA from IIM-A became the next step to get the managerial knowledge & prowess to become an influential force in the health care industry.


    A belief in giving back to the society led her to start a social initiative called MediDrive to supply people in need with free medicines by collecting unused medicine from households. A certified rescue scuba diver with a specialty in wreck, night and deep diving, she is also an enthusiastic horse rider and an Emergency First Responder.

  • Anchal Taatya

    Exam score :

    Anchal Taatya: IIM Ahmedabad batch 2017-19

    NITK, Suratkal : Serial Entrepreneur & Founder, Urban Thela


    An Entrepreneur & a CEO to have successfully set up and exited FMCG business – a Flour Mill with 250 Tonnes per day production and with 4X returns to promoters, Anchal’s current start-up, Urban Thela - Superfood Company, won 1st Prize in BYST (Tata Trust and IFCI organisation) B-plan Competition and he was also awarded Best All-Round student award at NITK Surathkal.


    A fitness freak, he plans to summit Mt. Everest. In his own words, “I am doing MBA, because till now, I was running business intuitively, but I realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and it makes sense to have a strong technical foundation in business management.”

  • Akanksha Choudhary

    Exam score :

    Akanksha Choudhary: IIM Ahmedabad batch 2017-19

    BA Hons. from SRCC, Delhi: Winner of Miss India Elite


    Akanksha Choudhary is a Bachelor of Arts (Economic Honors) from Shri Ram College Of Commerce. Her most significant achievement has been to have a well-balanced three years of under graduation filled with achievements, fun, and renewal. 


    She was a winner of a national pageant - Miss India Elite. This recognition has given her the opportunity to represent the country in International Pageant -Miss Face of Beauty International) to be held in September, a platform like SAESM to participate as a delegate from India.


    Akanksha previously worked with celebrities like Kanika Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, Gauhar Khan, Zareen Khan among others during eminent fashion shows.


    She was ranked 5th in SRCC and got a recommendation from her mentor teacher, Mr. Rajiv Jha (Head Of Department Economics, SRCC) and also had a chance to exhibit one of her paintings at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.  In the next 2-3 years, she wants to try out different things across different industries and functional areas. She wants to improve her skills and become an expert in all the relevant skills necessary to be a consultant who would just not survive but thrive.