Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022: Composition, Best Books, Previous Year Questions, Toppers’ Tips

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Updated on
May 14, 2022

If you can develop good logic in your approach to understand and solve a Reasoning problem, you can learn faster than those who find it difficult to logically approach a problem. So, How to prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT, depends upon your understanding of topics and type of CAT Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers that appear in CAT LR section.


LR preparation for CAT therefore, depends upon how much efforts and practice on variety of LR questions you have done.


LR – A Score Booster Part in CAT
Logical Reasoning tricks for CAT will lead to good attempts of Logical Reasoning section leading to high scores. LR questions in CAT can be your score booster upto 30-36 core marks leading to an improvement of overall percentile by 25-30 in CAT 2022.


Logical Reasoning for CAT constitutes 50% share in the newly created Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Comprehension (DILR) Section in CAT with 20-24 questions. As such, the goal of scoring high in CAT 2022 can be achieved with small but consistent efforts and time devoted to the DILR section.


Step-1: What is Logical Reasoning for CAT? Know all about it
Logical Reasoning Questions and Answer Options in CAT are in sets of 3-4 questions for one LR problem.  So, once you are aware what will be the shape of Logical Reasoning questions in CAT 2022; Where to get Logical Reasoning CAT Previous Year questions; how to get CAT Logical Reasoning questions and answers; which is the Logical Reasoning for CAT best book; What are the important topics covered in the CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus; What are the Logical Reasoning Tricks for CAT to approach the questions; Where do I get questions and study material on Logical Reasoning for CAT Pdf with solutions, half of your CAT preparation strategy for LR is finalized.


CAT aspirants, in search and needing the answers to these queries with the guidance how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022, can get answers to all their queries here. Sharing the CAT 2022 Logical Reasoning tips on how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022, Experts and toppers suggest that Logical Reasoning questions for CAT test your Logical and Analytical skills to arrive at the conclusion.  LR preparation for CAT requires you to first get as many as Logical Reasoning practice questions for CAT. To move into right LR preparation direction with Logical Reasoning tricks, it will be better to refer to LR questions for CAT with solutions.   

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However, the query how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022 needs to be addressed by knowing the structure and content of revamped Logical Reasoning section in CAT exam. With the revised pattern of Logical Reasoning problems and increased number of Logical Reasoning questions for CAT in DILR section, you should first know the Logical Reasoning questions for CAT, type of expected LR 2022 questions in the changed CAT exam pattern to take the right path before moving on the path of your LR Preparation for CAT  

Logical Reasoning for CAT
Number of questions
Type of Questions
Problem Set-1: Arrangements/Rankings/Team Formation
Seating arrangement, Ranks, different type of team formation. Lot of conditions placed to confuse you to put the logical sequence
Problem Set-2: Quantitative Reasoning/Puzzles
Based on Arithmetic, Geometrical data, various puzzles on words, letters, arrangements, seating etc.
Problem Set-3: Syllogisms/Logical Deduction
Questions based on statements, arguments,
Problem Set-4: Venn Diagrams/Binary Logic
Questions on set theory, network diagrams are included – difficult and need more practice
Total questions
8-10 MCQs; 3-4 Non-MCQs

Step-2: Composition of LRDI: Separate 2nd Section in CAT exam
CAT exam is now totally revamped. There are 20-24 questions in newly created Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation (LRDI) section with a share of 10-12 Logical Reasoning questions for CAT, out of total total 66-70 questions. With creation of new section in CAT comprising only DILR questions, there are 3 sections in CAT.  


However, the LR 2022 questions are to remain on the same pattern as were asked in last year CAT exam. CAT experts while sharing the CAT 2022 Logical Reasoning tips, are of the view that LR 2022 in CAT is as important as the other 2 sections as sectional cut offs announced by IIMs for DILR section are the same as applicable for Quant and VARC sections. 


The composition of CAT Logical Reasoning questions in the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) Section for the CAT 2022 is expected to remain on the following pattern:

CAT 2022 DILR Section
LR 2022 Composition
Section Name
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Total DILR Questions
Number of Logical Reasoning Problems for CAT
Type of LR Questions for CAT
LR problems are in sets of 3-4 questions based on each LR problem
Total questions in LR 2022 based on CAT Logical Reasoning problems
Bifurcation of LR Based Questions
8-10 MCQs
3-4 Non-MCQs
DILR Time to attempt the complete section
40 Minutes
Time to attempt Logical Reasoning questions for CAT
No separate time for LR 2022. Choice to attempt, move between DI and LR questions within the overall time limit of 40 minutes
Marks for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer
Difficulty Level of LR Questions
Moderate to High
Number of Logical Reasoning questions with No-Negative Marking
3-4 Non-MCQs

Step-3: Importance of LR in CAT: As Important as Other Sections
Prior to 2015, CAT aspirants were not serious enough and did not take the CAT Logical Reasoning questions so seriously as it used to be a small part clubbed to Verbal Ability section. Many candidates made little or no attempt to it as they were able to score high percentile even without any LR preparation for CAT.


This is no more the case now. Good number of candidates who scored 99 percentile in CAT could not get a call from any IIM only because of the reason that their score in DILR was below the minimum cut off percentile prescribed by IIMs. LR preparation for CAT was not upto the mark and the Logical Reasoning questions in CAT reduced their percentile instead of improving it.


Step-3: Top 15 LR topics in CAT syllabus 

The top fifteen topics on which Logical Reasoning questions are asked in CAT are given below. There are LR questions in CAT in MCQ and Non-MCQ format.

  • Rankings
  • Team Formation
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Matching puzzles
  • Constraint based arrangements
  • Syllogism
  • Proposition based followed by either deductive or inductive argument
  • Assumptions
  • Statements
  • Set Theory
  • Binary logic
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Clocks and calendars
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction sense

Apart from the above, you may also face LR questions in CAT 2022 based on such topics which have never been asked so far. Free download for LR Practice questions for CAT with solutions are also available online and should be practiced well. Read More on Logical Reasoning Syllabus for CAT 


Step-4: How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT? Strategy
preparation for Logical Reasoning questions in CAT are based on your ability to arrive at good decisions by following a systematic thought process. The questions are based on natural human instincts leading to arrive at right answer option by following the flow chart of Logical Reasoning. While the Quant and Verbal sections can be prepared by learning the formulae, concepts, grammar and vocabulary rules, LR preparation for CAT requires different preparation strategy. Accordingly following are the most important CAT 2022 Logical Reasoning Tips and tricks reflecting key points on how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT Exam:

  • Prepare as per latest trends on Logical Reasoning questions in CAT  
  • Read the Best Logical Reasoning Book 
  • Read and practice various types of Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT with solutions  
  • One of the key CAT Logical Reasoning tricks by experts is to begin with LOD=1 and move to LOD-2 and finally to LOD=3 Logical Reasoning Questions.
  • Try to solve as many LR questions on all difficulty levels, as possible.  Never be shy of practice on LR.  Once it is done, you will develop the methodology and will come to know beforehand whether you will be able to solve a particular LR question set, when it appears in the examination or should skip that. 
  • Get Updated CAT  Logical Reasoning Preparation Material of Best Coaching Institutes
  • Read CAT toppers’ Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy
  • Attempt more CAT Logical Reasoning Mocks and Analyse your errors after completing each one

Let us understand in detail the strategy how to prepare CAT Logical Reasoning:


4.1: LR Preparation for CAT as per Syllabus
The Logical Reasoning Syllabus for CAT has limited number of topics on which Logical Reasoning questions are framed. CAT Logical Reasoning syllabus covers almost all types of reasoning questions, answers to which could be found by applying natural human instincts and logics. CAT reasoning puzzles are based on the belief that human brain is superior because it has the power to reason.


With a regular practice and improving the skills on practicing more Logical Reasoning questions for CAT; Caselet Logical Reasoning in accordance with CAT Logical Reasoning syllabus, you will develop on your own the get equipped with CAT 2022 Logical Reasoning tips and tricks to solve variety of Logical Reasoning questions for CAT. Sharing the tips and tricks on how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022, experts suggest that to begin with you can go for Logical Reasoning questions with solutions which are available in the Logical Reasoning Books for CAT. . 

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4.2: Best Logical Reasoning Books for CAT
Self-preparation on Logical Reasoning for CAT with books is the best way to begin with. If you are doing LR Preparation for CAT on your own and trying to develop some CAT Logical Reasoning tricks to quickly solve the Logical Reasoning questions for CAT, you cannot deny the importance of choosing the best Logical Reasoning Book for CAT. Most of the CAT toppers who were weak in DILR, opted for self –preparation after making thorough search on best book for Logical Reasoning for CAT. 


Among the best Logical Reasoning for CAT books are included the Logical Reasoning Book by Arun Sharma; Reasoning book By Arihant Publication; Logical Reasoning Book by Nishit K Sinha and other books with Logical reasoning questions with solutions with CAT 2022 Logical Reasoning tips by experts.


In view of the CAT toppers the best book for CAT Logical Reasoning should be the one carrying all the features on LR 2022 tips & tricks; Logical Reasoning questions with solutions in detail of varying types and difficulty level, strategy on how to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT 2022. In addition to this, the best Logical Reasoning Book for CAT should be of latest edition with latest type of  Logical Reasoning exercises with answers as per the revised CAT exam pattern.


So, the question is- which is the best book for Logical Reasoning for CAT. Out of 25 odd CAT preparation books on Logical Reasoning, in opinion of the CAT toppers and experts is Logical Reasoning Book by Arun Sharma; Reasoning books by Nishit K Sinha and Reasoning Book by Arihant Publication among others. The best books for Logical Reasoning for CAT are:

  • How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha
  • CAT Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning by Gautam Puri

Read more about the Best CAT Preparation Books


4.3: Study Material from Best CAT Coaching Institutes for LR 2022
In case you are preparing Logical Reasoning for the CAT with the help of coaching centres, or wish to go for a mix of coaching supported preparation and self preparation to get the best of both in Logical Reasoning Preparation, alongwith the best book for Logical Reasoning for CAT you will be getting the best study material with more Logical Reasoning exercises for CAT.


The Preparation Material, Logical Reasoning Practice Questions for CAT of best Coaching Institutes like TIME, CL, IMS could be very helpful to prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT. The reason is that the study material on Logical Reasoning of top coaching centresis updated as per the latest and expected changes in CAT exam pattern.


Please note that LR is more about connecting the links and clues. Practice the key to crack this sections.


4.5: CAT Toppers Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy 
Many CAT toppers with 99 and 100 percentile have shared that they found Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation as their weak area but they improved a lot in it with consistent preparation. How could these CAT toppers improve so much and how they could score so high in Logical Reasoning in CAT? Sharing with MBAUniverse.com, CAT toppers spoke about their preparation strategy for Logical Reasoning and also shared their advice to CAT aspirants:


CAT Topper Rohan Joshi (99.63 % in CAT 2017) on how he cracked Logical Reasoning section
Sharing with MBAUniverse.com, CAT Topper Rohan Joshi (99.63 % in CAT 2017) explained how he cracked DILR section, “CAT is known to ask trickiest questions in this section. I regularly solved different puzzles and Sudoku’s to enhance my logical thinking ability. Gave many sectionals to test my preparation.”


CAT Topper Abhishek Kumar Pandey (99.63% in CAT 2017) on how he cracked Logical Reasoning section
Speaking to MBAUniverse.com, CAT Topper Abhishek Kumar Pandey (99.63 % in CAT 2017) explained how he cracked DILR section, “I was weak at the LRDI section. I tried to improve by solving as many varieties of LRs and DIs as possible and identify the kind of sets at which I was good. This strategy helped in improving my mock scores.”


CAT Topper Rachit Saran, MDI Gurgaon  (99.04 % in CAT 2017) on how he cracked Logical Reasoning section
In an interview with MBAUniverse.com, CAT Topper Rachit Saran explained how he cracked Logical Reasoning. He said “I believe that the difficulty level of this section is usually overrated. I would start with the set that I’m most comfortable with and I would just read carefully and follow the instructions word-by-word. Next, I would try to follow my instincts, use hit and trail, make cases, and eliminate the erroneous ones. Again, practice is what did wonders here. Also, do not be scared of using that on-screen calculator, just make it a friend.”


CAT Topper Rachit Gupta, IIM Lucknow  (99.83% in CAT 2016) on how he cracked DILR section
CAT topper with 99.83 percentile, Rachit Gupta, IIM Lucknow pass out of 2017-19 batch shared with MBAUniverse.com, “For LR/DI, I again practiced questions of each type and emphasized more on wherever I was not so confident.”


4.6: Attempt More LR Mocks & Previous Test papers for CAT
Taking Mocks and sample tests is very important to crack Logical Reasoning section. This fact has been tested by the CAT toppers over a period of time. Taking more mocks on Logical Reasoning will expose you to a vast variety of LR questions of different difficulty level. More the number of Mocks, the more you will be skilful in approaching the Logical Reasoning question sets. 


Mocks, according to the toppers are the best source of LR preparation for CAT. But the most important is the post Mock analysis. You must analyse each mock attempted by you to check for your mistakes and understand them well. Ensure that the mistakes are not repeated. This will further strengthen your LR preparation for CAT. Take CAT Mocks to improve your score


How did Toppers overcome Weak LR with More Practice
Since the CAT Logical Reasoning questions are more logic based with the LR Vocabulary conveying different message, CAT toppers with varying back ground, studying in IIM Ahmedabad, FMS Delhi, MDI and other top MBA colleges found themselves less prepared for CAT Logical Reasoning when they started LR preparation for CAT. But with their consistent efforts, most of them ended up cracking the Logical Reasoning questions for CAT with 95+ percentile and above! So what is the strategy behind their CAT Logical Reasoning preparation, Logical Reasoning tips &tricks which helped them to crack successfully the CAT Logical Reasoning questions in the exam with an ease?


Changes in CAT Logical Reasoning section
Logical Reasoning in CAT, since 2010 to 2014 was clubbed with Verbal Ability section. Till 2013 the Logical Reasoning continued to be a sub part of Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section with 10 questions in MCQ format. This pattern continued in CAT logical reasoning part till 2014 with only change that the number of questions in CAT Logical Reasoning increased to 16.


In 2015, CAT Logical Reasoning section was totally revamped by IIM Ahmedabad. The CAT Logical Reasoning in IIM - Common Admission Test was separated from Verbal Ability section. A new 3rd section in CAT exam was created by clubbing Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation.


Again in 2020, due to Covid pandemic, LR questions were reduced to 10-12 and during the last two years, Logical Reasoning for CAT has substantially changed. Not only the number of Logical Reasoning questions for CAT are placed in a separate section alongwith Data Interpretation, the section has a separate sectional cut off also.


With the change in question type and numbers, Logical Reasoning practice questions for CAT,  questions types on Caselet Logical Reasoning, the CAT Logical Reasoning tricks to approach the Logical Reasoning questions and answers for LR have also changed over the years.  


Accordingly, the preparation of Logical Reasoning for CAT is also focused on the current CAT exam trends. No longer can you overlook the CAT Logical Reasoning question sets. You have to take LR Preparation for CAT as seriously as you do for Quant and Verbal sections. If you score 100 percentile in Quant; 99 in VARC but lag behind to 68 in DILR, despite scoring a high percentile of 99 or 98 in CAT, you will not get shortlisted by any IIM as they need a minimum of 80 to 85 percentile in each of the 3 sections.


The tricky, twisting and time consuming Logical Reasoning Practice Questions for CAT are in sets. You need to solve them quickly since one problem is followed by many questions. Even if a few could be answered correctly, the job is considered as done.

  • Total Weightage in CAT exam is 16%
  • Separate section in CAT
  • LR has 50% share in DILR Section
  • Consists of MCQs with negative Marking and Non-MCQs without Negative Marking
  • No answer option may be found for NON MCQ type of LR questions. You need to type in the answers on computer screen in the given space
  • LR questions are tricky and time consuming, so they need more practice

LR Preparation Tips for CAT
CAT toppers are of the opinion that if you can hit 6 LR questions correct in CAT out of 12 questions, your battle in LR section in CAT is won to a great extent. There is no dearth of time as well since you have full 40 minutes for 20-24 questions in DILR questions in CAT– meaning about 2 minutes to answer each question in DILR section in CAT 2022.


Logical Reasoning in CAT needs less efforts and the questions in this section are based on the natural human instincts, so they can be understood and solved fairly easily, if proper attention is paid to prepare this section. LR in CAT serves as an aid to facilitate your entry to the top B-schools since it improves your percentile with a little logical understanding of the reasoning based questions.


Understand the LR Terminology: You must have the knowledge of the terminology used in LR part, since the questions are formed on the topics based on the said terminology in CAT.


Practice on different LoD sets of LR problems
There are number of topics required to be logically understood, carefully practiced so that you are exposed to all types of problems in CAT logical reasoning section. The more you practice the more improved will be your expertise in Logical Reasoning questions for CAT.


Check for Repetitive type of LR problems: Go through previous papers
If you view the past CAT papers, you will find LR problems, based on number of topics, repetitively been asked-like seating arrangement, sets, statements etc. Once you select such CAT logical reasoning topics and go on working on them, you will get more ideas to focus on question solving methods, will become more focussed and will develop better strategies with short cuts.


Search for new LR problems
There may be a few unique problems – new ones even in the same logical reasoning topic which you might face for the first time.  Do not get panicky and maintain your cool – go through it, understand it, find out what exactly is being asked and what should be the methodology to solve the same.


It might appear tough but you might have already solved such questions, although a little differently. So, understand the logic behind and approach the LR question.


Keep on the right Track
While solving the logical reasoning problem, do not lose the grip on LR question. Go logical and do not beat about the bush and waste the time and energy. CAT toppers advise to develop the skills to quickly understand whether the question is doable or you should skip.


Understand the LR Rules
Certain LR questions are based on specific logical rules to follow to solve them. So the very first thing is to look for them and crack the questions with these rules.. 

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