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October 17, 2019

Official CAT Mock Test 2019 by IIMs with 100 questions has been released on October 16 with many changes in number of questions – sectional composition of MCQs and Non-MCQs, navigation process among others. You can take the full length official CAT Mock test on the CAT exam pattern now on CAT website in three hours. It is a single Mock without answers and not any official CAT Mock Test Series


CAT 2019 exam date is November 24, 2019. IIM Kozhikode which is conducting CAT 2019 exam has released the IIM CAT official Mock Test more than a month before the exam date to help you prepare and understand the CAT exam pattern and syllabus.


CAT Mock Test by IIM: 10 Key Features
The Ten Key features of the official CAT Mock Test released this year are:

  1. CAT Mock Test by IIM is the replica test as per the exact CAT 2019 exam pattern and syllabus
  2. Official CAT Mock Test is not in Pdf. You cannot download the official CAT Mock Test 2019 from CAT website
  3. You must take CAT official Mock on IIM CAT Mock Test link on CAT exam website 2019
  4. Separate login link provided for candidates with normal vision to get access to official CAT mock test free
  5. For the candidates who have low vision, Login Link for CAT 2019 official Mock Test is separately provided with two magnifying glass icons at the top of the screen. You can click on icon to zoom-in and click on icon to zoom out the question.
  6. No CAT login ID or Password is required to practice the CAT 2019 official Mock Test
  7. CAT Mock Test by IIM can be practiced as many times as possible
  8. CAT Official Mock Test Solutions are not provided with the official CAT Mock. You need to find out the answer.
  9. Separate CAT 2019 Mock Test official Navigation Guide PDF is available to familiarize yourself with CAT pattern
  10. Please note that CAT Mock Test by IIM is the Free official Mock Test for CAT 2019

5 Key Changes in CAT Mock Test by IIMs

This year CAT official Mock test 2019 released by IIMs has come out with many changes and surprises including the sectional composition of questions, navigation process from one section to other. Five important changes in CAT Mock Test by IIMs are:

  • Non-MCQ Questions have been reduced to 27
  • DILR Section has 28 Questions in total as against 32 last year
  • Quantitative Ability (QA) Section has 38 questions as against 34 last year
  • You need to click on ‘Submit’ after completing each CAT section and confirm your action. Otherwise you will not be allowed to move to next section.
  • Once you submit the section, you will not be allowed to revisit the section even if sufficient time out of 60 minutes remains for the particular section  

Prof. Shubhasis Dey, CAT 2019 exam convener and faculty at IIM Kozhikode had shared, “Tutorials to understand the format of the test will be available on the CAT website from October 16, 2019. Candidates are advised to work on the tutorials available on the CAT website well in advance.”


CAT Official Mock Test 2019: Pattern & Composition
IIM CAT 2019 official Mock Test is considered on the exact pattern of CAT exam which you will see on November 24, 2019. Although IIM Kozhikode does not claim that the same difficulty level questions will be there in the CAT 2019 exam, the past trends show that same number and same difficulty level questions as given in the official CAT Mock test by IIMs, appear in the CAT exam.   The sectional composition of CAT 2019 test is as under:

Section Name
Total questions
MCQs (With 1/3 Negative Marking)
Non-MCQs (Without Negative Marking)

How to Take CAT Official Mock Test 2019?


CAT Navigation Guide Pdf
Official CAT Mock Test navigation Guide is separately released as PDF alongwith the CAT  Mock Test by IIMs. The CAT official Mock Test Navigation guide is divided in two parts - A and B.


Following important aspects to familiarise the prospective CAT exam takers through official CAT Mock Test by IIM have been elaborated in the CAT Mock Test Navigation guide PDF.


Section A: 8 Steps to Access CAT 2019 Official Mock Test  

  1. Click on Mock Test Link available on CAT official website
  2. Click on Sign in. No need to enter your Registration ID and password
  3. Read through the “General Instructions for Candidate”
  4. Click on NEXT to move to the next page
  5. Read through “Other Important Instructions for Candidate”
  6. Click on the disclaimer check box on “Other Important Instructions for Candidate:”
  7. Click on “I am ready to begin” to start your CAT Mock Test free  
  8. Candidates will see the first question of first section and the CAT Mock Test 2019 starts

Section B: 10 Point Navigation Guide to Take CAT Official Mock Test on Screen  

  1. Although each Section has a time limit of 60 minutes, you can go to next section after submitting the present section immediately but cannot come back to previous section
  2. The Mock test does not spontaneously move to next section even after 60 minute time is over, you must submit the section, confirm and then it will go to next section
  3. Use the Calculator in Need to Save Calculation Time
  4. Timer on Screen indicates how much time remains out of 180 Minutes for the Exam
  5. Question Palette to attempt CAT questions with mark, Unmark, Review options & Expanding the question area option
  6. Scrolling Process
  7. Answering a question – Process explained with options available and the Process how to Change the Answer
  8. Navigating through the CAT test sections  
  9. Using the Zoom-in Icon
  10. Using the Zoom-Out Icon

CAT Mock Test Pdf: Not Made Available by IIMs
IIMs release official CAT Mock test on CAT website and provide a link to solve it. In no case IIMs offer CAT Mock test pdf and as such you cannot download it. Another key point to note in regard to CAT Mock test by IIM is that it is a single full length CAT Mock test. IIMs do not release the CAT Mock Test series.  


However, you can attempt complete CAT Mock test series of different difficulty level online at Attempt CAT Mock Test series here


5 Points to Remember

  • IIMs release CAT official Mock Test as per the exact CAT exam format  
  • This is the full length CAT official Mock Test 2019 with 100 questions divided into three sections
  • The Mock Test is divided into MCQs with 1/3rd negative marking and Non-MCQs with No negative marking
  • First solve the Non-MCQs in each section in CAT Mock test. Same strategy should be followed for actual CAT question paper
  • Solve Each question in CAT Official Mock Test to arrive at the answer. Correct answers are not given by the IIMs for the questions in Mock test
  • IIM CAT Official Mock Test has the same time duration of three hours as you find in CAT exam on the CAT exam date.

5 Key Benefits of Taking Official CAT Mock Test by IIMs

  • The official CAT 2019 Mock test by IIMs is in conformity with the revamped CAT syllabus and reflects the exact nature of CAT questions
  • The official CAT Mock test 2019 released by IIMs is significant in the sense that it is a perfect guide about the forthcoming CAT exam pattern and CAT syllabus, type and number of questions in real CAT exam. 
  • Solving the official CAT Mock test and scoring high in it, can help you in determining what percentile score you would get in CAT exam.
  • Full Length official CAT Mock Test 2019 is helpful in devising the time management strategy for the CAT exam day
  • CAT exam 2019 difficulty level can be understood a month before the exam through CAT official Mock Test 2019
  • Any change in CAT preparation strategy can be brought about a month before after taking the full length official CAT Mock Test by IIMs 

IIM CAT Official Mock Test 2019: Replica Test for CAT Exam Day
Official CAT Mock is the most authentic source to familiarize yourself with the actual CAT exam pattern, changes in topics in CAT syllabus, sectional composition, type and pattern of questions expected in CAT exam and the scoring pattern.


The CAT actual test on November 24, 2019 will be based on official CAT Mock Test 2019 released by IIM Kozhikode which is conducting CAT exam this year. The CAT Mock Test by IIM is on the same pattern as would appear on CAT exam day.


Official CAT Mock 2019: Make Your 1 Month CAT Preparation Plan
There are many topics and changes introduced in the official CAT Mock Test 2019. While taking the CAT Mock test released by IIMs, you can check which are the new topics included in the CAT question paper and which topics are dropped this year.


The CAT 2019 official Mock test is the perfect guide about the forthcoming CAT question paper and provides more than a month to practice and prepare on the similar lines as shown in the free official mock test for CAT 2019.


CAT Official Mock Test Released before CAT Admit Card
CAT official Mock test has been released before the CAT admit card release giving ample time to the test takers to make changes in the CAT preparation strategy.


Last year was the first time that the CAT official mock test with 100 questions was released by IIMs even before the release of CAT Admit Card. The number of questions, pattern of questions section wise as appeared in CAT official mock test remains the perfect guide for the candidates to plan their preparation strategy. 


CAT Test Papers by IIMs
In 2017, IIMs released for the first time the CAT question paper with solution PDF to help CAT test takers to check the errors and point them out in case of any anomaly. Since then IIMs release the CAT tests papers and answer keys every year. IIM Kozhikode will also release the CAT question paper with solutions PDF after the CAT exam is over on November 24, 2019.


You can assess your CAT preparation with the official CAT Mock tests and exam papers released by IIMs. It will help you to prepare for CAT 2019 as per the correct exam pattern.


CAT Official Mock Vs Actual CAT Question paper

There are important changes, differentiating points in CAT official Mock test and Actual CAT test paper that may impact your CAT test taking strategy. As observed in the CAT Mock paper released by IIMs following important points must be noted while going through the official CAT Mock and on the CAT exam day:

  • Earlier all the MCQs were of Negative Marking questions and all Non-MCQs were no negative marking questions. But now, a few MCQs without any negative marking penalty exist in official CAT Mock test paper. The same pattern may be followed in actual CAT question paper. 
  • Number of Non-MCQ type questions on LR or DI topics in DILR section may be reduced in actual CAT question paper and may be added to other part in CAT official Mock test
  • You can attempt CAT official Mock Test as many times as you like but can appear in CAT exam only once.
  • You need not login with any specific user ID or password. Just click on CAT Mock Test on CAT website main page and the CAT official Mock opens.
  • On November 24, 2019, you will be able to login to the actual CAT exam paper with the ID/Password provided to you by the Test invigilator in the testing room. You cannot login with your CAT registration ID and password.
  • Official CAT Mock contains 100 questions. Same number of questions would appear in CAT 2019 exam.
  • CAT Mock test and the real CAT exam can be attempted in the pre-arranged order of sections moving from section-1 to Section-3.
  • No change in number of sections. CAT exam will be divided in 3 sections as were there in last 3 years of CAT exam.
  • There will be 34 questions in the 1st section-Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) ; in 2nd section on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) there will be 32 questions and the 3rd section on Quantitative Ability (QA) will consist of 34 questions.
  • There can be different number of non-MCQs in the CAT exam as against the official CAT Mock Test. Total non MCQs can be between 26 and 28 divided in 3 sections.  VARC – 10 Non-MCQs; DILR- 8 Non-MCQs; Quant - 10 Non-MCQs. Last year CAT had 28 Non-MCQs as Quant section contained 12 Non-MCQs and DILR had 8 Non-MCQs while VARC had 8 Non MCQs
  • No penalty of negative marking will be applied to wrong answer in Non-MCQs.
  • Total allotted time to complete the test will be 3 hours (180 minutes) divided in allocation of one hour time for each section.
  • You will not be allowed to move to and from between the sections unless the allotted time of one hour for that section is over
  • MCQs will carry a penalty of 1/3rd negative marking
  • Each correct answer will be awarded with +3 marks for MCQs and Non-MCQs
  • Negative marking for MCQs in CAT 2019 is to remain -1 mark.

Non MCQs in CAT Official Mock Test: How to Answer?
As has been the practice, the CAT official Mock test contains 28 - 30 No-penalty questions in Non-MCQ format in CAT exam divided in 3 sections. This number can increase or decrease in the actual CAT exam.


Instead of marking the answer option on computer screen, the CAT examinee will have to write the answer for the Non-MCQ in the given space on the computer screen.  The wrong answer to a Non-MCQ will not be penalized by any negative marking in CAT exam.


CAT Official Mock Test: Non-MCQs in last 3 years of CAT Exam
Number of non MCQs, the No penalty questions in CAT exam has been in the range of 26 to 28. There would be 28 No-penalty questions in CAT 2019. Even a few MCQs without negative marking could be there in CAT 2019 test. Non-MCQs were introduced in 2015 and their number is getting fluctuated every year.

CAT year
Number of Non-MCQs
Section-wise break-up in Actual CAT exam
VARC-8; DILR-8; QA-12
28 (As revealed in official CAT Mock)
VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-10
VARC-10;DILR-8; QA-7
VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-10

Non-MCQs offer higher scoring chances as the candidates have no fear of negative marking. The process to answer a Non-MCQ is that instead of marking the answer option on computer screen, the CAT examinee will have to write the answer for the Non-MCQ in the given space on the computer screen.


Scoring pattern in CAT Official Mock & CAT Exam

  • Each correct answer in MCQ or Non-MCQ will be awarded +3 marks
  • Each wrong answer in MCQ will attract negative marking of -1 mark
  • No penalty of negative marking is applied for Non-MCQs 

Official CAT Mock: Most Authentic CAT Exam Guide
The official CAT Mock test is full length exam indicating the type and number of MCQs and Non-MCQs that you may expect on the day of CAT 2019 exam. The official CAT 2019 Mock test reflects number of changes in the structure and content of CAT 2019. Candidates should now proceed to take the test to understand the changes in the test pattern that they are going to face on November 24, 2019.


The CAT 2019 official Mock test will continue to be available for the CAT aspirants till the CAT exam is over. The official CAT Mock test is the most authentic guide with sample questions right from the CAT exam convening IIMs and testing partner TCS. CAT aspirants can now very well familiarize themselves by practicing the sample questions as many times as they like.


CAT 2019 Official Mock Test as per revised CAT 2019 Syllabus
The official CAT 2019 Mock released by IIMs is as per the changed CAT 2019 syllabus. While the CAT aspirants have been taking CAT Mock tests from different sources, the official Mock released by IIMs reflects the correct CAT exam pattern and Level of Difficulty (LoD) in the real CAT exam.


Interestingly, IIMs make it clear that question pattern and type & number of questions as appear in official CAT Mock may be different from what you will find in real CAT exam, but the question pattern and topics on which questions are placed in CAT official Mock have remained on similar lines as appear in real CAT exam during last 2-3 years.


Login page for Official CAT Mock test

Since CAT 2019 exam remains on the same pattern as that of last year CAT, it is very important and in the interest of CAT aspirants to practice the last year CAT official Mock Test also, as if they are appearing in the real CAT exam.


The official CAT Mock reflects the correct CAT exam pattern, CAT exam syllabus and structure and content of the CAT questions that would be asked in CAT exam.


How important is CAT Official Mock Test  

  • The official CAT Mock test is the right source to know the exact CAT exam pattern
  • The LoD of CAT questions can be understood only by practicing official CAT Mock test.
  • In view of CAT toppers studying at IIM Ahmedabad, FMS Delhi, IIM Indore and other prominent B-schools, CAT Mocks are the most important preparation tool for CAT exam.

Exact number of questions proposed to be asked in CAT 2019 exam can be known only with the official CAT Mock test.


Instructions & sectional composition of CAT Mock

cat mock test

During the last 2 years CAT exam has remained on the same pattern as reflected in CAT 2019 Mock test. Last year official CAT Mock  is also on the same pattern as that of CAT 2019 official Mock test. It is recommended to take this year CAT Mock as well as last year CAT mock as many times as possible to know exactly about CAT 2019 exam pattern.

Practice official CAT Mock Test here

RC Passage with MCQs

cat mock test

There are 28% questions of Non-MCQ type. Same number is expected in CAT 2019. The last year official CAT Mock also had the same number of questions. Take this year as well as last year CAT mock as it helps you to know about the correct division of MCQs and Non-MCQs in CAT 2019 exam


Verbal Ability Non-MCQ question type

cat mock test

CAT 2019 is a computer based test and is not an online exam. If you take official CAT Mock you will become conversant about the number of answer options, navigation tools in CAT exam, individual time limit for each of the 3 sections.

Practice official CAT Mock Test here

Navigation tools for CAT exam​

cat mock test

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