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 Merit Based Scholarship

Scholarship Percentage
GAT 2023 Score
CAT / XAT / GMAT 2023 Percentile
MAT 2023 Percentile
NMAT & CMAT 2023 Percentile
AP / TS ICET Ranks
Amount of Scholarship
Brief description and other details
1 - 15
>=130 & <150
>=80 & <90
>=93 & <95
>=93 & <95
16 - 30
>=110 & <130
>=70 & <80
>=90 & <93
>=90 & <93
31 - 85
>=90 & <110
>=60 & <70
>=85 & <90
>=85 & <90
86 - 150
>=70 & <90
>=50 & <60
>=75 & <85
>=75 & <85
151 - 500

expanding TCS's presence in Central Europe and the Rocky Mountain Region of the USA. He has also served as the Managing Director of TATA Consultancy Services Deutschland GmbH. Sapthagiri's expertise lies in building client relationships, driving business growth, and leading diverse teams. He holds an MBA from T.A.PAI MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Andhra University.


2) Need based scholarship- Can be achieved if a candidate qualifies for Merit, based on the parent/guardian income level.


The courses offered across campuses will be divided into two tiers,


a) Tier A: Tuition Fee >= 2.00 LPA b) Tier B: Tuition Fee < 2.00 LPA


To be eligible for the need-based scholarship, the family's combined income, i.e., both parents of the eligible student, where the student is dependent on their parents. If the student is married, the combined income of the family, i.e., the student's and spouse's income, must be as given below:


a) Tier A: Less than 12.00 LPA b) Tier B: Less than 08.00 LPA


(Classification of Tier A & Tier B is referred in above Point)


The candidates admitted through merit scholarship in the slabs of 75%, 50%, 25%, and 15%, and the family's combined income is less than the prescribed limits (Referred in Point No. 12) are eligible for the additional need-based scholarship.


For the need-based scholarship award, the student must upload the family's tax documents, i.e., Form-16 / Acknowledgement of Income Tax Return for the respective financial year and any other relevant supporting financial documents, in the counseling portal. Upon successful verification, their scholarship will be upgraded from 75% to 100%, 50% to 75%, 25% to 50%, and 15% to 25%.


Suppose any student is eligible for the need-based scholarship and is unwilling to upload the tax documents, i.e., Form-16 / Acknowledgement of Income Tax Return of the family, in the counseling portal. In that case, they will not be eligible to be upgraded with the additional need-based scholarship.


The Need-Based scholarship will be awarded to the eligible candidate upon filling out the Scholarship Form as prescribed by the Department of Finance in the admissions application. The Department of Finance will evaluate the Need-Based scholarships of the eligible students.


The Need-Based scholarships will only be applicable for 75%, 50%, 25%, and 15% slabs.


The scholarship award is entitled to the first year of their study. The same scholarship will be continued in the subsequent years of study subject to scoring a CGPA of 8.0 & above and upon evaluation of their family's tax documents for subsequent years as per the prescribed criteria (Referred in above points) of the Need-Based scholarships.


The students eligible for the Merit-Driven Need-Based scholarship are further eligible for Loyalty Scholarships / Sports scholarships, provided the total scholarship is not exceeding 75%.


3) Sports scholarship- participation in any sports at National/International level the candidate can mail his/her achievements to [email protected] to check the eligibility.


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