100 Top Group Discussion Topics 2022

Latest GD Topics 2022 on Business & Economy
Below are the solved latest topics on Business & Economy

  1. Are Stock Market and Economy not co-related?
  2. Coronavirus third Wave: 'Black Swan' of Global Economy; How it Impacts India?
  3. Bad Bank in India: Is it good solution to wipe off NPAs?
  4. Union Budget 2022: Key Highlights, Analysis, Pros & Cons
  5. Gig Economy: Statistics, Why is it growing, Pros & Cons, Impact of Covid 19
  6. Crypto Currency: A bright future or just a fad?
  7. Economic Survey 2022 – Top Highlights
  8. Facebook Reliance Jio Deal: Will it help to boost Business Growth in India?
  9. Telecom Sector Trouble in India: Good or Bad for Economy
  10. 5 Trillion Economy: The Vision, Challenges and Roadmap for India
  11. Union Budget of India: What is “Budget” and Key Features of Budget
  12. Impact of Technology on Jobs: Will Automation & Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
  13. Globalization: An Opportunity or a Threat?
  14. The IT Industry in India -Will it create more jobs in the future?
  15. Banks Merger in India: Is it good for Indian Economy?
  16. Is FDI Good for Indian Economy?
  17. Universal Basic Income: Is this a good idea for India?
  18. India improves Ease of Doing Business Ranking: Real progress or Chimera?
  19. RBI Autonomy: Is the Government out to Impound its Autonomous Status? 
  20. The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2017
  21. Startup India: Boosting Entrepreneurship
  22. Make in India: The idea will make India a manufacturing hub
  23. Sensex: Sensitivity has nothing to do with economy and society?
  24. E-commerce: Discounts are harmful in long run?
  25. Privatization of Public Sector in India: A right step or selling family silver?
  26. RCEP Agreement: Right step for national interest or running away from competition?

Latest GD Topics 2022 on National Current Affairs
Below are the latest Group Discussion Topics with answers on National Current Affairs

  1. Tata takes over Air India
  2. Farm Laws Repealed: PM MODI withdraws the three farm laws
  3. Coal Crisis in India: Key Facts, Reasons, How to Overcome?
  4. Gati Shakti Master Plan​: Will it Boost Economic Growth?
  5. Central Vista Redevelopment: Beneficial for Future or Waste of Money
  6. Is India a Failing State? Opinions Vs Facts
  7. India - the Pharmacy Capital of the World​
  8. National Education Policy 2020 – Impact on Higher Education Sector
  9. E-Learning: A substitute for Classroom Learning? Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning
  10. Chinese App Banned in India – Pros and Cons
  11. Lock Down: Will it check Coronavirus spread in India?
  12. Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: What, Why, When and Whom; Relationship with NRC explained
  13. Article 370 Abrogation: Correcting old folly or thrusting nationalistic agenda?
  14. Single Use Plastic Ban?
  15. One Nation One Election: Benefits are more for India
  16. EVMs Vs Paper Ballots: Which one is Better to Use?
  17. Fake News will kill Social Fiber of India unless checked
  18. Modicare: Affordable healthcare or a piped dream?
  19. Bullet Train: Does India really need it?
  20. Mission to MARS: Can India afford spending a fortune on such projects?
  21. Linking of Aadhaar: Is making Aaadhar mandatory a good idea?
  22. Delhi Air Pollution: Man made Crisis or fall out of industrialization?
  23. Chandrayaan 2: A failed mission or a stepping stone for future glory?

Latest GD Topics 2022 on Social Issues
Below are the latest Group Discussion Topics with answers on Social Issues

  1. Does India need a uniform civil code?
  2. Shortage of Open Spaces and Playgrounds Lead to Negative Tendencies in Children
  3. Women Empowerment & Gender Justice
  4. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  5. Nirbhaya Gang Rape: Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women. Will it reduce crime?
  6. English must be the only Official Language of India
  7. Free Metro Ride for Women: Step for Women Empowerment or a Political Gimmick
  8. Swachh Bharat Mission: Success is still at Large
  9. Social Media: A boon or a bane for society and individuals
  10. Browsing at Workplace affects productivity
  11. Social Activism is necessary for survival of democratic society
  12. Net Neutrality is essential to make India Digital
  13. Smart City Project will give wings to growth
  14. Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements

Latest GD Topics 2022 on Abstract Topics
The latest Group Discussion topics with answers on Abstract ideas are shared below

  1. Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?
  2. Hard Work Vs Smart Work
  3. Me Too Campaign: Tool to Trap or Breaking Silence to Win the War
  4. Your failures can be your stepping stones or your stumbling blocks
  5. GD Topic: Ethics or Profit?
  6. GD Topic: Zero (0)
  7. Black or Grey
  8. Work- Life Balance is a Myth
  10. Roses are red, crows are black
  11. Water or Oxygen
  12. East or West India is the best
  13. Patience: A virtue in Business and Management.
  14. Innovation Vs Invention: What is more important?
  15. Change is the only constant
  16. Freedom is a myth
  17. Fact Vs Opinion: There are no facts only opinions
  18. Leader or Follower
  19. Strategy or Execution
  20. Means or End
  21. Effective manager or Ethical Manager
  22. It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.
  23. Red is red, blue is blue and never the two shall meet
  24. Brevity is the soul of wit

Latest GD Topics 2022 on International Current Affairs
The latest Group Discussion topics with answers on Abstract ideas are shared below

  1. Global Climate Crisis: India Leadership
  2. Is A Borderless World Practically Impossible?
  3. US Trade Policy: Is it creating World Trade War?
  4. TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT: Has it helped in De-Nuclearization to Instill World Peace?
  5. Hong Kong Protests: Rebel against China or pro-democracy fight?
  6. US China Trade Talks: A political drama or renegotiation of rules of game?

Past GD Topics in IIMs, XLRI, MDI and other Top B-schools
The Group Discussion Topics for Students shared below are the topics which appeared in the GD-WAT Rounds in top MBA colleges including IIMs. Experts advise that these Group Discussion Topics for Students should be gone through while preparing for GD round as it is expected that the Topics on similar lines could be placed in final selection process this year.