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October 10, 2019

To help MAT 2019 aspirants prepare and perform better in the MAT 2019 exam, experts at have prepared MAT Question paper based on the MAT previous year question paper pattern & key changes in MAT September test paper with answer keys and solutions. Expected Questions... Prepared by India’s Top Experts 


How the MAT 2019 Question Paper Prepared?
MAT question paper and MAT previous year question paper with solutions are based on the MAT past test papers. These MAT previous question papers and MAT Sample papers will enable the MAT test takers to become conversant with the MAT exam questions, type and topics on which questions could be asked in MAT exam. 

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MAT Question Papers with Different LoDs
Difficulty level in each MAT question paper rises after you go on attempting them one by one. For example the level of difficulty in MAT question paper-1 is kept at easy level followed by MAT question paper-2 with slightly higher difficulty level and finally MAT question paper-3 with greater difficulty level.


Expected Type of MAT Questions with Solution
For the benefit of serious MBA aspirants like yourself,, India’s leading MBA aspirants website is happy to share expected type of questions, answers & Expert Solutions to MAT question papers. This will help you in predicting your MAT 2019 Percentile. Follow the instructions and directions as given in the MAT test questions


MAT Question Paper-1

  • MAT 2019 Question paper-1 has low difficulty level
  • The MAT question paper is based on MAT exam pattern
  • The MAT 2019 question paper consists of 200 MCQs divided in 5 sections
  • Each question including RC passages have been carefully selected to prepare MAT question paper
  • Candidates can answer the questions with ease
  • After completion of all the sections in the MAT test paper 2019, you can check your score

Take MAT Question paper-1


MAT Question Paper-2: MAT Previous Year Question Paper

  • This is MAT question paper is the previous year MAT Test paper
  • The MAT previous year question paper has moderate difficulty level
  • This MAT question paper is full length test paper divided in test sections as specified in MAT exam
  • You can check you MAT score after attempting the complete MAT question Paper

Take MAT Previous Year question Paper 


MAT Question Paper-3: Sample Test Paper with Higher Difficulty

  • MAT question paper-3 is on the lines of current MAT paper pattern
  • The MAT question paper 2019 consists of 200 questions divided in 5 sections
  • This MAT question paper consists of questions on the pattern expected in forthcoming MAT exam
  • On completion of all the sections in MAT question paper, you can check your scores with correct answers to questions

Take MAT Question Paper-3


Important tips to Prepare as per MAT Question Paper
MAT question paper is an objective type test with Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). Here are the key details about the MAT 2019 test paper:

  • MAT 2019 Exam consists of 200 Objective Type Questions (MCQs)
  • MAT Exam is divided in 5 sections with 40 questions in each section
  • MAT Questions are of easy to moderate difficulty level
  • The 5 test sections in MAT 2019 exam are Language Comprehension, Mathematical skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment.

MAT 2019 Question Paper: Sectional Composition
Each of the 5 sections in MAT question paper will have 40 questions making it a total of 200 questions in MCQ format to be solved in 150 minutes. Individual time limit for each section has been suggested by AIMA although candidates can move from one section to other within overall time limit in the MAT exam paper.

Section Name
Number of Questions
Suggested Time to solve (In Minutes)
Language Comprehension
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Mathematical Skills
Indian and Global Environment

How to Answer MAT question?

  • You have to choose the correct answer option out of the multiple choices given below the question
  • Mark the correct answer option on the answer sheet if appearing in MAT Paper Based Test
  • Click on the correct answer option if appearing in MAT Computer based test
  • Time duration to complete the MAT question paper is 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Each correct answer is awarded +1 Mark in MAT question paper
  • Each wrong answer is penalized with -0.25 negative mark

Difficulty Level in MAT Question Paper 2019
Although MAT Syllabus contains all the topics on which questions are asked in other MBA entrance exams also, past MAT question papers and the MAT exam pattern reveal that MAT Exam does not throw tough questions in the MAT test paper.  


GK Section in MAT Question Paper 2019: Not Counted for Percentile Calculation
Score and percentile in MAT exam is awarded on the basis of 4 sections. The score of Indian & Global Environment is separately shown but is not taken into account to calculate the merit or percentile score in the MAT score card.

MAT 2019 Test Paper: Sections & Sub Sections
MAT Exam 2019 is further subdivided. This sectional sub-division in MAT 2019 makes MAT 2019 as an exam with 8 effective sections. Here are the key details:

  1. The section-1 in MAT question paper 2019 on Language Comprehension is divided into two parts - Verbal Ability  and Reading Comprehension.
  2. Section-2 on Intelligence & Critical Reasoning also consists of two parts with Analytical and Logical Reasoning questions.
  3. The section-3 in MAT exam paper consists of Data Analysis & Data sufficiency which also has two types of questions – the first type is on Data Analysis which is closer to Data Interpretation and other type of questions are on Data sufficiency.
  4. Section-4 in MAT question paper is the Mathematical Skills section which is basically the Quantitative Ability section. It is very wide and covers each and every topic in Mathematics with greater emphasis on Arithmetic.
  5. Section-5 on Indian & Global Environment in MAT exam paper is the GK section which covers current affairs, static GK, Business & Economy, International current affairs, Who’s Who, Constitution of India, United Nations Organization among other key topics. The score of this section is not counted to determine merit score, so many candidates skip this section also. 

Sections in MAT Question Paper: Key Preparation Points


Section-1: Language Comprehension
Language Comprehension section in MAT question paper is divided into 2 parts. The 1st part of MAT 2019 covers topics on Reading Comprehension passages and the 2nd part covers questions on Grammar & other parts of Verbal Ability. Key details are:


Part-1: Reading Comprehension in MAT Exam Paper

  • Number of Questions Based on RC Passages: 20
  • Sectional Weightage of RC in MAT Language Comprehension Section: 50%
  • Type of passages in MAT Exam on RC: 4 Short passages of moderate difficulty level
  • Division of questions: 5 questions based on each passage
  • Type of Questions: All of MCQ type with penalty of ¼  negative marking
  • Format of questions: Questions are based on information in RC passage; Antonyms/synonyms of the words & phrases as used in the passage; True/false statements; main idea of RC passage

Part-2: MAT Verbal Ability

Section-2: Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 
MAT previous year question paper and the expected MAT question pattern reflect that this section has tricky questions. The section in MAT exam paper is divided in 2 parts – Intelligence Reasoning and Critical Reasoning. In other exams like CAT, critical reasoning questions are also asked in Verbal Ability section.  

  • Questions in Reasoning section can be individual or can be in the set of 3-4 questions.
  • Weightage of Reasoning Section in MAT exam: 20%
  • Weightage of Reasoning Section in MAT Percentile calculation: 25%
  • Total Reasoning questions in MAT syllabus for exam: 40
  • Type of Questions: MCQs
  • Past trend of question topics in MAT Reasoning: Questions were based on Family Relation, Statements-Cause & Effect, Clocks & Calendars, Statement –Assumptions, Reasons, analogies, direction, series, Incorrect Terms.

Section-3: Mathematical skills 
MAT Test section for Mathematical skills in MAT 2019 question paper refers to the Quant topics on which MAT questions are based. MAT exam paper for Quant consists of everything in Mathematics that you may or may not expect. MAT exam on Quant is based on questions on different topics on Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Math, Geometry, Mensuration, Trignometry among others. 

  • Number of Questions: 40.
  • Sectional weightage in MAT Exam: 20%
  • Sectional Weightage in Percentile calculation: 25%
  • Type of Questions: MCQs
  • Past trend in MAT exam pattern for Mathematics shows that there is More emphasis on Arithmetic with number of questions going in the range of 15 to 16.
  • Questions are based on Interest, Percentages, Time and Work, Profit, Loss, Partnership.
  • Other questions are based on topics like Equations, Ratio, Proportion & Variation, Geometry & Mensuration, Permutation and Combinations, Probability among others

Section-4: Data Analysis and Sufficiency 
MAT September 2019 question paper for Data Analysis and Sufficiency covers more topics on Data Interpretation. The key details of the section in MAT exam paper are:

  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Type of questions: MCQs
  • Sectional weightage in MAT Exam: 20%
  • Sectional Weightage in MAT Percentile Calculation: 25%
  • Past trend of topics in MAT exam for Data Analysis shows that questions on Data Analysis are  based on text, tables, graphs (line, area), charts (column, bar, pie), venn diagram.
  • Data could be given in form of tables, charts or graphs.
  • In this section it is tested that how candidates can interpret the given data and answer questions based on it.
  • This section has more questions on data interpretation
  • Data comparison time remains the major hurdle to solve these questions with speed and accuracy
  • Questions on Data Interpretation (DI) occupy more than 50% of the section, rest of the part covers questions on data sufficiency and data comparison
  • The questions in this section of MAT question paper can be expected in sets as well as individual ones

Section-5: Indian and Global Environment 
Indian and Global Environment section in MAT exam refers to the GK section. It has questions on Business & Economy, Who’s who, current affairs, static GK among others.

  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Type of questions: MCQs
  • Sectional weightage in MAT: 20%
  • Sectional Weightage in Percentile Calculation: Nil
  • Past trend of topics in MAT questions for Indian & Global Environment reveal that the Questions are formed on Film Awards, taxation & duties, Indian constitution, Who’s who, States of India, Sports, Recent events
  • Suggested time limit by AIMA to answer the 40 questions in this section is 15 minutes but 10 minutes are enough to attempt this section
  • The questions are based on conventional GK, business and economics, current affairs, international affairs
  • This section is not counted for percentile calculation in MAT exam paper
  • Many Candidates skip or answer very few questions in this section to save time for other sections

Scoring Pattern in MAT Question Paper
Score and percentile in MAT Question paper is awarded on the basis of 4 sections. The score of Indian & Global Environment is separately shown but is not taken into account to calculate the merit or percentile score in the MAT score card.


MAT 2019 score and percentile calculation formula describes that scores on Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning are reported on scales ranging from 0 to 100. Scores below 20 or above 80 are rare.


The Composite Score in MAT 2019 question paper is reported on a scale ranging from 199 to 801, but extreme scores below 200 or above 800 are uncommon. These uncommon scores i.e., all below 200 are reported as 199 and all above 800 are reported as 801 in MAT question paper.. Read More on Score Vs Percentile in MAT exam


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