MICAT Calculation of Scaled Scores

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Updated on
December 2, 2021

MICAT Calculation of Scaled Scores: Cut Offs, Formula Applied

MICAT is the MICA institute specific entrance exam for admission to PGDM-C and PGDM programmes offered by MICA. MICAT is conducted by MICA. Apart from appearing in CAT 2021, XAT 2022 or GMAT, the candidates applying for admission to 2 years full time PGDM-C or PGDM programme at MICA will have to appear in MICAT-I on December 4, 2021 or MICAT-II on January 29, 2022. MICAT commands 50% weightage in shortlisting at MICA, while 50% weight goes to CAT/XAT/ GMAT score.


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Better to Write Both MICAT Exams

  • A candidate should choose to write both MICAT I & II as it offers opportunity to improve your score
  • MICA considers the better of the two MICAT scores in its PGDM admission process
  • MICAT exam time duration is 2 hours 15 minutes and the test is divided into three sections namely A,B,C.
  • Section A, B, and C of MICAT may not appear in the same order
  • If a candidate has appeared for more than one exam (CAT, XAT and GMAT) the better of the two/ best of the three exams' performance will be considered.


MICAT exam raw scores for MICAT-1 and MICAT-II are further subjected to change with Scaled score using simple process.  

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Formula Used in MICAT Score Scaling
The sectional score obtained individually by a candidate ‘X’ in a particular component of MICAT-I/MICAT-II,e.g. Verbal Ability (VA) will be converted into Scaled Score using the following simple formula for one of the components, for example Verbal Ability:

  • Step-1: Scaled Score -VA of a candidate 'X' in MICAT-I/MICAT-II = (Score -VA of the candidate 'X' /Maximum obtained by any candidate amongst the candidates who have appeared in MICAT-I/MICAT-II in VA) multiplied by Maximum Possible Score in VA in MICAT-I/MICAT-II.
  • Step-2: Similarly Scaled Scores will be calculated for all the MICAT-I/MICAT-II components using sample formula in point i) namely: VA, QADI, GA, DCT and DT.
  • Step-3: Total MICAT-I/MICAT-II score will be calculated using Scaled Scores for each of the MICAT components, namely: VA, QADI, GA, DCT and DT

MICAT Score Normalization
MICAT score Normalization is done as per following process:

  • The score obtained individually by a candidate in a particular sub-section of MICAT-I/ MICAT-II, e.g. Verbal Ability will be converted into a Normalized Score.
  • Scores shall be normalized using appropriate statistical methods by considering scores of all qualifying candidates up to the stage applicable to the candidate.
  • Normalized scores will be calculated for each sub section separately.
  • Total MICAT-I/MICAT-II score will also be Normalized using appropriate statistical methods.

MICAT Cut Offs
MICA does not believe in high cut offs but expects that the prospective candidate should be well-read, innovative and intelligent with an analytical bent of mind. MICAT, the own admission test of MICA is designed as a comprehensive test to assess analytical and verbal ability, logical reasoning, convergent & divergent thinking, written communication skills, creative potential and general awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues including areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business. Practice in analytical and creative writing would be useful to clear the MICAT cut offs.


The exact MICAT cut-offs depend on various factors like the applicants’ pool, the distribution of CAT and MICAT scores etc. which may change year to year. 


Weightage in Shortlisting for Final Selection Round
MICA will shortlist the candidates after MICAT for GE & PI round on the composite score formula of with a weightage of 50% to CAT.XAT/GMAT score and 50% to MICAT score.


MICA Final Merit List Preparation for admission 2022
Final composite score to prepare merit list shall be arrived at, based on the following weightages:

  1. CAT/XAT/GMAT Score: 20% weightage
  2. Performance in MICAT: 30% Weightage
  3. Performance in Group Exercise (GE): 20% Weightage
  4. Performance in Personal Interview (PI): 30% Weightage
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Calculation of Scaled Scores

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