MICAT Exam Pattern 2021

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July 24, 2020

MICAT is the MICA institute specific entrance exam for admission to AICTE approved 2 years full time PGDM-C and PGDM programmes offered by MICA Ahmedabad. There will be two MICAT exams for admission to PGDM 2021-23 batch – MICAT-1 and MICAT-II. While MICAT-I will be held in the first week of December 2020 as a computer based test, the MICAT-II will be held in the first week of February 2021.


MICAT is conducted by MICA Ahmedabad in different cities in India. MICAT exam fee is Rs.1985/- inclusive of GST. MICA Ahmedabad will open the MICAT-1 Registration process in August 2020 third week for admission to its PGDM 2021-23 batch. The last date to apply for MICAT is third week of November 2020.


Applicants who wish to participate in the admission process for PGDM and PGDM-C will have to appear for MICAT I or MICAT II. MICAT is conducted twice a year and better of the two scores is considered as a student may choose to write both MICAT I and II.


Programmes offered by MICA Ahmedabad
MICA Ahmedabad offers 2-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communication and 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The two-year, full-time, residential programme is AICTE approved and is deemed equivalent to an MBA by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). It is a differentiated MBA programme that creates leadership through Creative Thinking, Communication and Consumer-Centricity.


MICAT Exam Pattern
MICA admission test, MICAT 2021 is a multidimensional computer based examination, which will assess candidates in areas such as Divergent Thinking Abilities, Written Communication Abilities, General Awareness about contemporary social and business issues, including areas relevant to media, marketing, advertising & current affairs and Analytical & Verbal Abilities.


The Admission test also includes psychometric profiling to assess the candidate’s leadership potential.


MICAT Test Duration
Total duration of the examination is 2 hours and 45 minutes.


MICAT Sectional Composition
ICAT-I and MICAT-II consist of same test sections. Following three sections are there in MICAT exam

Sections in MICAT-I & MICAT-II
Name of Sections
Sectional Time Duration
Section A:
Psychometric Test
30 Minutes
Section B:  
Aptitude Test with 4 Sub Sections:
1)Verbal ability;
2)Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation;
3)General Awareness; 4)Divergent and Convergent Thinking
1 hours 45 Minutes
Section C:
Descriptive Test
30 Minutes

Section Wise Questions, Marking pattern, Important Instructions
The broad 3 sections effectively make the MICAT an exam with 6 sections as per following details:


Section A: Psychometric Test 

  • Total Time allotted to this section is 30 minutes
  • Around 150 questions are to be attempted in 30 minutes
  • The questions are to be quickly answered
  • No Negative Marking for the questions in this section
  • There is no right or wrong answer for the questions in this section
  • It is important to answer all questions in the Psychometric section
  • Any un-attempted question will be allotted ZERO mark
  • You Cannot go back to any other section or move ahead to any other section from Psychometric test until the end of 30 Minutes

Section B: Aptitude Test with 4 Sub sections on Verbal ability; Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation; General Awareness; Divergent and Convergent Thinking

  • Total time allotted to this section is 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Each correct answer will be awarded +1 Mark
  • All questions are of MCQ type
  • Total number of Questions in this section are 100
  • Maximum Marks for the section are 100
  • Verbal Ability has 25 questions
  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation has 25 questions
  • General Awareness has 25 questions
  • Divergent and Convergent Reasoning (Thinking) has 26 questions

Questions in this section carry negative marking of 0.25 mark for each wrong answer. Any un-attempted question will be allotted ZERO mark.


You Can navigate across sub-sections – 1; 2; 3;4 in the Aptitude test during the allotted time of 1 hour and 45 minutes


You cannot move to any other section like Psychometric Test or Descriptive Test from Aptitude Test till the allotted time of 1 hour 45 minutes is over for Aptitude section


Section C: Descriptive Test

  • Total time allotted to attempt this section is 30 minutes
  • All the questions are of descriptive type
  • Total Questions are 4
  • You need to type short answers in the given space

Type of question: Give 5 arguments in support of the Statement – Environment is more important than Development You may be required to answer a bit longer answers of appx 100/200 words also


Type of Question: Write your views in 200 words on the Statement – ‘Environment is more important than Development’ No negative marking is done for the questions in this section Maximum marks for the section are Total questions in this section are


Answers to the Descriptive section should be typed in the space provided You Cannot go back or move ahead from the Descriptive section until the end of 30 Minutes allotted for this section


MICAT: Mandatory Admission Test with 50% Weightage in Shortlisting 
MICA Ahmedabad accepts CAT/XAT/GMAT score for admission to its flagship PGDM program. Apart from appearing in CAT 2020, XAT 2021 or GMAT, the candidates applying for admission to PGDM-C programme at MICA will have to appear in MICAT-I in December 2020 or MICAT-II in January 2021. MICAT commands 50% weightage in shortlisting at MICA, while 50% weight goes to CAT/XAT/GMAT score.


The candidates who apply and appear in MICAT-I have the opportunity to appear in MICAT-II and improve their performance further.  Besides, the candidates who appear in MICAT-1 can get better choice of test centre and GDPI Centre as compared to MICAT-II test takers.


How to answer Questions in MICAT
The Question Palette displayed on the right side of the screen will show the status of each question using 5 symbols. You need to choose the symbol and move accordingly.


7 Steps to answer a question

  1. Click on the question number in the Question Palette to the right of your screen to go to that question directly. Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the current question.
  2. Click on Save & Next to save your answer for the current question, and then go to the next question.
  3. Click on Mark for Review & Next to save your answer for the current question, mark it for review, and then go to the next question. If a question is answered and Marked for Review, your answer for that question will be considered in the evaluation.
  4. Top bar of the screen shows the question part and section. Questions in a section can be viewed by clicking on the section name. The section you are currently viewing is highlighted.
  5. Clicking the Save & Next button on the last question for a section, will automatically take you to the first question of the next section.
  6. Move the mouse cursor over the section names to view the status of the questions for that section.
  7. You can view all the questions by clicking on the Question Paper button. Note that the options for multiple choice type questions will not be shown.

Procedure for answering a Multiple Choice (MCQ) type question

  1. To select your answer, click on any of the given options
  2. To deselect your chosen answer, click on the button of the chosen option again or click on the Clear Response button
  3. To change your chosen answer, click on the button of another option
  4. To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button
  5. To mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button. If an answer is selected for a question that is marked for Review, that answer will be considered in the evaluation.
  6. To change your answer to a question that has already been answered, first select that question and then follow the procedure for answering that type of question.
  7. Only questions for which answers are saved or marked for review after answering will be considered for evaluation.

Important Instructions inside the Testing Hall

  • There are no scheduled breaks in the test. During unscheduled break the test clock does not stop.
  • In any emergency, the invigilator will make a decision about any break requested.
  • The clock will be set at the server.
  • The countdown timer in the top right corner of the screen will display the remaining time available for you to complete the examination
  • When the timer reaches zero, the examination will automatically end. You will not be required to end or submit your examination.

10 Points about MICAT 2021 & MICA Selection Process
The admission process for PGDM-C and PGDM 2021-23 intake has following key points:

  1. The selection process for PGDM & PGDM-C will happen twice.
  2. Candidates will have to take at least one of the three eligibility exams: CAT 2020, XAT 2021 or GMAT .
  3. MICAT will be held only in the computer based format in 48 cities across the country.
  4. First phase Group Exercise & Personal Interview (GE-PI) will be conducted at Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Ahmedabad and the second phase GE-PI at MICA, Ahmedabad only.
  5. Psychometric test is a qualifier. Those who qualify on the Psychometric, their CAT/XAT/GMAT relative performance will be considered (Subject to a minimum cut-off in CAT total percentile/XAT total percentile/GMAT score)
  6. Those who qualify based on the CAT/XAT cut-off or GMAT score shall be assessed for the following MICAT sections: Verbal ability (VA), Quantitative ability and Data Interpretation (QADI), General awareness (GA), and Divergent and Convergent Thinking (DCT).
  7. Those who qualify on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Scores for each of these sections (namely: VA, QADI, GA and DCT) and CAT/XAT cut-off or GMAT score shall have their Descriptive Tests evaluated.
  8. Those who qualify on the basis as mentioned above and on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score in Descriptive Test (DT) shall be considered for short listing for GE and PI.
  9. Shortlist will be prepared on the basis of MICAT-I and /or II or better of the two relative performances if a candidate has taken both MICAT-I and MICAT-II. (This will be prepared based on the Composite Score formula of 50% CAT/XAT/GMAT and 50% MICAT).
  10. Approximately 1/10th of the total number of candidates who appear in the two MICATs will be shortlisted for GE & PI based on the Total MICAT Scaled Score.
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