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Updated on
August 19, 2021

NMAT Exam 2021, accepted by NMIMS University Mumbai and 50+ good MBA Colleges, will be held in 75+ days long testing window from October 14 to December 27, 2021 as computer based test at exam centres, and internet based proctored online test from home.


NMAT exam structure for NMAT 2021 is substantially changed by GMAC, the NMAT test conducting body. NMAT 2021 will consist of MCQ question types. There are 3 sections in NMAT exam. The sections are Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. All the three sections in NMAT exam are individually timed. There is no negative marking in the exam.



To help NMAT 2021 test takers to become familiar and prepare as per the changed NMAT pattern, question topics and type, difficulty level, MBAUniverse.com has prepared section wise and full length NMAT Mock Test for NMAT 2021 Exam. The Answer Keys for each NMAT Mock Test are also available. These NMAT Mock Tests are the best preparation tool that can help NMAT exam test takers to score well. So, check your readiness now for NMAT Exam!  

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Important Instructions for taking NMAT Mock Test 2021
Before you take NMAT Mock Tests below, note these important facts about NMAT exam pattern:

  • Type of Questions: NMAT is an objective type test with Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Total Questions: NMAT 2021 Exam Paper consists of 108 Questions.
  • Total Sections: Paper is divided in 3 sections with 36 questions in each section. Test sections are Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning
  • Total Duration: Exam should be solved in 120 minutes. Different Individual time limit for each section has been fixed by GMAC to attempt the section.
  • Movement between Sections: Candidates cannot move from one section to other until the time limit for one section is over. 


NMAT Mock Test 2021 - Section Wise (Free)
To help you practice and score well, take the section wise NMAT Mock Test 2021 for all the three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. All these sectional NMAT Mock Tests are in accordance with updated and revised NMAT 2021 exam pattern. You can attempt each NMAT Mock Test free and evaluate your performance by checking the answer keys after completing the test. This NMAT Mock Test Series has been specially prepared by IMS Coaching for MBAUniverse.com Readers. 


NMAT Mock Test: Section 1 - Language Skills

  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Total Questions: 20 MCQs
  • Marks Awarded for Each Correct Answer: +1
  • Marks Deducted for Each Incorrect Answer: 0
  • Net Total Marks Needed for 90%: 18
  • Major topics covered: RC Passages, Para Jumbles, Phrases, Vocabulary, Synonym, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks etc.
  • Test Duration: 20 minutes

Take NMAT Mock Test: Section 1- Language Skills


NMAT Mock Test: Section 2 – Quantitative Skills

  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Total Questions: 20 MCQs
  • Marks Awarded for Each Correct Answer: +1
  • Marks Deducted for Each Incorrect Answer: 0
  • Net Total Marks Needed for 90%: 18
  • Major topics covered: Arithmetic that include Percentage, Average, Interest, Cost, Profit & Loss, under-root, Fraction-division,  Data Interpretation Problem followed by set of questions etc
  • Test Duration: 25 minutes

Take NMAT Mock Test: Section 2- Quantitative Skill


NMAT Mock Test: Section 3 – Logical Reasoning

  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Total Questions: 20 MCQs
  • Marks Awarded for Each Correct Answer: +1
  • Marks Deducted for Each Incorrect Answer: 0
  • Net Total Marks Needed for 90%: 18
  • Major topics covered: Statement-Conclusion, Class Arrangement, Coding-decoding, Analogy, Weakening-Strengthening Argument, Statement-Assumption etc
  • Test Duration: 20 minutes

Take NMAT Mock Test: Section 3- Logical Reasoning


NMAT 2021 Official Mock Test
NMAT 2021 official Mock tests, free practice tests, are made available by the GMAC, the NMAT exam conducting body. GMAC offers Free Official practice exams to candidates to practice and familiarizes with exam pattern. It’s called as “NMAT by GMAC™ Official Practice Exam 1 (Free).” Besides, 2 free attempts are available for candidates.


Apart from the candidates who have applied for NMAT 2021, those who plan to apply and appear can also take NMAT practice test Official. NMAT 2021 Mock Test official release is announced much before the exam date and can be obtained online and offline from Graduate Management Admission Council which has published official NMAT 2020 Mock test papers in its guide for NMAT 2021.  

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NMAT Mock Test Official Guide: Key features

  • Candidates can buy “NMAT by GMAC™ Official Practice Exam 2 & 3” to practice more
  • One free NMIMS NMAT Online Practice Test with 120 new questions from past NMAT exam questions with answer explanations
  • Two free Mock test for NMAT 2021 with 240 questions from past NMAT exams with answer explanations
  • Scaled score provided for the NMAT Mock Test Free

NMAT Mock Test Online Fee  
There is no fee to appear in NMAT Mock Test online. The official NMAT Practice test is conducted free for the applicants appearing for NMAT 2021. NMAT 2021 official Mock Test is a good opportunity for the candidates who are preparing for NMAT exam 2021.


NMAT Mocks: Official Guide Available
The NMAT by GMAC official guide is a good and only authentic source of NMAT Mock Test 2021 and NMAT sample questions. On the NMAT by GMAC website also, you can have access the free official NMAT Mock test questions with the access code given in the book by using the scratch card. NMIMS Free Mock Test is a part of this official guide. Apart from this a CD also accompanies the official guide which contains NMAT Mock Test PDF.


Key features of Official NMAT Mock Test 2021
The NMAT official guide 2021 with NMAT by GMAC Mock test papers and questions consists of following key features:

  • 480 NMAT Questions from past NMAT by GMAC exams
  • Contains NMAT Mock test papers and NMAT Sample Papers
  • Apart from NMAT online Mock test papers from NMAT by GMAC, the book contains 625 NMAT Mock topic wise questions with answer keys and detailed solutions including 365 new questions in NMAT Mock Test

How to Get NMAT Mock Test Papers
The official NMAT Guide 2021 for NMAT by GMAC gives the opportunity to access the free online NMAT Mock tests on the actual NMAT by GMAC question paper pattern.


You can get the Mock NMAT test papers by visiting the NMAT by GMAC site, click on the preparation and click on the NMAT by GMAC official Guide. It will lead you to the link to buy the NMAT test papers available in the official guide. While the price for the NMAT by GMAC Mock test papers, NMAT sample papers and official guide is Rs.899/- it is available at Rs.600+ on Amazon.


You can prepare well for NMAT by GMAC with the help of NMAT Mock test papers and the discussion of concepts on each topic with NMAT Mock Test Papers and examples available in the book.


In the past also, GMAC released the NMAT Mock test questions around 6 months before the NMAT exam. The NMAT Mock question papers will help you to understand the changes and the NMAT by GMAC 2021 expected question paper pattern.


NMAT Mock Test Series
NMAT Mock Test series 2021 for NMAT by GMAC exam to be held from October to December 2021 can help you to get through the NMAT Test smoothly. The NMAT Mock Test series are also offered by expert coaching institutes like IMS, TIME, CL among others. However, the best NMAT 2020 Mock test series can be provided by the makers of NMAT by GMAC exam – the Graduate Management Admission Council. GMAC has released NMAT 2021 Mock Test on the actual NMAT 2020 test pattern. The Free NMAT Mock Test series 2021 is available alongwith the NMAT by GMAC 2021 Test guide released by GMAC.  


Why Important to Take NMAT Mock Test?
NMAT Exam Mock test Paper will let you know about the latest NMAT by GMAC exam pattern and the expected trend in NMAT 2021 Question Papers through the NMAT Exam Mock Test. It is therefore of utmost importance that you should attempt NMAT by GMAC Mock Question Paper, NMAT model papers to understand what and how to prepare for NMAT 2021.


Please remember that since 2015, NMAT has changed its name to NMAT by GMAC. Most of the NMAT Mock Question Papers in the market are based on the NMAT Exam Previous Papers but the best NMAT by GMAC Mock  Question Papers to prepare for NMAT 2021 can be obtained from the NMAT Test makers - GMAC. Accordingly, while choosing the best NMAT 2021 Mock Test papers, it should be kept in mind that well defined NMAT Mock Test papers are not available anywhere else except in the book released by GMAC.


Role of NMAT by GMAC Mock Test in NMAT Preparation
Whether change or no change in the NMAT exam, if you can get the actual NMAT Mock test papers, it can give you a fair idea of the difficulty level, time required to attempt the exam and the sectional improvement required.

Please note that despite all the changes in NMAT Exam Papers over the years, the NMAT exam syllabus remains same. Accordingly, NMAT by GMAC Exam Mocks guide you what type of questions you should expect in NMAT 2021 Question Paper, which are the likely topics you should prepare. Besides, the NMAT Mock solved test papers will help you to know how to approach the NMAT question paper even if there is no fear of losing marks due to negative marking. The NMAT 2021 Exam Guide by GMAC contains plenty of NMAT Mock test questions as per the actual NMAT paper pattern


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