Karan Mohan Singh

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Karan Mohan Singh scored 99.91 percentile in CAT 2017 and got admission in MDI Gurgaon. He is a Power Engineer   from National Power Training Institute  with 19 months work experience at  Vedanta.


Karan belongs to Noida in Delhi NCR.  His father is in service, mother is home maker and brother is an IT Engineer.

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99.91 percentile
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Q.  What was your overall preparation strategy for CAT?

A.  CAT is not about how much you know but about how you attempt the paper. The simplest strategy is to take mocks(30-40 would do, don’t go overboard ), more importantly revise them. You can have like 2 mocks and their revision in a week, for the remaining time clear your fundas and chill out (fresh mind is actually important).Try out different strategies on how to attempt a paper, understand the types of paper and adjust to it. That would do


Q. Please share your preparation strategy for VARC Section in CAT

A.  MOCKs and revision , understand where and why your answer is wrong especially in RC. You don’t have to read novels and all, considering the number of mocks your speed will increase with time anyways.


Q. How did you prepare for Quantitative Ability (QA) Section in CAT?

A.  Write mocks, understand what part you are not comfortable with, put extra effort in it. Still can’t do it ? Leave it . CAT is not about solving all questions but about using your time wisely. My percentile in quant may not be that much, but, I scored 99.7 last year , sometimes the day is not yours.


Q. What was your preparation strategy for DILR Section?

A.  Again, write mocks. Try to get the overall understanding of the questions. Not always will the question be of certain type like cubes or venn diagrams and stuff. And again you don’t need to solve all the sets or all the questions in a set. Learn time management


Q.  Was there any particular section/area that you were weak at? How did you overcome this challenge?

A. VARC , as for the overcoming part the answer would same, I gave mocks revised them and understood why am I wrong.


Q. What role did Mocks play in your success? How many mocks did you attempt before the exam?

A. I attempted Time and IMS so I guess it would be around 35-40


Q.  Did you self-prepare or attend a coaching centre and why?

A.  It was Self preparation. The Location was remote and job was very demanding, so the choice was to self prepare.


Final calls
MDI Gurgaon: Management Development Institute
NITIE Mumbai: National Institute of Industrial Engineering
FMS New Delhi Faculty of Management Studies
IIM Kozhikode: Indian Institute of Management
Topper Admission
MDI Gurgaon: Management Development Institute