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A Telecommunication Engineer from PESIT Bangalore with work experience of 14 months as Market Analyst at Futures First, Sakshat Goel scored 99.21 percentile in CAT 2018. He was offered admission by IIM Shillong, New IIMs, MDI Gurgaon but he chose to join SPJIMR Mumbai.

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MBAUniverse recently interviewed Sakshat to find out more about Sakshat’s CAT preparation journey. Edited excerpts of the interview follow:


MBAUniverse: Which year did you take CAT? What was your overall and sectional score?
I appeared in CAT 2018. My overall score was 99.21 percentile and sectional percentile for VA was 95.15, for LR/DI was 99.66 and for QM it was 97.45


MBAUniverse: Tell us briefly about your preparation strategy that helped you crack CAT.
My preparation strategy focussed on taking mock examinations on a regular basis to analyse the weak areas and improve accuracy.


MBAUniverse: Apart from SPJIMR, which were the B-schools you were shortlisted at?
I was shortlisted for MDI Gurgaon, IIM Shillong, IIM Kozhikode and New IIMS.


MBAUniverse: How did you prepare for GD-PI round?
I read newspaper on a regular basis, undertook mock GD and practice interview rounds.


MBAUniverse: Which B-schools did you convert for admissions?
Apart from SPJIMR, I finally converted MDI Gurgaon, IIM Shillong and New IIMS.


MBAUniverse: Why did you choose SPJIMR over other top B-schools?
I chose SPJIMR because it has a few unique strengths. SPJIMR has unique pedagogy with Non classroom learning programs like Abhyudaya and DOCC, Value Based Program. There is a strong location advantage – Mumbai being Financial Hub.


MBAUniverse: Tell us about your SPJIMR Experience.
The journey in SPJIMR till date is the high point for me. The constant learning through interaction with diverse people is very enriching. Professors provides me an opportunity to develop holistically.


MBAUniverse: Your message to MBA Aspirants who are currently preparing for CAT/XAT?
My message to MBA Aspirants will be to channelize all their energies towards CAT preparation. Work on time management skills and try giving as many mock exams as possible.

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SPJIMR Mumbai: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research
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SPJIMR Mumbai: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research