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Tushar Goel scored 98.89 percentile in CAT 2018. He was shortlisted and was offered admission by all the new IIMs, SJMSOM-IITB, MDI, NMIMS apart from SPJIMR Mumbai. However, he preferred to join SPJIMR instead of any IIM or other B-school.

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MBAUniverse.com spoke to Tushar to understand his CAT preparation strategy and if he is happy with his decision to join SPJIMR over IIMs.


MBAUniverse: What was your overall and sectional score in CAT 2018?
  I took CAT in the year 2018. My overall percentile was 98.89 and sectional percentile for VARC was 98.25%, for DILR it was 92.22%, and for QA it was 98.6%


MBAUniverse: Tell us briefly about your preparation strategy that helped you crack CAT
I joined T.I.M.E. classroom course since I lacked the motivation to prepare on my own. I used to go to classes and work on weekdays. I subscribed to IMS mock tests and I gave 1 AIMCAT and 1 SIMCAT on weekends. Analyzing the mocks mostly helped me in cracking CAT.


MBAUniverse: Apart from SPJIMR, which were the B-schools you were shortlisted at?
I was shortlisted for IIFT, SJMSOM-IITB, MDI, NITIE, SIBM-P, NMIMS, IIM-Shillong, all the new IIM’s under Common Admissions Process (CAP).


MBAUniverse: How did you prepare for GD-PI round?
I read the newspapers regularly so as to get acquainted with the recent happenings. Also, I gave mock GDs and PIs with T.I.M.E. and IMS.


MBAUniverse: Which B-schools did you finally convert for final admissions?
I converted SJMSOM-IITB, MDI, NMIMS, All the new IIMs under Common Admissions Process (CAP) with SPJIMR.


MBAUniverse: Why did you choose SPJIMR over other top B-schools?
Information management is a niche specialisation offered at SPJIMR which was relevant to my work experience. Besides, SPJIMR has a small batch size and Mumbai location advantage, has unique pedagogy. SPJIMR focuses on holistic development of students rather than focus on just academics.


MBAUniverse: Tell us about your SPJIMR Experience: What have been the high points?
I like how the subjects are taught. It is easy for everyone to understand the concepts. The batch bonding is amazing. I never had to eat alone in the mess. Everyone is very talented in one or the other field. There is a lot of peer learning.


MBAUniverse: What are your key achievements so far?
SPJIMR gave me the platform to give the first public speech of my life. I also sang a song on stage for the first time in my life. These are big achievements to me.


MBAUniverse: How is SPJIMR unique?
The admission process is very unique. SPJIMR takes people by looking at their overall profile and not just their CAT scores. They also look for individuals with strong value system. This is reflected in the overall batch camaraderie.

Initiatives like Abhyudaya (mentoring of under-privileged kids) and DoCC (Development of Corporate Citizenship, internship with an NGO) helps us become socially sensitive. SPJIMR focuses a lot on our mental health. Course like People & Performance, Journey to self-mastery, Yoga help in making a stress-free environment.

The whole batch travels to US under GFT program (Global Fast Track) for 3 weeks to study. There is a lot of focus on global relevance.


MBAUniverse: What are your Career Ambitions & how is SPJIMR helping you prepare for it?
I would like to take up product management role with a leading company in E-commerce or IT segment. SPJIMR helps in teaching the relevant subjects. It helps in increasing my confidence by pushing me to explore more and more. They are very considerate in my mental well-being. The open door policy has helped me in reaching out to anyone or everyone whenever I am concerned about something.


MBAUniverse: Your message to MBA Aspirants who are currently preparing for CAT/XAT?
My message to aspirants is that you must understand what you want from the MBA program, then see what various B-schools have to offer to you. Then pick a B-school as per your career fulfilment. Batch strength and location really matter. Make your choice considering these factors. Lastly, listen to your heart. Most of the times it has the courage to take you to the right path.

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SPJIMR Mumbai: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research
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SPJIMR Mumbai: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research